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+ Add another entry + 新增另一则条目
+ add a new entry + 新增一则条目
+ add a new list + 新增一份清单
… and %1 more new notifications …以及其它 %1 则新通知
<a href="">AdSense configuration panel</a> | <a href="">AdSense FAQ</a> <a href="">AdSense 控制台</a> | <a href="" >AdSense 帮助</a>
<li>all pages and their content</li> <li>page tags</li> <li>category settings</li> <li>permission settings</li> <li>themes (including custom themes)</li> <li>forum structure (groups and categories)</li> <li>所有网页及其内容</li> <li>网页标记</li> <li>类别设置</li> <li>权限设置</li> <li>主题(包括自定义主题)</li> <li>论坛结构(组和类别)</li>
A campaign with this identifier already exists 已有同样 ID 的活动了
A campaign with this name already exists 已有同名的活动了
A category group is a collection of forum categories and the largest unit in the forum. 分类群组是论坛分类的集合,也是论坛里最大的单元。
A few HTML tags are allowed: 可用的HTML 标记:
A few notes 注意事项
A few tips for your Site 网站小诀窍
A few tips just for you: 为您准备的小诀窍:
A few useful tools to manage this Site. 管理网站的实用工具。
A file named %1 already exists as an attachment to page %2. You don't have permission to overwrite or delete files on this page, so please choose other name for the file and try again. 页面 %2 已有名为 %1 的附件。由于您没有覆盖或删除本页面文件的权限,请重新命名文件后再试一次。
A file named %1 already exists as an attachment to page %2. Do you want to overwrite it? 页面 %2 已有名为 %1 的附件。您确定要覆盖它?
A moderator resigned from your site 有位版主退出了您的网站
A new member joined your site 有位新成员加入了您的网站
A small error processing your order has occurred. If the problem persists please contact 处理您的订单时出了点小问题。若问题一直无法解决,请联络。
ALL 所有
API Access API 访问
API Settings API 设定
API access API 访问
About 关于
About 关于
About me 关于我
Above page content 页面内容之上
Above sidebar 侧边栏之上
Abuse 不当使用
Accept 同意
Accept invitation 接受邀请
Access Policy 访问政策
Access policy 访问政策
Access to this profile is restricted. 访问此个人资料受到限制。
According to <a href=""></a>: 根据<a href=""></a>:
According to the data above, you are a subject to VAT tax. <strong>%1% VAT will be included</strong> in all your purchases at 根据以上数据,您适用于增值税(VAT tax)。<strong>%1% VAT 将被包含于</strong>您在 上的购物。
According to the data above, you are subject to VAT "reverse charge". <strong>VAT will not be added</strong> to your purchases. 根据以上数据,您可享受VAT退税。您的购款将<strong>不包括 VAT</strong> 。
According to the data above, you are subject to VAT exemption. <strong>VAT will not be added</strong> to your purchases. 根据以上数据,您可减免VAT税。您的购款将<strong>不包括 VAT</strong> 。
Account 账号
Account notifications 账号通知
Account type 账号类型
Account type: 账号类型:
Account upgrade confirmation 确认账号升级
Action 动作
Action: 动作:
Actions 动作
Activate forum now 立即激活论坛
Activate my account now 立即激活我的账号
Active features 激活的功能
Activities settings 活动设置
Activity 活动
Ad position 广告位置
Ad unit is being displayed in your side bar, just above its content. 广告单元正在您的侧边栏中显示,且在您的内容上方。
Ad unit is being displayed in your side bar, just below its content. 广告单元正在您的侧边栏中显示,且在您的内容下方。
AdSense for your website 您网站的AdSense
AdSense is an on-line advertising program that helps you earn money with your Wikidot site. The AdSense configuration panel is detached from the Site Manager and located at our main website. AdSense 是一个线上广告程式,可帮助您利用您的Wikidot 网站赚钱。 AdSense 控制台是从网站管理介面独立出来的,位于我们的主要网站。
AdSense limits you to one ad unit at a given predefined location AdSense 限制您只能在一个预先定义的指定位置上放一广告单元
Add 新增
Add a New Comment 新回复
Add a contact 新增一位联系人
Add a custom location 新增一个自定义位置
Add a new meta tag 新增一个 meta 标签
Add autonumbering 新增自动编号
Add autonumbering to a category 为分类加上自动编号
Add contact 新增联系人
Add custom label 添加自定义标签
Add more 新增更多
Add more recipients 新增更多收件人
Add new IP block 添加新的 IP 封禁
Add new posts 新回复
Add pingbacks 新增引用通告
Add pingbacks to a category 为分类加上引用通告
Add to All Pages 加入所有页面
Add to This Page 加入此页
Add to cart 加入购物车
Add to contacts 添加至通讯录
Add to contacts? 确认添加至通讯录?
