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1. Choose your plan. 1.选择你的计划
2. Complete the payment. 2.给钱,快快地
<li>create more Sites,</li> <li>fully control advertising on your Sites and earn money</li> <li>upload larger files,</li> <li>easily manage available storage per-Site,</li> <li>more members for all your private Sites,</li> <li>get access to advanced Site traffic statistics,</li> <li>enable secure SSL access to any of your Sites,</li> <li>and <strong><a href="http://www.wikidot.com/plans" target="_blank">much more!</a></strong></li> <li>创建</li>更多网站,<li>完全控制您网站上的缺德广告并赚钱</li> <li>上传更大的文件</li>,<li>轻松管理每个网站的可用存储空间</li><li>私人网站的更多成员</li>,访问<li>高级网站流量统计信息</li>,<li>启用对您任何网站的SSL安全访问,</li><li>以及<strong><href=“http://www.wikidot.com/plans”=“target_blank”>更多!</a></strong></li>
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