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… and %1 more new notifications … és %1 további értesítés
<a href="">AdSense configuration panel</a> | <a href="">AdSense FAQ</a> <a href="">AdSense konfigurációs panel</a> | <a href="">AdSense FAQ</a>
<li>all pages and their content</li> <li>page tags</li> <li>category settings</li> <li>permission settings</li> <li>themes (including custom themes)</li> <li>forum structure (groups and categories)</li>
A campaign with this identifier already exists Már létezik kampány ezzel az azonosítóval
A campaign with this name already exists Már létezik kampány ezzel a névvel
A category group is a collection of forum categories and the largest unit in the forum. A kategória-csoport fórum-kategóriák gyűjteménye, és a legnagyobb egysége a fórumfelosztásnak.
A few HTML tags are allowed: Néhány használható HTML tag:
A few notes Néhány megjegyzés
A few tips for your Site Néhány ötlet az Oldaladhoz
A few tips just for you: Néhány ötlet számodra:
A few useful tools to manage this Site. Néhány eszköz a Site fenntartásához.
A file named %1 already exists as an attachment to page %2. You don't have permission to overwrite or delete files on this page, so please choose other name for the file and try again.
A file named %1 already exists as an attachment to page %2. Do you want to overwrite it? A(z) %1 nevű fájl már létezik a(z) %2 oldalhoz csatoltan. Felülírjam?
A moderator resigned from your site Egy moderátor itthagyta az oldalt
A new member joined your site Egy új tag csatlakozott
A small error processing your order has occurred. If the problem persists please contact
API Access
API Settings API Beállítások
API access API hozzáférés
About Rólunk
About me Rólam
Above page content
Above sidebar
Abuse Visszaélések
Accept Elfogadom
Accept invitation Meghívás elfogadása
Access Policy
Access policy Hozzáférési stratégia
Access to this profile is restricted. Nincs hozzáférésed ehhez a profilhoz.
According to <a href=""></a>: Az <a href=""></a> szerint:
According to the data above, you are a subject to VAT tax. <strong>%1% VAT will be included</strong> in all your purchases at
According to the data above, you are subject to VAT "reverse charge". <strong>VAT will not be added</strong> to your purchases.
According to the data above, you are subject to VAT exemption. <strong>VAT will not be added</strong> to your purchases.
Account Fiók
Account notifications Fiók-értesítések
Account type Fiók típusa
Account type: Fiók típusa:
Account upgrade confirmation Fiók upgrade visszaigazolása
Activate forum now
Activate my account now Aktiváljuk a fiókomat
Active features Aktív fícsörök
Activities settings
Activity Aktivitás
Ad position
Ad unit is being displayed in your side bar, just above its content.
Ad unit is being displayed in your side bar, just below its content.
AdSense for your website AdSense a webhelyen
AdSense is an on-line advertising program that helps you earn money with your Wikidot site. The AdSense configuration panel is detached from the Site Manager and located at our main website.
AdSense limits you to one ad unit at a given predefined location
Add Hozzáadás
Add a New Comment Új Hozzászólás Hozzáadása
Add a contact Ismerős hozzáadása
Add a custom location
Add a new meta tag Meta címke hozzáadása
Add autonumbering Automatikus sorszámozás hozzáadása
Add autonumbering to a category Automatikus számozás hozzáadása egy kategóriához
Add contact ismerős hozzáadása
Add custom label
Add more
Add more recipients További címzettek hozzáadása
Add new IP block
Add new posts Új hozzászólások hozzáadása
Add pingbacks
Add pingbacks to a category
Add to All Pages Hozzáadás Az Összes Oldalhoz
Add to This Page Hozzáadás Az Oldalhoz
Add to cart Hozzáadás a kosárhoz
Add to contacts Hozzáadás az ismerősökhöz
Add to contacts?
Add user Felhasználó hozzáadása
Add user to block list Felhasználó hozzáadása blokkolási listához
Added tags: %s.
Added to administrators
Added to moderators
Adding <em>%1</em> as a contact
Adding a meta tag with the name already used will effectively replace the existing entry. <br/><br/> Meta entries added to a page override global meta information added to all pages.
Address Cím
Address of the list: Lista címe:
Address of the site: Webhely címe:
Admin Admin
Admin notifications for site
Admin of Ennek admin-ja:
Administer your petition campaigns
Administrator of the following sites:
Ads to be displayed on:
Ads visibility options
Advanced Settings
Advertising Hirdetés
After you provide a valid password, if you already have a account you will be asked to log in, if not you will be asked to create a user account - this will take just a minute.
All Összes
All Members
All categories Az összes kategória
All registered Users
All transactions and data are transferred using secure 128-bit SSL encryption. <br/> Read our policies: <a href="" target="_blank">Terms of Service</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Privacy Policy</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Upgrades FAQ</a>.
Allow Wikidot users to post links with a karma level greater than or equal to
Allow hotlinking to uploaded files
Alphabetically ABC-sorrendben
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An error has occurred while connecting to Google AdSense servers.
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An error initializing bitcoin payments has occurred. Please try again or contact
An error initializing bitcoin payments has occurred. Please try again or contact Code: 1
An error occurred when processing your request.
An error occurred while processing the request.
Anchor text (optional):
Anchor text:
And to
And visible only to:
And what won't be?
Anonymous Névtelen
Anonymous abuse
Anonymous edit Névtelen szerkesztés
Anonymous user Névtelen felhasználó
Anonymous user info
Another site already maps the "%s" domain.
