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1. Choose your plan.
2. Complete the payment.
<li>create more Sites,</li> <li>fully control advertising on your Sites and earn money</li> <li>upload larger files,</li> <li>easily manage available storage per-Site,</li> <li>more members for all your private Sites,</li> <li>get access to advanced Site traffic statistics,</li> <li>enable secure SSL access to any of your Sites,</li> <li>and <strong><a href="" target="_blank">much more!</a></strong></li>
CAPTCHA verification disabled Верифікацію CAPTCHA вимкнено.
CSS code seems to be too long. Код CSS занадто довгий.
CSS code: Код CSS:
Campaign identifier does not match any defined petition
Can not fetch group data.
Can not fetch photoset data - photoset might not exist or not be public (or other problem).
Can not find related page.
Can't rename non-existing page Неможливо перейменувати неіснуючу сторінку
Can't rename that file Неможливо перейменувати цей файл
Cancel Скасувати
Cancel my vote Скасувати мою оцінку
Canceling order… Замовлення скасовується…
Cannot fetch Flickr photo (id: %s). The photo either does not exist, or is private
Cannot prolong the same feature multiple times.
Card processing exception.
Categories Категорії
Categories with autonumbering
Categories with pingbacks enabled
Category Категорія
Category "%s" can not be found. Категорію "%s" не знайдено.
Category contains non-numeric pages.
Category name Назва категорії
Category name: Назва категорії:
Category names can only contain letters, numbers and the dash character ("-").
Category not valid
Category string too long.
Change Змінити
Change comments Змінити коментарі
Change email Змінити email
Change payment method Змінити метод оплати
Change the Master Administrator
Change the name (also URL address, possibly the category) of the page.
Change type
Changes saved. Зміни збережено.
Changing your e-mail will also affect your logging in. You will be required to login using your new email (after confirming) and password (does not change).
Check It
Check again Перевірити знову
Check how particular Members joined this Wiki. <br/><br/>[[module WhoInvited]]
Check out how this page has evolved in the past.
Check pending applications
Check pricing and upgrade
Choose <em>Base</em> to create as much as possible from scratch.
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City: Місто:
Clear Очистити
Clear flags
Clear mapping
Clear this location
Click here to edit contents of this page.
Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page (if possible). Watch headings for an "edit" link when available.
Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page (if possible). Watch headings for an "edit" link when available.
Client type:
Clone Клонувати
Clone again Клонувати знову
Clone the Wiki Клонувати Вікі
Clone this Wiki Клонувати цю Вікі
Clone this site Клонувати цей сайт
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Close diff view
Close message Зачинити повідомлення
Close preview Зачинити перегляд коментаря
Close this box
Close this window Зачинити це вікно
Close this window, you will not need it anymore Зачиніть це вікно, вам воно не знадобиться
Close window Зачинити вікно
Closed Зачинено
Closed — anyone can view, but membership is restricted
Code type:
Collect (and display) following fields
Collect and view statistics
Combined transfer from all your sites this month.
Comment Коментар
Comments Коментарі
Comments for page
Communication error has occurred.
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Company name: Назва компанії:
Compare versions
Confirm Підтвердити
Confirm account termination
Confirm my signature
Connect your account with Facebook with just a few clicks
Connection error to BlockChain API.
Contacts list
Content must not be longer than 1024 characters.
Content of my
Content type
Control ads on your Wiki
Control spam and abuse
Correct the code manually
Could not select that theme
Could not send the email - please try again later
Could not set parent page: A page cannot be its own parent!
Could not upload the file: it is larger than the maximum allowed
Create Створити
Create a New Layout
Create a New Theme
Create a backup
Create a backup of your Wiki. It will contain every page and every file uploaded. You can't automatically restore your Wiki from backup. <br/><br/> Wikidot is safe enough not to create backup at all.
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Create account Створити обліковий запис
Create an account Створити обліковий запис
Create backup
Create new threads
Create page Створити сторінку
Create site Створити сайт
Created on Створено
Credit card
Cross-site security
Current and active features
Current category
Current extra access list
Current meta tags:
Current name Поточне ім'я
Current name (address) of this site is: <strong>%1</strong> If you want to change it (i.e. the part before the "" domain) please use the following form. <br/><br/> Please note however that this might confuse your users since they will not be able to access this wiki with the old web address. <br/><br/> This action is available only to the Master Administrator of the site. <br/><br/> Once again: please, use it with care.
Current page Поточна сторінка
Current page name Назва поточної сторінки
Current revision number Номер поточної ревізії
Current site storage size: %1 used of total %2, %3 still free
Currently no categories are marked as Pingbacks.
Currently no categories are marked as autonumbered.
Currently you have no buddy icon. If you want to upload one, please use the options below:
Custom Domain
Custom domain
Custom domain:
Custom footer
Custom layouts
Custom license
Custom profile pages are only available for Pro sites
The campaign can not be found.
The category already contains pages that have non-numeric names. If you choose to override this warning, the pages will be left untouched and should not affect the autonumbering scheme. <br/><br/> However, each new page you will try to create will automatically be numbered. Moving and renaming pages will be limited too.
The category can not be found.
The confirmation email has been sent to the email address you have specified. Please check your mailbox and click on the confirmation link in the email to validate your signature.
The confirmation link is missing or invalid. In case the problem repeats please contact us at
The confirmation link is not active anymore.
The conflicting locks are
The coupon code you have entered does not exist.
The custom license text should not be longer than 300 characters.
cancel скасувати
category категорія
change змінити
changed meta tags of
changed tags of
changed title of
changes змін
characters left. символів лишилось
characters left<br/> символів лишилось<br/>
choose your new password оберіть новий пароль
city, country + whatever you consider important місто, країна + все, що вважаєте важливим
clear flags
clear float
clear floats (both) прибрати плавучі елементи (зліва і справа)
clear floats (left); прибрати плавучі елементи (зліва)
clear floats (right); прибрати плавучі елементи (справа)
close зачинити
co-members + contacts співучасників + контактів
code код
code block блок коду
code block wizard майстер блоку коду
code wizard майстер коду
commented прокоментував(-ла)
commented at прокоментував(-ла) у
comments коментарі
contacts only тільки контактів
content source text changed
create a new page in this category
create pages створити сторінки
created створено
created page створена сторінка

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