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%1 is an advertising program that allows you to sell advertising space on your Site. At Wikidot we made it as easy as possible to join and configure your Wiki to work with TLA. BfszfbBfNFzfn
%1 is powered by and hosted at <a href=""></a> - an online platforms that enables individuals, professionals, groups and communities to rapidly build online websites and collaboration tools. Jczcjzxvjjfzjgd
(includes %1%2 VAT) Shhathtahf
<li> <strong>Invite your friends or coworkers!</strong><br/> It is easy to invite new people to join your site as members (if you need members at all).<br/> You can just send them <a href="javascript:;" onclick="%1">e-mails with special invitations</a>. </li> <li> Or even better:<br/> <a href="javascript:;" onclick="%2"><strong>you can allow your members to invite their friends</strong></a><br/> if you want the community to grow quickly! </li> <li> <strong>Nooi jou vriende of kollegas!</strong><br/> Dit is maklik om nuwe mense uit te nooi om by jou werf aan te sluit as lede (as jy enige lede nodig het). <br/> Jy hoef hulle slegs 'n <a href="javascript:;" onclick="%1"> e-pos met spesiale uitnodigings te stuur</a>. </li> <li> Of nog beter: <br/> <a href="javascript:;" onclick="%2"> <strong> jy kan toelaat dat jou lede hul vriende self kan uitnooi </strong> </a > <br/> indien jy die gemeenskap vinnig wil laat laat groei! </li>
<li> If you make changes that apply to live wiki pages <u>make sure the changes do not affect site functionality</u>. Please check your styles with different browsers and create a sandbox category with test pages for experiments. </li> Bsfbfz
<li> If your footer does not contain a link to as the hosting provider, make sure you provide sufficient <strong>contact information</strong> (or link to such information) so that people know how to contact either you or us. </li> <li> You must promptly either respond to or forward to us emails and feedback regarding copyright issues, legal issues or problem reports related to the platform. </li> <li> If you allow <strong>3rd party contributions</strong> (like on community sites, blog, collaboration pages etc), make sure that your Site follows our <a href="" target="_blank">Terms of Service</a> and your contributors are aware of this, either by providing a link to the original Terms, or by creating your own page with sufficient information. </li> Zhchzchcz
I am authorized to purchase services at on behalf of the company. Fzhhzfhzf
I am fine with sites and storage included in the plan. XHHCHDh
I don't like it Ek hou nie hiervan nie
I have read and agree to the <a href="" target="_blank">Terms of Service</a>. Ek het die <a href="" target="_blank"> Terms of Service </a> gelees en stem daarmee saam.
I like it Ek hou hiervan
I want to delete this site Sgjwhtsht
I want to receive invitations: Ek wil uitnodigings ontvang:
I will use this Wikidot site for… Agfafggrw
IMPORTANT: The transaction will appear on the credit card / bank statement as: <strong></strong>. Rhwrhqfjs
IP address IP adres
IP address(es): Drr
IP address: <strong>%1</strong> IP adres: <strong>%1</strong>
IP already in the list. Die IP is al in lys
IP block prevents users from editing and commenting on pages. Blocked IPs will no longer be able to do any harm to your Wiki. Yet, it <strong> does not </strong> block viewing of the content. Ffgg
Icons Dddd
Identifier Identifiseerder
If a thread is "sticky" - it remains on top of the threads list in the forum category view. This feature is recommended for threads of exceptional importance. As 'n onderwerp as "vasgeplak" word - sal dit aan die bokant van die gesprekke lys in die forum kategorie besigtig kan word. Hierdie funksie word aanbeveel vir gesprekke van uitsonderlike belang.
If checked - unauthorized users will not be able to see <br/> neither your side bar nor top bar navigation elements. <br/> See a note below. Xxxx
If enabled - regular users will not be able to post new messages to this thread, but Administrators and Forum Moderators will still be allowed. Indien geaktiveer - sal gereelde gebruikers nie in staat wees om nuwe boodskappe te pos na hierdie onderwerp nie, maar Administrateurs en Forum Moderators sal steeds toegelaat word.
