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Make sure you have a link somewhere to <a href="/forum:start"><tt>forum:start</tt></a> and possibly to <a href="/forum:recent-posts"><tt>forum:recent-posts</tt></a> but nothing else.<br/> Good places are certainly <a href="/nav:top"><tt>nav:top</tt></a> or <a href="/nav:side"><tt>nav:side</tt></a>. An example code to copy&amp;paste is given below:
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Moreover the page content has been already changed. The safest solution is to stop editing, review changes made to the page and apply your changes again. <br/><br/> It is recommended that you now see the "diff" changes of your current edit, wait until the other lock expires or is released and edit the page source and insert your changes again.
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The most popular <strong>Pro </strong> plan is only <strong style="font-size: 120%">%1 119.90</strong> for the full year, less than <strong style="font-size: 120%">%1 10 per month</strong>. If you need more features or more space, upgrade to a higher plan anytime! Найпопулярніший <strong>Pro</strong>-тариф коштує всього <strong style="font-size: 120%">%1 119.90</strong> за рік; менше, ніж при оплаті в <strong style="font-size: 120%">%1 10 за кожен місяць</strong> окремо. Якщо Вам потрібні додаткові можливості або додаткове місце, оновіться до кращого тарифу в будь-який зручний для вас час!
[[module <em>%s</em>]] No such module, please <a href="http://%s/doc:modules" target="_blank">check available modules</a> and fix this page.
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mathematical equation математичний вираз
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