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%1 characters left %1 aracterschay eftlay
%1 characters left. Only 4 lines. %1 aracterschay eftlay. Onlyyay 4 ineslay
1. Choose your plan. 1. Oosechay ouryay anplay
2. Complete the payment. 2. Ompletecay ethay aymentpay
<li>create more Sites,</li> <li>fully control advertising on your Sites and earn money</li> <li>upload larger files,</li> <li>easily manage available storage per-Site,</li> <li>more members for all your private Sites,</li> <li>get access to advanced Site traffic statistics,</li> <li>enable secure SSL access to any of your Sites,</li> <li>and <strong><a href="" target="_blank">much more!</a></strong></li> <li>eatecray oremay Itessay,</li> <li>ullyfay ontrolcay advertisingyay onyay ouryay Itessay andyay earnyay oneymay</li> <li>uploadyay argerlay ilesfay,</li> <li>easilyyay anagemay availableyay oragestay erpay-Itesay,</li> <li>oremay embersmay orfay allyay ouryay ivatepray Itessay,</li> <li>etgay accessyay otay advancedyay Itesay affictray atisticsstay,</li> <li>enableyay ecuresay SSL accessyay otay anyyay ofyay ouryay Itessay,</li> <li>andyay <strong><a href="" target="_blank">uchmay oremay!</a></strong></li>
CAPTCHA verification disabled CAPTCHA erificationvay isabledday
CSS code seems to be too long. CSS odecay eemsay otay ebay ootay onglay
CSS code: CSS odecay:
Campaign identifier does not match any defined petition Ampaigncay identifieryay oesday otnay atchmay anyyay efinedday etitionpay
Can not fetch group data. Ancay otnay etchfay oupgray ataday.
Can not fetch photoset data - photoset might not exist or not be public (or other problem). Ancay otnay etchfay otosetphay ataday - otosetphay ightmay otnay existyay oryay otnay ebay ublicpay (oryay oheryay oblempray).
Can not find related page. Ancay otnay indfay elatedray agepay.
Can't rename non-existing page An'tcay enameray onnay-existingyay agepay
Can't rename that file An'tcay enameray atthay ilefay
Cancel Ancelcay
Cancel my vote Ancelcay ymay otevay
Canceling order… Ancelingcay orderyay…
Cannot fetch Flickr photo (id: %s). The photo either does not exist, or is private Annotcay etchyay Flickr ohotophay (idyay: %s). Ethay otophay eitheryay oesday otnay existyay, oryay isyay ivatepray
Cannot prolong the same feature multiple times. Annotcay olongpray ethay amesay eaturefay ultiplemay imestay
Card processing exception. Ardcay ocessingpray exceptionyay
Categories Ategoriescay
Categories with autonumbering Ategoriescay ithway autonumberingyay
Categories with pingbacks enabled Ategoriescay ithway ingbackspay enabledyay
Category Ategorycay
Category "%s" can not be found. Ategorycay "%s" ancay otnay ebay oundfay
Category contains non-numeric pages. Ategorycay ontainscay onnay-umericnay agespay.
Category name Ategorycay amenay
Category name: Ategorycay anemay:
Category names can only contain letters, numbers and the dash character ("-"). Ategorycay amesnay ancay onlyay ontaincay etterslay, umbersnay and ethay ashday aracterchay ("-").
Category not valid Ategorycay otnay alidvay
Category string too long. Ategorycay ingstray ootay onglay
Change Angechay
Change comments Angechay ommentscay
Change email Angechay emailyay
Change payment method Angechay aymentpay ethodmay
Change the Master Administrator Angechay ethay Astermay Administratoryay
Change the name (also URL address, possibly the category) of the page. Angechay ethay amenay (alsoyay URLYAY addressyay, ossiblypay ethay ategorycay) ofyay ethay agepay.
Change type Angechay ypetay
Changes saved. Angeschay avedsay.
Changing your e-mail will also affect your logging in. You will be required to login using your new email (after confirming) and password (does not change). Angingchay ouryay e-mailyay illway alsoyay affectyay ouryay ogginglay inyay. Ouyay illway ebay equiredray otay oginlay usingyay ouryay ewnay emailyay (afteryay onfirmingcay) andyay asswordpay (oesday otnay angechay).