If the company is a registered <b>VAT payer</b> <br/> in the <b>European Union</b> and use Wikidot for business purposes, <br/> please enter your European VAT ID. Dddd
If unchecked - these navigation elements will not be rendered. Rrrr
If you already have a Wikidot account and want to use Facebook Connect for the first time, we advise you to: Hsfhfshfs
If you already have a account you will be able to join the mentioned Site. If not, getting a account is easy and takes less than a minute. <br/><br/> To accept this invitation (and obtain a account if you don't have one yet) click the following link:<br/> <em>(generated link will be placed here)</em> Gdnnsgnfsnczznc
If you already have an account, please <a href="javascript:;" onclick="%1">sign in</a>. Fmhgjszfjjfz
If you are <strong>absolutely</strong> sure that the lock is not valid or have a very good reason to remove it, you can force the lock removal manually pressing the button below. Indien jy <strong>absoluut</strong> seker is dat die slot nie geldig is of 'n baie goeie rede het om dit te verwyder, kan jy die slot per hand verwyder deur die knop hieronder te aktiveer.
If you are <strong>absolutely</strong> sure that the lock is not valid, you can force the lock removal manually pressing the button below. Indien jy <strong>absoluut</strong> seker is dat die slot nie geldig is, kan jy die slot per hand verwyder deur die knop hieronder te aktiveer.
If you are interested in a more advanced and flexible templating solution for your pages, make sure you read the documentation about the <a href="">"live templates" feature</a>. Htdjtdgjs
If you are not sure, check out the <a href="" target="_blank">detailed comparison</a>. You can also change your plan (e.g. from Pro Lite to Pro+) later. Our 30-day full refund policy makes the purchase absolutely risk-free. Gjsnsgjsjey
If you are the master administrator of this site, please either <a href="">upgrade your account</a> to enable secure access. You can also disable SSL access in the <a href="/_admin">Site Manager</a> for this site. DVBDB
If you are using this site for education purposes (classroom, research, student project): <a href="javascript:;" onclick="%1">get a free educational upgrade</a>. As jy die gebruik van hierdie webwerf vir onderwys doeleindes (klaskamer, navorsing, studente projek) gebruik: <a href="javascript:;" onclick="%1"> kry 'n gratis opvoedkundige opgradering </a>.
If you change your mind, simply delete this email, your account will not be deleted. Jgssfjnfnzg
If you choose the "single pages" option you will have to make<br/> separate submissions for your pages.<br/> Site-wide links appear on all pages in this Wiki. ZbBjzfjg
If you consider upgrading your account to Pro+, please look at the <a href="" target="_blank">detailed plan comparison</a>. BcznfBFBd
If you do not want <a href="" target="_blank">breadcrumbs navigation</a> for this page - just leave the field below blank. Indien jy nie <a href="" target="_blank"> 'broodkrummels' navigasie </a> vir hierdie bladsy wil gebruik nie - laat net die veld onder leeg.
If you do not wish to receive such notification digests please go to %1 [you account settings] and configure the Notifications section. ZhcHFVDG
If you have NOT attempted to change your email address associated with a Wikidot account or you are not a Wikidot user it is possible that you have received this email because someone else mistyped her/his own email address. If you however suspect any abuse, please contact the Wikidot team at <a href=""></a>. Hsgzffbbfbzf
If you have NOT attempted to delete your account at Wikidot, it means somebody else has triggered the procedure. Which means your account at Wikidot might be hijacked. If you suspect any abuse, please contact Wikidot support staff by sending an email to <a href=""></a>. Tjsjsrjr
If you have NOT started the password recovery procedure it means that someone has entered your email address in the password recovery form. Please ignore this email if you believe you received it by mistake but please report it to <a href=""></a> if your suspect any abuse. Xnvjgsfjc
If you have made significant changes to the document and not saved it we can try to recreate the lock so you can safely continue editing. Please note however that it will not be possible if the page has changed meanwhile on the server or somebody else is editing the page now. Sfhjsfhfh
If you have no idea what this email is about this means someone has entered your email address, most probably by mistake. If you expect abuse, please report it to: <a href=""></a> Adbadvadvad
If you have not received your verification link for more than 5 minutes it could indicate one of the following problems: Hwgdagg
If you have started your account prior to 15 Dec 2008, some of the Pro-only features might be already enabled in your free account. Fsjjwfwfhhar
If you really want to terminate your account, click the button below. Dvmvxnznc
If you run a forum, or display page comments, ads will be displayed between selected posts. Sgbfhshaf
If you still have questions, please contact us at <a href=""></a>. Zbcnzxncnzczcnczn
If you think that the user who connects to internet via: Indien jy dink dat die gebruiker verbind is tot die Internet via:
If you think they should be fixed - please do it by manually editing them. Indien jy dink hulle moet vasgestel word - kan jy dit doen om met die hand te redigeer.
