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3. Enjoy the upgrade! 3. Geniet van de upgrade
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<a href="javascript:;" onclick="%1">Educational upgrade</a> might be available for this site.
E-mail address E-mail adres
E.g. system:join. Bijv. system:join.
E.g. Bijv.
ERROR: No Site. ERROR: Geen site.
EU VAT ID: EU BTW nummer:
Each Wiki Site obtains a web address in a dedicated <em>%2</em> subdomain. However, it is possible to use an external domain to reach this Site. <br/><br/> If you enable this feature, this Site will be available via both domains, i.e. <em>%1.%2</em> <strong>and</strong> the new domain. <br/><br/> You can also set up to 3 <strong>"301 redirects"</strong>. This means that if these domains are handled by the servers your visitors will be redirected to the main domain for the Site. This is useful, for example, to handle domains without the "www." prefix. <br/><br/> Note: this is a cool feature and it's totally free!
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Edit Title & Description Bewerk Titel en Omschrijving
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Edit as New Bewerk als nieuw
Edit posts (and threads meta) Bewerk posts (en threads meta)
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Edit template for profile pages: Bewerk template voor profiel pagina's:
Edit the page Wijzig de pagina
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Edit your forum signature. Then your signature will be visible under all your forum posts, on all wikis.
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Edu upgrade
Effective URL: Effectieve URL:
Email Email
Email "%s" is not valid. E-mail "%s" is niet geldig.
Email address Emailadres
Email address change Wijziging e-mail adres
Email lists Emaillijst
Email sending failed - please try again later Het versturen van de email mislukte, probeer later opnieuw als je wil.
Email verification E-mail verificatie
Enable OpenID for this Site: Enable OpenID voor deze site:
Enable TLA for this Wiki: Enable TLA voor deze Wiki:
Enable pingbacks
Enable site-specific user profiles for this site
Enabling SSL requires Pro+ subscription.
Enter image web address (URL): Voor de URL in van de afbeelding:
Enter password Voor het wachtwoord in
Equation source preview:
Error Fout
Error accessing revisions: please contact for a better error message
Error creating backup.
Error fetching flickr image (id: $s) info. The file does not exist, is private or other problem.
Error fetching local image (%s). Sorry, can not load files attached to this page in this mode. You should specify source page for each local image.
Error fetching one of the forum categories
Error fetching one of the forum groups
Error getting orginal message.
Error getting page information: please contact for a better error message
Error processing the feed "%s". The feed can not be accessed or contains errors.
Error processing the request
Error retrieving page data: please contact for a better error message
Error saving changes - one of the categories could not be found.
Error saving permissions - invalid internal format. Please try again and contact admins if the problem repeats.
Error selecting a product.
Error selecting a site to restore.
Error selecting layout.
Error selecting message.
Error selecting page.
Error selecting revisions: please contact for a better error message
Error selecting the language
Error selecting the page: please contact for a better error message
Error selecting theme.
Error selecting thread: please contact for a better error message
Every outgoing link will be processed on every page. If the target website supports pingbacks, it will be notified about the link.
Example post.
Explore Onderzoek
Extended security and privacy
Extra CSS style:
Extra access:
The <strong>exact</strong> URL you have submitted to TLA:
The edit lock has been (forcibly) removed De blokkering op deze pagina omdat een andere gebruiker deze pagina ook aanpaste werd door jou verbroken.
The educational status is granted per-site. It provides the following extensions over the free Wikidot site:
The email address for your Wikidot account has been changed to <strong>%1</strong>.<br /> Please use this email address, or your username, to sign in from now on.
e.g. #00245F
edit wijzig
edit a post in this thread
edit meta wijzig meta
edit sections wijzig sectie
edit this page wijzig deze pagina
edit this thread wijzig deze discussie
edited page gewijzigde pagina
email invitation email-uitnodiging
empty… leeg…
enable toestaan
equation reference
expires verloopt
external image (via URL), externe image (via URL),
extra slots

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