Add user 添加用户
Add user to block list 添加用户至黑名单
Added tags: %s. 已新增标签:%s。
Added to administrators 新增为管理者
Added to moderators 新增为版主
Adding <em>%1</em> as a contact 新增 <em>%1</em> 为联系人
Adding a meta tag with the name already used will effectively replace the existing entry. <br/><br/> Meta entries added to a page override global meta information added to all pages. 添加相同名称的 meta 标签将替换现有标签。<br/><br/>添加至页面的 meta 标签将覆盖所有页面的全局信息。
Address 地址
Address of the list: 清单地址:
Address of the site: 网站地址:
Admin 管理员
Admin notifications for site 管理员通知于
Admin of 担任管理员于
Administer your petition campaigns 管理您的联署活动
Administrator of the following sites: 担任以下网站的管理员:
Administrators 管理员
Admins 管理员
Ads to be displayed on: 要显示的广告:
Ads visibility options 广告可见性选项
Advanced Settings 高级设定
Advertising 广告
After you provide a valid password, if you already have a account you will be asked to log in, if not you will be asked to create a user account - this will take just a minute. 在您提供了一个有效的密码后,如果您已经有一个 帐号的话,您将被要求登录;若无帐号,您将被要求创建一个用户帐号——这只需要一分钟时间。
All 全部
All Members 全部成员
All categories 全部分类
All registered Users 全部注册用户
All transactions and data are transferred using secure 128-bit SSL encryption. <br/> Read our policies: <a href="" target="_blank">Terms of Service</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Privacy Policy</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Upgrades FAQ</a>. 使用安全的128位SSL加密传输所有事务和数据。 <br/>阅读我们的政策:<a href="" target="_blank">服务条款</a>,<a href =““target =”_ blank“>隐私政策</a>和<a href =”“target = “_blank”>升级常见问题解答</a>。
Allow Wikidot users to post links with a karma level greater than or equal to 允许活跃等级(karma)大于等于以下值的 Wikidot 用户发布链接
Allow hotlinking to uploaded files 允许链接到上传的文件
Alphabetically 依字母排序
Already have a Wikidot account? 已经有一个 Wikidot 帐号了吗?
Already rated 已评分
An administrator resigned from your site 有位管理员退出了您的网站
An error has occurred while connecting to Google AdSense servers. 连线至 Google AdSense 服务器时发生错误。
An error initializing PayPal payments has occurred. Please try again or contact 初始化 PayPal 付款时发生错误。请再试一次或联系。
An error initializing bitcoin payments has occurred. Please try again or contact 初始化比特币支付时出现了错误。请再试一次,或者联系。
An error initializing bitcoin payments has occurred. Please try again or contact Code: 1 初始化比特币支付时出现了错误。请再试一次,或者联系。代码:1
An error occurred when processing your request. 处理您的网页请求时发生错误。
An error occurred while processing the request. 处理网页请求时发生错误。
Anchor text (optional): 锚点文字(可选填):
Anchor text: 锚点文字:
And to 对于
And visible only to: 仅限以下可见:
And what won't be? 哪些不会?
Anonymous 匿名
Anonymous abuse 匿名不当使用
Anonymous edit 匿名编辑
Anonymous user 匿名用户
Anonymous user info 匿名用户信息
Anonymously 匿名地
Anonymously? 匿名?