If you think this page violates's <a href="" target="_blank">Terms of Service</a>, contains objectionable content, may offend etc., you can flag this page as objectionable. <br/><br/> No content will be automatically removed but the responsible authorities will be notified about the page and (if necessary) take some action. <br/><br/> Click below to toggle the flag. Zc cncz x
If you think this user violates <a href="" target="_blank">Terms of Service</a>, posts objectionable content, may offend by his/her actions etc., you can flag him/her as abusive. <br/><br/> No user will be automatically blocked, banned nor removed but the responsible authorities will be notified about the user and (if necessary) take some action. <br/><br/> Click below to toggle the flag. Xv;▪︎▪︎》
If you think you have found a bug or simply something does not work as expected, please fill a bug report. <br/><br/> Currently the list of bugs is maintained at: SvdbxbHX
If you want the invited users to become your contacts and vice versa (i.e. add them to your list of contacts and add yourself to their lists) - toggle the "to contacts" checkboxes above. <br/><br/> You can not send more than <strong>200</strong> invitations at once. Hzffhhrayfa
If you want to allow users to become members of your Site, insert <a href="" target="_blank">Join module</a> on your Site. The precise behavior of the Join module depends on the access policy of the site: Afhrggqegdq
If you want to discuss contents of this page - this is the easiest way to do it. ScbBCfbbd
If you wish to learn more about Wikidot, here are a few great starting points:
* [ Wikidot Community] -- active portal with thousands of participants
* [ Handbook] -- community-edited, guide to Wikidot available in multiple languages
* [ online Wikidot documentation]
* [ Wikidot front page]
If you wish, you can use your own avatar: Xhxgzgx
If your web browser does not open automatically, copy and paste the following link into your browser: Jxjxhsj
In a few easy steps we will confirm you are the owner of the user account you claim. First please provide the email <u>you have registered with</u>: Hddjdhdn
In case your account is not upgraded automatically please contact us. Jrjeje
In future please log in using your email address: @@%1@@ or username: %2. Jdjdjsj
In order for the domain mapping to work you should also do a few things: hdhdhdsh
In order to view the feed you must authenticate via Basic HTTP Authentication mechanism. Many of the news aggregators support that method. Hdshgddg
In order to view the feed you must authenticate via Basic HTTP Authentication mechanism. Many of the news aggregators support that method. hhwsbsh
In the field below please insert any of the following: Jshshs
In the next steps: Ejebeb
Inbox Posbus
Inbox folder Posbus houer
Include file attachments Sluit lêer bylae in
Include page sources Sluit bladsy bronne in
Included page "%s" does not exist ([%s/%s/edit/true create it now]) Nxnxxbxn
Includes 10 Pro sites and 100 GB storage. <br/> This extends your Pro subscription for another year. Nfndnddn
Includes 10 Pro sites, 100 GB storage and more features. Nfdndn
Includes 30 Pro+ sites and 200 GB storage, SSL and priority email support. Nddn
Includes 30 sites and 200 GB storage. <br/> This extends your Pro+ subscription for another year. Nxnxxn
Includes 5 Pro sites and 30 GB storage. <br/> This extends your Pro subscription for another year. Nddndndn
Inclusions Insluitsels
Inclusions (using <tt>[[include]]</tt>) Insluitsels (met behulp van <tt> [[sluit]] </tt>)
Individial pages Hffbfn
Individual Ndndndn
Info Info
Inherit from <tt>_default</tt>: Ndndndndn
Initial content Aanvanklike inhoud
Install Installeer
Instructions Instruksies
Internal error while selecting forum category (code CNS) Interne fout gedurende die keuse van forum kategorie (kode CNS)
Internal error: no site. Djfjfj
Invalid PayPal transaction token. Please retry the purchase. Ongeldig PayPal transaksie teiken. Herprobeer asseblief die aankoop.
Invalid entity type. Ongeldige entiteit tipe.
Invalid file name Hrejeh
Invalid name for file Dhdhjd
Invalid page Bdbdndn
Invalid page name Bebene
Invalid site Ongeldig webwerf
Invalid verification code. If you are terminating your account, please start again Ongeldige verifikasie kode. Indien jy jou rekening beëindig, begin weer oor.
Invitation can not be found. Uitnodiging kan nie gevind word nie.
Invitation could not be found. Uitnodiging kon nie gevind word nie.