Check It Eckchay ityay
Check again Eckchay againyay
Check out how this page has evolved in the past. Eckchay outyay owhay isthay agepay ashay evolvedyay inyay ethay astpay
Check pending applications Eckchay endingpay applicationsyay
Check pricing and upgrade Eckchay icingpray andyay upgradeyay
Choose <em>Base</em> to create as much as possible from scratch. Oosechay <em>Asebay</em> otay eatecray asyay uchmay asyay ossiblepay omfray atchscray.
Choose a file to upload: Oosechay ayay ilefay otay uploadyay:
Choose an existing category Oosechay anyay existingyay ategorycay
Choose another campaign Oosechay anotheryay ampaigncay
Choose how your Wiki looks like Oosechay owhay ouryay Ikiway ookslay ikelay
Choose layout Oosechay ayoutlay
Choose the category: Oosechay ethay ategorycay:
Choose the payment method: Oosechay ethay aymentpay ethodmay:
Choose the recipient from your contacts Oosechay ethay ecipientray omfray ouryay ontactscay
Choose the structure of you Wiki Oosechay ethay ucturestray ofyay ouryay Ikiway
City Itycay
City: Itycay:
Clear Earclay
Clear flags Earclay agsflay
Clear mapping Earclay appingmay
Clear this location Earclay isthay ocationlay
Click here to edit contents of this page. Ickclay erehay otay edityay ontentscay ofyay isthay agepay.
Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page (if possible). Watch headings for an "edit" link when available. Ickclay erehay otay oggletay editingyay ofyay individualyay ectionssay ofyay ethay agepay (isyay ossiblepay). Atchway eadingshay orfay anyay "edityay" inklay enwhay availableyay.
Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page (if possible). Watch headings for an "edit" link when available. Ickclay erehay otay oggletay editingyay ofyay individualyay ectionssay ofyay ethay agepay (ifyay ossiblepay). Atchway eadingshay orfay anyay "edityay" inklay enwhay availableyay.
Client type: Ientclay ypetay
Clone Oneclay
Clone again Oneclay againyay
Clone the Wiki Oneclay ethay Ikiway
Clone this Wiki Oneclay isthay Ikiway
Clone this site Oneclay isthay itesay
Close Oseclay
Close diff view Oseclay iffday iewvay
Close message Oseclay essagemay
Close preview Oseclay eviewpray
Close this box Oseclay isthay oxbay
Close this window Oseclay isthay indowway
Close this window, you will not need it anymore Oseclay isthay indowway, ouyay illway otnay eednay ityay anymoreyay
Close window Oseclay indowway
Closed Osedclay
Closed — anyone can view, but membership is restricted Osedclay - anyoneyay ancay iewvay, utbay embershipmay isyay estrictedray
Code type: Odecay ypetay:
Collect Ollectcay
Collect (and display) following fields Ollectcay (andyay isplayday) ollowingfay ieldsfay
Collect and view statistics Ollectcay andyay iewvay atisticsstay
Combined transfer from all your sites this month. Ombinedcay ansfertray omfray allyay ouryay itessay isthay onthmay
Comment Ommentcay
Comments Ommentscay
Comments for page Ommentscay orfay agepay
Communication error has occurred. Ommunicationcay erroryay ashay occuredyay
Community Ommunitycay
Company Ompanycay
Company name: Ompanycay
Compare versions Omparecay ersionsvay
Completed Ompletedcay
Confirm Onfirmcay
Confirm account termination Onfirmcay accountyay erminationtay
Confirm my signature Onfirmcay ymay ignaturesay
Congratulations! Ongratulationscay!
