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10 extra slots 10 extrayay otsslay
3. Enjoy the upgrade! 3. Enjoyyay ethay upgradeyay!
5 extra slots 5 extrayay otslay
<a href="javascript:;" onclick="%1">Educational upgrade</a> might be available for this site. <a href="javascript:;" onclick="%1">Educationalyay upgradeyay</a> ightmay ebay availableyay orfay isthay itesay.
E-mail address E-mailyay addressyay
E.g. system:join. E.g. system:join.
E.g. E.g.
ERROR: No Site. ERRORYAY: Onay Itesay.
Each Wiki Site obtains a web address in a dedicated <em>%2</em> subdomain. However, it is possible to use an external domain to reach this Site. <br/><br/> If you enable this feature, this Site will be available via both domains, i.e. <em>%1.%2</em> <strong>and</strong> the new domain. <br/><br/> You can also set up to 3 <strong>"301 redirects"</strong>. This means that if these domains are handled by the servers your visitors will be redirected to the main domain for the Site. This is useful, for example, to handle domains without the "www." prefix. <br/><br/> Note: this is a cool feature and it's totally free! Eachyay Ikiway Itesay obtainsyay ayay ebway addressyay inyay ayay edicatedday <em>%2</em> ubdomainsay. Oweverhay, ityay isyay ossiblepay otay useyay anyay externalyay omainday otay eachray isthay Itesay. <br/><br/> Ifyay ouyay enableyay isthay eaturefay, isthay Itesay illway ebay availableyay iavay othbay omainsday, i.e. <em>%1.%2</em> <strong>andyay</strong> ethay ewnay omainday. <br/><br/> Ouyay ancay alsoyay etsay upyay otay 3 <strong>"301 edirectsray"</strong>. Isthay eansmay atthay ifyay esethay omainsday areyay andledhay ybay ethay erverssay ouryay isitorsvay illway ebay edirectedray otay ethay ainmay omainday orfay ethay Itesay. Isthsy isyay usefulyay, orfay exampleyay, otay andlehay omainsday ithoutway ethay "www." efixpray. <br/><br/> Otenay: isthay isyay ayay oolcay eaturefay andyay it'syay otallytay eefray!
Edit Edityay
Edit Meta Edityay Etamay
Edit Sections Edityay Ectionssay
Edit Title & Description Edityay Itletay & Escriptionday
Edit a forum category Edityay ayay orumfay ategorycay
Edit a forum group Edityay ayay orumfay oupgray
Edit address Edityay addressyay
Edit as New Edityay asyay ewnay
Edit posts (and threads meta) Edityay ostspay (andyay eadsthray etamay)
Edit tags for this page. Edityay agstay orfay isthay agepay.
Edit template for profile pages: Edityay emplatetay orfay ofilepray agespay:
Edit the page Edityay ethay agepay
Edit thread stickness Edityay eadthray icknessstay
Edit your forum signature. Then your signature will be visible under all your forum posts, on all wikis. Edityay ouryay orumfay ignaturesay. Enthay ouryay ignaturesay illway ebay isibilevay underyay allyay ouryay orumfay ostspay, onyay allyay ikisway.
Edits Editsyay
Edu upgrade Eduyay upgradeyay
Educational Educationalyay
Effective URL: Effectiveyay URLYAY:
Email Emailyay
Email "%s" is not valid. Emailyay "%s" isyay otnay alidvay
Email address Emailyay addressyay
Email address change Emailyay addressyay angechay
Email lists Emailyay istslay
Email sending failed - please try again later Emailyay endingsay ailedfay - easeplay ytray againyay aterlay
Email verification Emailyay erificationvay
Enable Enableyay
Enable OpenID for this Site: Enableyay OpenID orfay isthay Itesay:
Enable TLA for this Wiki: Enableyay TLA orfay isthay Ikiway:
Enable pingbacks Enableyay ingbackspay
Enable site-specific user profiles for this site Enableyay itesay-ecificspay useryay ofilespray orfay isthay itesay
Enable? Enableyay?
Enabled Enabledyay
Enabling SSL requires Pro+ subscription. Enabling SSL equiredray Pro+ ubscriptionsay
Enter image web address (URL): Enteryay imageyay ebway addressyay (URL)
Enter password Enteryay asswordpay
Eq.(<em>number</em>), Eq.(<em>umbernay</em>).
Equation source preview: Equationyay ourcesay eviewpray
Error Erroryay
Error accessing revisions: please contact for a better error message Erroryay accessingyay evisionsray: easeplay ontactcay orfay ayay etterbay erroryay essagemay
Error creating backup. Erroryay eatingcray ackupbay
Error fetching flickr image (id: $s) info. The file does not exist, is private or other problem. Erroryay etchingday flickr imageyay (id: $s) infoyay. Ethay ilefay oesday otnay existyay, isyay ivatepray or other oblempray.