Invitation sent. Jdjrm
Invitation-by-member is not enabled: please ask your site admin for help Uitnodiging-by-lid is nie aangeskakel: vra jou webwerf administrateur vir hulp
Invitations Uitnodigings
Invite Uitnodiging
Invite members Ususjsjs
Invite new members via email Nooi nuwe lede via e-pos
Invite people to your Wiki Jejeejej
Invoice # Jeneenen
Invoice (PDF) Bebeebene
Invoices for all your purchases, including this one, are available in the <a href="javascript:;" onclick="%1" >Upgrades / Order history and invoices</a> tab. Rndnddndn
Invoices, order history and other details are available at <a href="%1">Wikidot Account &#187; Upgrade</a> Bdbdbdbdnhdjsn
Is <em>%1</em> an abusive user? Is <em>%1</em> 'n beledigende gebruiker?
Is it worth it? It's easy to start, see for yourself: Ehejehehej
Is this user abusive? Is hierdie 'n beledigende gebruiker?
It might be because we still do not support the advertising network you are using, our code recognition mechanism failed, or a malformed code was pasted. <br/><br/> If you believe the above should work, please let us know - we will look at it and get back to you. Jrdjdjdj
It seems that the page is currently being edited by another user(s): Dit blyk dat die bladsy op die oomblik gewysig word deur 'n ander gebruiker:
It seems that the page you have been editing has been changed meanwhile by another author. In such a case it is not possible to save your changes and the only reasonable solution is to cancel editing and start page edit again. <br/><br/> It is recommended that you now see the "diff" changes of your current edit, wait until the other lock expires or is released and edit the page source and insert your changes again. Xjdndndnd
It seems that the page you want to create already exists. Dit blyk dat die bladsy wat jy wil skep al reeds bestaan.
It seems that you already possess the edit lock for this page. However it is not possible to open edit form because current situation suggests there might be another window opened by you where the page is edited or you have not exited previous edit properly. Dit blyk dat jy reeds die bewerking-slot vir hierdie bladsy besit. Maar dit is nie moontlik om die wysigings vorm te open, omdat die huidige situasie daarop dui dat daar dalk 'n ander venster deur jou geopen is waar die blad verander is of jy het nie die vorige wysiging korrek afgesluit of gestoor nie.
It seems you already are a member of this site. Dit lyk asof jy alreeds 'n lid is van hierdie webwerf.
It seems you already are an admin of this site. Dit lyk asof jy alreeds 'n administrateur van hierdie webwerf.
It seems you have already applied for membership. Dit lyk asof jy alreeds aansoek gedoen het vir lidmaatskap.
It seems you have already rated this content and your current rating is: Dit lyk asof jy reeds hierdie inhoud beoordeel het en jou huidige beoordeling is:
It seems you have no tags attached to pages. To attach a tag simply click on the <em>tags</em> button at the bottom of any page. Dit lyk asof jy geen merkers/oortjies ('<em>tags</em>') verbind is aan hierdie bladsye nie. Om 'n merker ('<em>tag</em>') te genereer kliek op die merkers ('<em>tags</em>') knoppie aan die onderkant van die bladsy.
Item total Hh33h2j
Items you are watching Jejehhebe
The id attribute should be unique. Die ID-attribuut moet uniek wees.
The invitation does not exist, or has been deleted Die uitnodiging bestaan nie, of is verwyder
[%2 %1] is hosted at [], the third largest wiki farm in the world.
Wikidot enables individuals and communities from all over the world to quickly build active websites and publish content within minutes. Go to %3 to create your own site.
if you already have a account as jy reeds 'n rekening het
image Beeld
image wizard Beeldinstellings
in discussion in gesprek
includes Dfhshfsjfhf
includes VAT for European Union customers Zjfhfshsf
increase indent Gbxnvznzg
increase list nesting Jzfnfzjzfnzf
inline math Nzcnzfzvn
inline mathematical expression Nznzvvnz
insert any HTML code, including widgets and video or audio players Zfznfnfzbzf
insert image Zfnznfzgn
insert image wizard Xv. Z BCBC
invitation Uitnodiging
invitation to site BazgnNG
invited by uitgenooi deur
invites you to join! Gnssjgjf
it is worth it and is free Dit is die moeite werd en dit is gratis.
it is worth it and is free. Dit is die moeite werd en dit is gratis.
italic Nsgns
italic (ctrl+i) Snghafhsfhf

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