Another site already maps the "%s" domain. 另一个 网站已映射到 “%s” 域名。
Another site already redirects the "%s" domain. 另一个 网站已重定向到 “%s” 域名。
Another account is using this email address: please try again with another email address you own 这个电子邮件地址已被另一个帐号使用:请用您其它的电子邮件地址再试一次。
Anyone can be a member 任何人可成为成员
Anyone can view 任何人可查看
App id: APP id:
Apparently, the reason was: 很显然地,理由是:
Appearance & Behaviour 外观与表现
Appears beneath the name. 显示在姓名下方。
Appears on the top-left corner of your Wikidot site. 显示在您 Wikidot 网站的左上角。
Append 附加
Append content without editing the whole page source. 在不编辑整个页面源代码的情况下添加内容。
Application text 申请书文字
Application text: 申请书文字:
Applications 申请书
Apply 应用
Applying is disabled for this site. 本站已停用申请功能。
April 四月
Are you a human? Leave blank this stupid checkbox. 您是自然人吗?请不要在这个框内打勾,将其留空。
Are you a human? You are so fast :) 您是自然人吗?您的手速有点太快了 :)
Are you really really really sure? Anyway, remember there is an UNDO for this operation. 您真的真的真的确定要这么做?无论如何,别忘了这个动作可以复原。
Are you sure you do not want to be a member of this site any more? 您确定退出此站?
Are you sure you want to add <em>%1</em> as your new contact? 您确定要将 <em>%1</em> 添加为新联系人?
Are you sure you want to ban (block) address <strong class="ban-ip-dialog-ip"></strong> from modifying the site as an anonymous user? 您确定要封禁地址 <strong class="ban-ip-dialog-ip"></strong> 以匿名用户身份修改网站吗?
Are you sure you want to ban (block) user <strong class="ban-user-dialog-user-name"></strong> from accessing the site in the future? 您确定要封禁用户 <strong class="ban-user-dialog-user-name"></strong> 以后访问该网站吗?
Are you sure you want to delete the above post? There is no way to recover deleted posts. 您确定要删除以上帖子?帖子一旦删除就无法恢复。
Are you sure you want to delete the invitation for <strong class="delete-invitation-dialog-user-email"></strong>? 您确认要删除对 <strong class="delete-invitation-dialog-user-email"></strong> 的邀请吗?
Are you sure you want to delete this layout? 您确认要删除这个布局吗?
Are you sure you want to delete this theme? 您确认要删除这个主题吗?
Are you sure you want to remove <strong class="remove-admin-dialog-user-name"></strong> from site administrators? 您确认要解除 <strong class="remove-admin-dialog-user-name"></strong> 网站管理员职位吗?
Are you sure you want to remove <strong class="remove-moderator-dialog-user-name"></strong> from site moderators? 您确认要解除 <strong class="remove-moderator-dialog-user-name"></strong> 网站版主职位吗?
Are you sure you want to remove the block for the IP <strong class="delete-ip-list"></strong>? 您确认要解除对 IP <strong class="delete-ip-list"></strong> 的封禁吗?
Are you sure you want to remove the user block for the user <strong class="delete-user-list"></strong>? 您确认要解除对用户 <strong class="delete-user-list"></strong> 的封禁吗?
Are you sure you want to remove user <strong class="remove-ban-user-dialog-user-name"></strong> from the members <u>and</u> ban from accessing the site in the future? <br/><br/> If the user is also an administrator/moderator of this site their privileges will be lost too. 您确定要从成员列表中移除<u>并</u>禁止用户 <strong class ="remove-ban-user-dialog-user-name"></strong> 以后访问该网站吗?<br/><br/>如果用户也是该网站的管理员或版主的话,其权限也会被清除。
Are you sure you want to remove user <strong class="remove-user-dialog-user-name"></strong> from the members? <br/><br/> If the user is also an administrator/moderator of this site their privileges will be lost too. 您确认要从成员列表中移除用户 <strong class="remove-user-dialog-user-name"></strong> 吗?<br/><br/>如果用户也是该网站的管理员或版主的话,其权限也会被清除。
Are you sure you want to remove your membership application for site 您确定要撤销您的成员申请书于
Are you sure you want to resign from being a site administrator? 您确定不继续担任管理员?
Are you sure you want to resign from being a site moderator? 您确定不继续担任版主吗?
As easy as can be &mdash; if you already have a Facebook account, we will log you in or create a new Wikidot account within seconds! 尽可能简单&mdash;如果您已拥有Facebook帐户,我们将在几秒钟内登录您或创建一个新的Wikidot帐户!