Another site already redirects the "%s" domain.
Another account is using this email address: please try again with another email address you own
Anyone can be a member
Anyone can view
App id:
Apparently, the reason was: Úgy tűnik, az ok a következő:
Appearance & Behaviour
Appears beneath the name. A név alatt lesz található.
Appears on the top-left corner of your Wikidot site. A Wikidot oldalad bal felső sarkában lesz látható.
Append Hozzáfűzés
Append content without editing the whole page source.
Application text Jelentkezési szöveg
Application text: Jelentkezési szöveg:
Applications Jelentkezések
Apply Alkalmaz
Applying is disabled for this site. Ezen az oldalon nem lehet jelentkezni.
April Április
Are you a human? Leave blank this stupid checkbox.
Are you a human? You are so fast :)
Are you really really really sure? Anyway, remember there is an UNDO for this operation. Teljesen teljesen teljesen biztos vagy benne? És ne felejtsd el, hogy ez a művelet VISSZAVONHATÓ.
Are you sure you do not want to be a member of this site any more? Biztos, hogy nem akarsz az oldal tagja lenni?
Are you sure you want to add <em>%1</em> as your new contact?
Are you sure you want to ban (block) address <strong class="ban-ip-dialog-ip"></strong> from modifying the site as an anonymous user?
Are you sure you want to ban (block) user <strong class="ban-user-dialog-user-name"></strong> from accessing the site in the future?
Are you sure you want to delete the above post? There is no way to recover deleted posts.
Are you sure you want to delete the invitation for <strong class="delete-invitation-dialog-user-email"></strong>?
Are you sure you want to delete this layout?
Are you sure you want to delete this theme?
Are you sure you want to remove <strong class="remove-admin-dialog-user-name"></strong> from site administrators?
Are you sure you want to remove <strong class="remove-moderator-dialog-user-name"></strong> from site moderators?
Are you sure you want to remove the block for the IP <strong class="delete-ip-list"></strong>?
Are you sure you want to remove the user block for the user <strong class="delete-user-list"></strong>?
Are you sure you want to remove user <strong class="remove-ban-user-dialog-user-name"></strong> from the members <u>and</u> ban from accessing the site in the future? <br/><br/> If the user is also an administrator/moderator of this site their privileges will be lost too.
Are you sure you want to remove user <strong class="remove-user-dialog-user-name"></strong> from the members? <br/><br/> If the user is also an administrator/moderator of this site their privileges will be lost too.
Are you sure you want to remove your membership application for site
Are you sure you want to resign from being a site administrator?
Are you sure you want to resign from being a site moderator?
As easy as can be &mdash; if you already have a Facebook account, we will log you in or create a new Wikidot account within seconds!
As the URL element one can use www location (http://..., https://...), ftp location (ftp://...) and a few others. <br/><br/> Malformed URL elements will not be parsed by the wiki engine.
Assign new Master Admin?
Attached files… Fájlok csatolása…
Attempts Próbálkozások
Attention should be also paid to the pages that depend on this one either by directly linking to it or by including it. Click below to see what pages depend on this one.
August augusztus
Authentication error.
Author Szerző
Author of the post Hozzászólás szerzője
Author of the thread Téma létrehozója
Auto Watching
Auto accept from
Auto mark activities as read
Auto-watch sites I join, pages I create, edit or comment.
Automatic page numbering
Automatic update related to page rename: "%s" to "%s".
Autonumbering of pages Oldalak automatikus számozása
Availability of the above features might depend on the subscription plan chosen.
Avatar Avatar
Avatar, Karma, Pro icons
The above can be inserted almost anywhere, but the recommended locations are e.g.: <a href="/nav:side"><tt>nav:side</tt></a> (sidebar) or main content of a page. <br/><br/> If you choose to allow Ads in the page and the module is not found - Ads will be displayed in the footer.<br/> If you choose to allow Ads only in the footer, the module will be ignored. <br/><br/> To customize the layout of links you can pass additional parameters to the module:
The account has been activated. Signing in…
The account has been already activated. You may need to sign in with your login and password.
The ad unit is displayed above the page content, right below the title.
The ad unit is displayed below the page content, but above the footer. This is a very good location because your visitors can spot ads right after finishing reading the page.
The adresses you enter here will be <strong>added</strong> to the list below when you click "upload". <br/> Most of the CSV formats will do, including these from GMail and MS Outlook.
The ads are displayed at the very bottom of a page, below the page footer.
The amount will be paid to
accept elfogadom
accepted membership application
active aktív
activity at
add new post in this thread
add to watched
added/removed file from
administrators adminisztrátorok
ago ezelőtt
align left balra igazítás
align right jobbra igazítás
all registered
all wikidot users minden wikidot felhasználó
allow Ads anywhere on the page hirdetések engedélyezése mindenhol az oldalon
allow Ads in the page body hirdetések engedélyezése mindenhol az oldal szövegében
and és
and have total of %1 storage (%2 used)
and others
anonymous névtelen
anonymous users név nélküli felhasználók
application accepted
application declined
attach a new file to this page új fájl csatolása az oldalhoz
attached file, csatolt fájl,
attachments (files) csatolt fájlok
avatar, Pro icons (skip karma) avatar, Pro ikonok (karma kihagyása)
avatar, karma (skip Pro icons) avatar, karma (Pro ikonok kihagyása)

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