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<li> - blocks a single host </li> <li> or 123.45.67.* - blocks a range of IP addresses from to </li> <li> or 123.45.*.* - blocks a range of addresses from to </li> <li> - ocksblay ayay inglesay osthay </li> <li> oryay 123.45.67.* - ocksblay ayay angeray ofyay IP addressesyay omfray otay </li> <li> oryay 123.45.*.* - ocksblay ayay angeray ofyay addressesyay omfray otay </li>
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Because of your inactivity the 15-minute lock you obtained when you began editing has expired. Ecausebay ofyay ouryay inactivityyay ethay 15-inutemay ocklay ouyay obtainedyay enwhay ouyay eganbay editingyay ashay expiredyay.
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Below is the complete history of your orders, with corresponding VAT invoices where applicable. Elowbay isyay ethay ompletecay istoryhay ofyay ouryay ordersyay, ithway orrespondcay VAT invoicesyay erewhay applicableyay.
Below is the list of all notifications related to this site. Elowbay isyay ethay istlay ofyay allyay oticationsnay elatedray otay isthay itesay.
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Below please find the details related to your order. Make sure this represents what you want to buy. Elowbay easeplay indfay ethay etailsday elatedray otay ouryay orderyay. Akemay uresay isthay epresentsray atwhay ouyay antway otay uybay.
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Below you can assign default page skeletons/templates (pages from the <em>template:</em> category) to new created pages in particular categories. Elowbay ouyay ancay assignyay efaultday agepay eletonsskay/emplatestay (agespay omfray ethay <em>emplatetay</em> ategorycay) otay ewnay eatedcray agespay inyay articularpay ategoriescay.
Below you can choose a theme for your site. You can select an individual theme for each page category. Elowbay ouyay ancay oosechay ayay emethay orfay ouryay itesay. Ouyay ancay elecctsay anyay individualyay emethay orfafy eachyay agepay ategorycay.
Best regards
-- The Team
Estbay egardsyay -- Ethay Eamtay
Best regards<br/> &mdash; The <a href="%1"></a> Team Estbay egardsyay<br/> &mdash; Ethay <a href="%1"></a> Eamtay
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Bibliography item <em>%s</em> not found. Ibliographybay itemyay <em>%s</em> otnay oundfay.
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Block Users and IP addresses Ockblay Usersyay andyay IP addressesyay
Block cloning of this Site Ockblay oningclay ofyay isthay Itesay
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By choosing "force lock acquire" you will remove conflicting locks and try to recreate your lock. <strong>Use with caution.</strong> <br/><br/> Warning: please note that page lock interception should not be used without a reason. While our mechanisms guarantee gracefull exits from conflicts without uncontrolled content loss, please use lock interception only when necessary. Ybay oosingchay "orcefay ocklay acquireyay" ouyay illway emoveray onflictingcay ockslay andyay ytray otay ecreateray ouryay ocklay. <strong>Useyay ithway autioncay.</strong> <br/><br/> Arningway: easeplay otenay atthay agepay ocklay interceptionyay ouldshay otnay ebay usedyay ithoutway ayay easonray. Ilewhay ouryay echanismsmay uaranteegay acefulgray exitsyay omfray onflictscay ithoutway uncontrolledyay ontentcay osslay, easeplay useyay ocklay interceptionyay onlyyay enwhay ecessarynay.
By creating an account you accept our Ybay eatingcray anyay accountyay ouyay acceptyay ouryay
By default Ads are displayed in the page footer. If you want to place Ads in the page body you have to use the module <tt>MonetizeTextLinkAds</tt> simply by pasting the following code: Ybay efaultday Adsyay areyay isplayedday inyay ethay agepay ooterfay. Ifyay ouyay antway otay aceplay Adsyay inyay ethay agepay odybay ouyay avehay otay useyay ethay odulemay <tt>MonitizeTextLinkAds</tt> implysay ybay astingpay ethay ollowingfay odecay:
By preceding the page name with "deleted:" it can be moved to a different category (namespace). It is more or less equivalent to delete but no information is lost. Ybay ecedingpray ethay agepay amenay iwthay "deleted:" ityay ancay ebay ovedmay otay ayay ifferentday ategorycay (amespacenay). Ityay isyay oremay oryay esslay equivalentyay otay eletedday utbay onay informationyay isyay ostlay.
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