As the URL element one can use www location (http://..., https://...), ftp location (ftp://...) and a few others. <br/><br/> Malformed URL elements will not be parsed by the wiki engine. 就URL 元件来说,可使用www 地址(http://... 或https://...)、ftp 地址(ftp://...)、以及其它几种。 <br/><br/> 维基引擎不会解析有误的URL 元件。
Assign new Master Admin? 确定要指派新的主要管理员?
Attached files… 附加文件…
Attempts 诉求
Attention should be also paid to the pages that depend on this one either by directly linking to it or by including it. Click below to see what pages depend on this one. 也请注意相依于本页的那些页面,不管是直接链接或引用本页。点击查看有哪些页面相依于本页。
August 八月
Authentication error. 认证错误。
Author 作者
Author of the post 本帖作者
Author of the thread 本主题帖作者
Auto Watching 自动关注
Auto accept from 自动接受来自于
Auto mark activities as read 自动将活动标记为已读
Auto-watch sites I join, pages I create, edit or comment. 自动关注我加入的站点,我创立、编辑、评论的页面。
Automatic page numbering 自动页面编号
Automatic update related to page rename: "%s" to "%s". 有关重新命名页面:“%s” 改为 “%s” 的自动更新。
Autonumbering 自动编号
Autonumbering of pages 页面自动编号
Availability of the above features might depend on the subscription plan chosen. 以上功能是否提供可能取决于你选择的注册计划。
Avatar 头像
Avatar, Karma, Pro icons 头像、活跃度、专业版图标
The above can be inserted almost anywhere, but the recommended locations are e.g.: <a href="/nav:side"><tt>nav:side</tt></a> (sidebar) or main content of a page. <br/><br/> If you choose to allow Ads in the page and the module is not found - Ads will be displayed in the footer.<br/> If you choose to allow Ads only in the footer, the module will be ignored. <br/><br/> To customize the layout of links you can pass additional parameters to the module: 上述内容几乎可嵌至任何地方,但建议的位置为,例如:<a href="/nav:side"><tt>nav:side</tt></a>(侧栏)或页面的主要内容。 <br/><br/>若您选择在页面放置广告却找不到该模组- 广告会显示在页尾。 <br/>若您选择只在页尾放置广告,该模组会被忽略。 <br/><br/>若要自订连结配置,您可以传入额外的参数至此模组:
The account has been activated. Signing in… 帐号已激活。登录中……
The account has been already activated. You may need to sign in with your login and password. 帐号已激活。您可以现在使用您的登录名和密码登录网站。
The ad unit is displayed above the page content, right below the title. 该广告单元展示在页面内容上方,标题下方。
The ad unit is displayed below the page content, but above the footer. This is a very good location because your visitors can spot ads right after finishing reading the page. 广告单元显示在页面内容下方,但在页脚上方。这是一个非常好的位置,因为您的访问者可以在完成阅读页面后立即发现广告。
The adresses you enter here will be <strong>added</strong> to the list below when you click "upload". <br/> Most of the CSV formats will do, including these from GMail and MS Outlook. 您在这里输入的地址将是<strong>,当您单击“upload”时,将</strong>添加到下面的列表中。<br/>大多数CSV格式都可以,包括来自GMail和MS Outlook的格式。
The ads are displayed at the very bottom of a page, below the page footer. 广告展示在页面最底部,在页脚下方。
The amount will be paid to 数额将付给
accept 批准
accepted membership application 已批准的成员申请书
action 动作
actions 动作
active 启用
add new post in this thread 在此主题帖发表新回复
add to watched 添加至关注清单
added/removed file from 添加/删除文件自
administrators 管理员
align left 向左对齐
align right 向右对齐
all registered 所有注册用户
all wikidot users 所有 wikidot 用户
allow Ads anywhere on the page 允许本页任何位置的广告
allow Ads in the page body 允许页面内文的广告
and 以及
and have total of %1 storage (%2 used) 共有 %1 空间(已用 %2)
and others 和其他
anonymous 匿名
anonymous users 匿名用户
append 附加
attach a new file to this page 附加新文件至本页
attached file, 附加文件,
attachments (files) 附件(文件)
avatar, Pro icons (skip karma) 头像,专业版图标(忽略活跃度(karma))
avatar, karma (skip Pro icons) 头像,活跃度(karma)(忽略专业版图标)

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