Connect your account with Facebook with just a few clicks Onnectcay ouryay accountyay ithway Acebookfay ithway ustjay ayay ewfay icksclay
Connection error to BlockChain API. Onnectioncay error otay OckblayAinchay APIYAY
Contact Ontactyay
Contacts list Ontactsyay istlay
Content must not be longer than 1024 characters. Ontencay ustmay otnay ebay ongerlay anthay 1024 aracterschay
Content of my Ontentcay ofyay ymay
Content type Ontentcay ypetay
Continue Ontinuecay
Control ads on your Wiki Ontrolcay adsyay onyay ouryay Ikiway
Control spam and abuse Ontrolcay amspay andyay abuseyay
Correct the code manually Orrectcay ethay odecay anuallymay
Could not select that theme Ouldcay otnay electsay atthat emethay
Could not send the email - please try again later Ouldcay otnay endsay ethay - easeplay ytray againyay aterlay
Could not set parent page: A page cannot be its own parent! Ouldcay otnay etsay arentpay agepay: Ayay agepay annotcay ebay itsyay ownyay arentpay!
Could not upload the file: it is larger than the maximum allowed Ouldcay otnay uploadyay ethay ilefay: ityay isyay argerlay anthay ethay aximummay allowedyay
Country Ountrycay
Country: Ountrycay:
Create Eatecray
Create a New Layout Eatecray ayay Ewnay Ayoutlay
Create a New Theme Eatecray ayay Ewnay Emethay
Create a backup Eatecray ayay ackupbay
Create a backup of your Wiki. It will contain every page and every file uploaded. You can't automatically restore your Wiki from backup. <br/><br/> Wikidot is safe enough not to create backup at all. Eatecray ayay ackupbay ofyay ouryay Ikiway. Ityay illway ontaincay everyyay agepay andyay everyyay ilefay uploadedyay. Ouyay an'tcay automaticallyyay estoreray ouryay Ikiway omfray ackupbay. <br/><br/> Ikidotway isyay afesay enoughyay otnay otay eatecray ackupbay atyay allyay.
Create a new account Eatecray ayay ewnay accountyay
Create a new account with Facebook Connect Eatecray ayay ewnay accountyay ithway Acebookfay Onnectyay
Create a new campaign Eatecray ayay ewnay ampaigncay
Create a new forum category Eatecray ayay ewnay orumfay ategorycay
Create a new forum group Eatecray ayay ewnay orumfay oupgray
Create a new group Eategray ayay ewnay oupgray
Create a new page Eatecray ayay ewnay agepay
Create a new thread Eatecray ayay ewnay eadthray
Create account Eatecray accountyay
Create an account Eatecray anyay accountyay
Create backup Eatecray ackupbay
Create new threads Eatecray ewnay eadsthray
Create page Eatecray agepay
Create site Eategray itesay
Created on Eatedcray onyay
Credit card Editcray ardcay
Cross-site security Osscray-itesay ecuritysay
Current and active features Urrentcay andyay activeyay eaturesfay
Current category Urrentcay ategorycay
Current extra access list Urrentcay extrayay accessyay istlay
Current meta tags: Urrentcay etamay agstay:
Current name Urrentcay amenay
Current name (address) of this site is: <strong>%1</strong> If you want to change it (i.e. the part before the "" domain) please use the following form. <br/><br/> Please note however that this might confuse your users since they will not be able to access this wiki with the old web address. <br/><br/> This action is available only to the Master Administrator of the site. <br/><br/> Once again: please, use it with care. Urrentcay amenay (addressyay) ofyay isthay itesay isyay: <strong>%1</strong>/ Ifyay ouyay antway otay angechay ityay (i.e. ethay artpay eforebay ethay "" omainday) easeplay useyay ethay ollowingfay ormfay. <br/><br/> Easeplay otenay oweverhay atthay isthay ightmay onfusecay ouryay usersyay incesay eythay illway otnay ebay ableyay otyay accessyay isthay ikiway ithway ethay oldyay ebway addressyay. <br/><br/> Isthay actionyay isyay availableyay onlyyay otay ethay Astermay Administratoryay ofyay ethay itesay. <br/><br/> Onceyay againyay: easeplay, useyay ityay ithway arecay.
