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10 more sites + 50 GB storage 10個網站+50GB容量
5 more sites + 25 GB storage 5個網站+25GB容量
<p> Many thanks,<br/> &mdash; - The "%1" team. </p> <p> 非常感謝<br/> &mdash; - "%1" 團隊。 </p>
MIME type MIME 類型
MailForm form data
Make sure you have a link somewhere to <a href="/forum:start"><tt>forum:start</tt></a> and possibly to <a href="/forum:recent-posts"><tt>forum:recent-posts</tt></a> but nothing else.<br/> Good places are certainly <a href="/nav:top"><tt>nav:top</tt></a> or <a href="/nav:side"><tt>nav:side</tt></a>. An example code to copy&amp;paste is given below:
Manage 管理
Manage Site 管理網站
Manage favicon and mobile appearance
Manage moderator permissions?
Manage users on your Wiki 管理您的維基用戶
March 三月
Mark all as read 標記全部為已讀
Mark read 標記為已讀
Mark unread 標記為未讀
Master Administrator role can be transferred to another admin, but only the Master Administrator can do this.
Master admin 主要管理者
Master administrator of this site is: %1. Only master administrators can enable control over advertising space by upgrading their accounts.
Max %1 characters (%2 characters left) 最多 %1 個字符(剩餘 %2 個字符)
Max upload size 最大上傳尺寸限制
Maximum number of categories exceeded. 最大分類數限制
May 五月
Member 成員
Member Applications 成員申請
Member invitation for user %%USERNAME%%
Member invitation for user <strong class="sm-tmp-not-user-name"></strong>
Member of 擔任成員於
Member of the following sites: 為以下網站的成員:
Member of this Site: since 本站的成員:自
Member of: <em>%1</em> 擔任成員於:<em>%1</em>
Member since 加入成員於
Members 成員
Members List 成員列表
Membership 成員
Membership application 成員申請
Membership application accepted 接受成員申請
Membership application declined 拒絕成員申請
Membership application from
Membership is restricted
Membership removal 移除成員
Membership via application is not enabled for this site. 本站無法經由申請成為成員。
Membership via password is not enabled for this site. 本站無法經由密碼成為成員。
Messages 訊息
Messages settings 訊息設置
Meta tags for the page 頁面的元標籤
Min. 6 characters. 最少要6個字符
Minimum 6 characters. 最少要6個字符
Missing your language? Translation incomplete?<br/> Help us <a href="%1">translate Wikidot!</a> 找不到您的語言?翻譯尚未完成?<br/> 前往 <a href="%1">translate Wikidot</a> 幫助我們吧!
Moderate forum: 管理論壇:
Moderate pages: 管理業面:
Moderator 版主
Moderator of 擔任版主於
Moderator of the following sites: 為以下網站的版主:
Moderator of: <em>%1</em>
Moderators 版主
More Options 更多選項
More actions 更多操作
More storage 更多容量
Moreover the page content has been already changed. The safest solution is to stop editing, review changes made to the page and apply your changes again. <br/><br/> It is recommended that you now see the "diff" changes of your current edit, wait until the other lock expires or is released and edit the page source and insert your changes again.
Most active 最活躍的
Most recent signatures 最近簽名記錄
Move 移動
Move Thread 移動訊息
Move file 移動檔案
Move thread 移動訊息
My Sites 我的網站
My account 我的帳號
My contacts 我的聯絡方式
My current avatar 我的目前頭像
My offline presence
My online presence
My profile page is 我的個人頁面是
My website 我的網站
The maximum size of a contact list is 1,000 people 聯絡列表的上限是1000名用戶
The module is temporarily unavailable. Please check back later!
The most important things for your Wiki 在您的維基上最重要的事
The most popular <strong>Pro </strong> plan is only <strong style="font-size: 120%">%1 119.90</strong> for the full year, less than <strong style="font-size: 120%">%1 10 per month</strong>. If you need more features or more space, upgrade to a higher plan anytime!
[[module <em>%s</em>]] No such module, please <a href="http://%s/doc:modules" target="_blank">check available modules</a> and fix this page.
male 男性
math 數學
mathematical equation 數學方程式
medium 中間
members 成員
members of this site 本站的成員
meta data 元數據
meta data changed 元數據已變更
metadata changed 元數據已變更
metadata changes 元數據變更
moderators 版主
more sites 更多網站
more sites + 更多網站+
move file attachment to another page 將檔案附件移動至其它頁面
move this page 移動本頁面
move/rename 移動/重新命名
move/rename pages 移動/重新命名頁面
my Contacts 我的聯絡方式
my notifications 我的通知

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