Help us translate Wikidot

This site is a place, when our users can help us translating Wikidot interface, therefore make the service more approachable by non-English users.

If you're not a member on this site, please click Join. After that, please read For Translators.

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You can either start a new translation which is not on the list or help translate existing ones.

Add a new translation:

Enter language code (two letters, ISO 639-1) and click Translate!

How to use a translation

To use experimental translations (i.e. those from this site), just go to your site administration panel (, click General settings and choose the desired language from the Language drop-down list.

The same mechanism works for your account language: Click My Account (top-right corner of most Wikidot sites) » Settings » Language and choose the desired one.

Note, most messages will stay in English as most of translations are just started (see how well they cover Wikidot messages at Translation stats).