Error fetching local image (%s). Sorry, can not load files attached to this page in this mode. You should specify source page for each local image. Erroryay etchingfay ocallay imageyay (%s). Orrysay, ancay otnay oadlay ilesfay attachedyay otay isthay agepay inyay isthay odemay. Ouyay ouldshay ecifyspay oursecay agepay orfay eachyay ocallay imageyay.
Error fetching one of the forum categories Erroryay etchinfay oneyay ofyay ethay orumfay ategoriescay
Error fetching one of the forum groups Erroryay etchingfay oneyay ofyay ethay orumfay oupsgray
Error getting orginal message. Erroryay ettinggay originalyay essagemay.
Error getting page information: please contact for a better error message Erroryay ettinggay agepay informationyay: easeplay ontactyay orfay ayay etterbay erroryay essagemay
Error processing the feed "%s". The feed can not be accessed or contains errors. Errroryay ocessingpray ethay eedfay "%s". Ethay eedfay ancay otnay ebay accessedyay oryay ontainscay errorsyay.
Error processing the request Erroryay ocessingpray ethay equestray
Error retrieving page data: please contact for a better error message Erroryay etrievingray agepay ataday: easeplay ontactcay orfay ayay etterbay erroryay essagemay
Error saving changes - one of the categories could not be found. Erroryay avingsay angeschay - oneyay ofyay ethay ategoirescay ouldcay otnay ebay oundfay.
Error saving permissions - invalid internal format. Please try again and contact admins if the problem repeats. Erroryay avingsay ermissionspray - invalidyay internalyay ormatfay. Easeplay ytray againyay andyay ontactcay adminsyay
Error selecting a product. Erroryay electingsay ayay oductpray.
Error selecting a site to restore. Erroryay electingsay ayay itesay otay estoreray.
Error selecting layout. Erroryay electingsay ayoutlay.
Error selecting message. Erroryay electingsay essagemay.
Error selecting page. Erroryay electingsay agepay.
Error selecting revisions: please contact for a better error message Erroryay electingsay evisionsray: easeplay ontactcay orfay ayay etterbay erroryay essagemay
Error selecting the language Erroryay electingsay ethay anguagelay
Error selecting the page: please contact for a better error message Erroryay electingsay ethay agepay: easeplay ontactcay orfay ayay etterbay erroryay essagemay
Error selecting theme. Erroryay electingsay emethay
Error selecting thread: please contact for a better error message Erroryay electingsay eadthray: easeplay ontactcay orfay ayay etterbay erroryay essagemay
Error! Erroryay!
Euro Euroyay
Every outgoing link will be processed on every page. If the target website supports pingbacks, it will be notified about the link. Everyyay outgoingyay inklay illway ebnay ocessedpray onyay everyyay agepay. Ifyay ethay argettay ebsiteway upportssay ingpackspay, ityay illway ebay otifiednay aboutyay ethay inklay.
Example post. Exampleyay ostpay.
Explore Exploreyay
Extended security and privacy Extenededyay ecuritysay andyay ivacypray
External Externalyay
Extra CSS style: Extrayay CSS ylestay
Extra access: Extrayay accessyay
The <strong>exact</strong> URL you have submitted to TLA: Ethay <strong>exactyay</strong> URLYAY ouyay avehay ubmittedsay otay TLA:
The edit lock has been (forcibly) removed Ethay edityay ocklay ashay eenbay (orciblyfay) emovedray
The educational status is granted per-site. It provides the following extensions over the free Wikidot site: Ethay educationalyay atusstay isyay antedgray erpay-itesay. Ityay ovidespray ethay ollowingfay extensionsyay overyay ethay eefray Ikidotway itesay:
The email address for your Wikidot account has been changed to <strong>%1</strong>.<br /> Please use this email address, or your username, to sign in from now on. Ethay emailyay addressyay orfay ouryay Ikidotway accountyay ashay eenbay angedchay otay <strong>%1</strong>.<br /> Easeplay useyay isthay emailyay addressyay, oryay ouryay usernameyay, otay ignsay inyay omfray ownay onyay.
e.g. #00245F e.g. #00245F
edit edityay
edit a post in this thread edityay ayay ostpay inyay isthay eadthray
edit meta edityay etamay
edit sections edityay ectionssay
edit this page edityay isthay agepay
edit this thread edityay isthay eadthray
edited editedyay
edited page editedyay agepay
email invitation emailyay invitationyay
empty… emptyyay
enable enableyay
equation reference equationyay eferenceray
expires expiresyay
external image (via URL), externalyay imageyay (iavay URLYAY),
extra slots extrayay otsslay

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