Current page Urrentcay agepay
Current page name Urrentcay agepay amenay
Current revision number Urrentcay evisionray umbernay
Current site storage size: %1 used of total %2, %3 still free Urrentcay itesay oragestay izesay: %1 used of total %2, %3 still free
Currently no categories are marked as Pingbacks. Urrentlycay onay ategoriescay areyay arkedmay asyay Ingbackspay
Currently no categories are marked as autonumbered. Urrentlycay onay ategoriescay areyay arkedmay asyay autonumberedyay
Currently you have no buddy icon. If you want to upload one, please use the options below: Urrentlycay ouyay avehay onay uddybay iconyay. Ifyay ouyay antway otay uploadyay oneyay, easeplay useyay ethay optionsyay elowbay:
Custom Ustomcay
Custom Domain Ustomcay Omainday
Custom domain Ustomcay omainday
Custom domain: Ustomcay omainday:
Custom footer Ustomcay ooterfay
Custom layouts Ustomcay ayoutslay
Custom license Ustomcay icenselay
Custom profile pages are only available for Pro sites Ustomcay ofilepay agespay areyay onlyyay availableyay orfay Opray itessay
The campaign can not be found. Ethay ampaigncay ancay otnay ebay oundfay.
The category already contains pages that have non-numeric names. If you choose to override this warning, the pages will be left untouched and should not affect the autonumbering scheme. <br/><br/> However, each new page you will try to create will automatically be numbered. Moving and renaming pages will be limited too. Ethay ategorycay alreadyyay ontainscay agespay atthay avehay onnay-umericnay amesnay. Ifyay ouyay oosechay otay overrideyay isthay arninway, ethay agespay illway ebay eftlay untouchedyay andyay ouldshay otnay affectyay ethay authonumberingyay emeschay. <br/><br/> Oweverhay, eachyay ewnay agepay ouyay illway ytray otay eatecray illway automaticallyyay ebay umberednay. Ovingmay andyay enamingray agespay illway ebay imitedlay ootay.
The category can not be found. Ethay ategorycay ancay otnay ebay oundfay.
The confirmation email has been sent to the email address you have specified. Please check your mailbox and click on the confirmation link in the email to validate your signature. Ethay onfirmationcay email ashay otnay eenbay entsay otay ethay emailyay addressyay ouyay avehay ecifiedspay. Easeplay eckchay ouryay ailboxmay andyay ickclay onyay ethay onfirmationcay inklay inyay ethay emailyay otay alidatevay ouryay ignaturesay.
The confirmation link is missing or invalid. In case the problem repeats please contact us at Ethay onfirmationcay inklay isyay issingmay oryay invalidyay. Inyay asecay ethay oblempray epeatsray easeplay ontactcay usyay atyay
The confirmation link is not active anymore. Ethay onfirmationcay inklay isyay otnay activeyay anymoreyay.
The conflicting locks are Ethay onflictincay ockslay areyay
The coupon code you have entered does not exist. Ethay ouponcay odeyay ouyay avehay enteredcay oesday otnay existyay.
The custom license text should not be longer than 300 characters. Ethay ustomcay icenselay exttay ouldshay otnay ebay ongerlay anthay 300 aracterschay.
cancel ancelcay
card ardcay
category ategorycay
center entercay
change angechay
changed meta tags of angedchay etamay agstay ofyay
changed tags of angedchay agstay ofyay
changed title of angedchay itletay ofyay
changes angeschay
characters left. aracterschay eftlay.
characters left<br/> aracterschay eftlay<br/>
choose your new password oosechay ouryay ewnay asswordpay
city, country + whatever you consider important itycay, ountrycay + ateverwhay ouyay onsidercay importentyay
clear flags earclay agsflay
clear float earclay oatflay
clear floats (both) earclay oatsflay (othbay)
clear floats (left); earclay oatsflay (eftlay)
clear floats (right); earclay oatsflay (ightray)
close oseclay
co-members + contacts ocay-emembersmay + ontactscay
code odecay
code block odecay ockblay
code block wizard odecay ockblay izardway
code wizard odecay izardway
comment ommentcay
comment at ommentcay at
commented ommentedcay
commented at ommentedcay atyay
comments ommentscay
contacts only ontactscay onlyyay
content source text changed ontentcay oursecay exttay angedchay
create a new page in this category eatecray ayay ewnay agepay inyay isthay ategorycay
create pages eatecray agespay
created eatedcray
created a new page "%s" at %s eatedcray ayay ewnay agepay "%s"
atyay %s
created page eatedcray agepay

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