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<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Favicon" target="_blank">Favicon</a> is a small image associated with a website and displayed by the web browser next to the address bar. At Wikidot all Sites are getting the default Wikidot favicon, but you can change it. <br/><br/> Your current displayed favicon is:
<a href="http://www.wikidot.com/faq:upgrades" target="_blank">Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the upgrades</a>
Facebook Connect
Fatal, but recoverable exception #233. Please contact sales@wikidot.com
Fatal, but recoverable exception (355). Please contact sales@wikidot.com
Fatal, but recoverable exception. Please contact sales@wikidot.com
Favicon Favorikono
Feature name and description
February Februaro
Feed "%s" is temporarily disabled. Please try again in a few minutes.
Field Tajpujo
File "%s" deleted Dosiero "%s" estas forigita
File "%s" moved away to page "%s". Dosiero "%s" estas movita al paĝo "%s".
File "%s" moved from page "%s". Dosiero "%s" estas movita de paĝo "%s".
File "%s" renamed to "%s". Dosiero "%s" estas renomita al "%s".
File Information Dosiera informo
File already exists Dosiero jam ekzistas
File does not exist. Dosiero ne ekzistas.
File exists Dosiero ekzistas.
File name Dosiera nomo
File size Dosiera grando
File to add does not exist Aldonota dosiero ne ekzistas
File to be added to page already exists Aldonota dosiero jam ekzistas
File type Dosiera speco
File upload Alŝuto de dosiero
File uploaded. La dosiero estas alŝutita.
File with contacts: Dosiero kun kontaktoj:
File with this name already added Dosiero kun ĉi tiu nomo jam estas aldonita
Files Dosieroj
First and last name Persona kaj familia nomo
First and last name: Persona kaj familia nomo:
First name Persona nomo
First row as header: Unua vico kiel paĝokapo:
Flag anonymous user Marki per flago anoniman uzanton
Flag as objectionable Raporti kiel io malaprobinda
Flag page Raporti paĝon
Flag user Raporti uzanton
Flag user as abusive Marki per flago uzanton fiaga
Flickr.com Flickr.com
Fold Faldi
Fold All Faldi Ĉiujn
Follow you Sekvi vin
Footnotes Piednotoj
For a complete guide on starting a forum look at this <a href="http://community.wikidot.com/howto:forum-step-by-step" target="_blank">Step-by-step Howto</a>.
For inquiries about sales, orders and offer, the sales representatives can be contacted by email <a href="mailto:sales@wikidot.com">sales@wikidot.com</a>.
For some reason this web address is not allowed or is reserved for future use.
Force lock acquire Perforte akiri ŝloson
Force lock removal Perforte forigi ŝloson
Forcibly recreate lock Perforte rekrei ŝloson
Forgotten your username or password? Ĉu vi forgesis vian uzantnomon aŭ pasvorton?
Form errors
Form errors.
Format for minFontSize and maxFontSize must be the same (px, em or %).
Format for minFontSize and maxFontSize must be the same (px, em, pt or %).
Forum Forumo
Forum Permissions Forumaj Permesoj
Forum Settings Forumaj Agordoj
Forum Structure Foruma Strukturo
Forum category Foruma kategorio
Forum category: Foruma kategorio:
Forum functions use a few special pages. If you have just activated the forum it is very likely that your site does not contain links to these pages. <br/><br/> The special forum pages are:
Forum permissions Forumaj permesoj
Forum settings Forumaj agordoj
Forum signature Foruma subskribo
Forum special pages Forumaj specialaj paĝoj
Forum structure Foruma strukturo
Forum thread Foruma fadeno
From De
From categories De kategorioj
From now on you will receive all emails sent to the list. Ekde nun vi ricevos ĉiujn retpoŝtojn senditajn al la listo.
From time to time we send a newsletter that cover the most important changes in the Wikidot.com Services, sometimes promotional offers and other things that might be interesting for you. We certainly do not send anything that would be considered "spam". It is highly recommended to accept our Newsletter.
From: De:
Full customization Plena agordado
Full file URL Tuta dosiera URL:
Full money-back guarantee if you do not like it
The file containing all the signatures can be downloaded in CSV format (Comma Separated Values). This can be easily imported into major spreadsheet applications such as OpenOffice Calc, Gnumeric or Excel.
The file named %1 already exists as an attachment to page %2. You have no permission to overwrite/delete files on this page.
The file named %1 already exists as an attachment to page %2. Do you want to overwrite it?
The file named %1 already exists. You have no permission to overwrite/delete files on this page. Please choose another name for the file and try again.
The file named %1 already exists. Do you want to overwrite it? La dosiero kun la nomo %1 jam ekzistas. Ĉu vi volas anstataŭigi ĝin?
The file with that name already exists. Choose a different name for it. La dosiero kun tiu nomo jam ekzistas. Elektu alian nomon.
The following HTML code for label "%1" was not recognized:
The form contains some errors.
The form data could not be sent to the specified email address.
The form has been sent. Thank you!
The format of the address is not valid La aranĝo de la adreso ne validas
female ina
file action dosiera ago
file/attachment action ago de dosiero/aldonaĵo
files dosieroj
files changes ŝanĝoj de dosieroj
flag user as abusive marku uzanton fiaga per flago
flags flagoj
footnote piednoto
for attached files por aldonitaj dosieroj
forum default foruma defaŭlto
forum only nur forumo
forum post on
forums only nur forumoj
from de
from a private IP range de privata IP-gamo
from bonus slots
from category de kategorio

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