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%1 new activities on other sites 3utetjjtetj
%1 new activities on site <a href="%3">%2</a> by Wthhtwytw
1 new activity on site <a href="%2">%1</a> by Eutwuwt
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<strong>NOTE:</strong> Currently you are a Master Administrator of <strong>%1</strong> Sites. You can't delete your account unless you delete your sites or transfer Master Administrator rights to another admin. <a href="/account/sites#/master_admin" class="btn btn-default btn-xs">Click here</a> to view all your sites. 3tjthethe
<strong>NOTE:</strong> if the chosen pages do not exist no navigation elements will be displayed. <br/><br/> BUT if you really want to get rid of the side element you should also choose a proper theme without the side bar. Most of the available themes have such a variant. 3rufwuwtu
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Name of university, institute, college or school. URL link would be nice too. Xs ax ax
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Navigation elements Navigasie elemente
Need help? Check the <a href="" target="_blank">wiki syntax description</a>. Het jy hulp nodig? Kyk na die <a href="" target="_blank"> wiki sintaks beskrywing</a>.
Nevertheless you don't have to change anything here unless you're completely sure what you're doing. C ssc s s x
New Master Administrator: Cdxd b
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New email address Sx vsfvbfefwebfefb
New members auto watching settings Wdvvdwac ac c cac c c. C. Sc
New membership invitation Nuwe lidmaatskap uitnodiging
New message Bbfeebbbefebfvfwbf
New name Nuwe naam
New page name Nuwe bladsynaam
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New password (repeat) 3gr2grwgr
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New screen name: Wfvwfbwbf
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New threads Nuwe onderwerpe
Newer Wbfwbfwbtwbf
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Newest first Rg e geg
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Newsletter content is empty Nuusbrief inhoud is leeg
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No abuse reports (yet). Egeevdwvdwgwgt
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No broken links found. Gtg2rgwgr
No content provided for the meta. Geen inhoud verskaf vir meta
No expiration time. 3rggtg2g2r
No features found. Egrwdggregr3
No feed source specified ("src" element missing). Geen toevoer bron verskaf nie ("src" element ontbreek).
No files attached to this page Geen lêers verbonde aan hierdie bladsy
No files attached to this page. Geen lêers verbonde aan hierdie bladsy.
No forum category has been specified. Geen forum kategorie is gespesifiseer nie.
No forum category has been specified. Please use attribute category="id" where id is the index number of the category. Geen forum kategorie is gespesifiseer nie. Gebruik asseblief eienskap kategorie = "id" waar id die indeksnommer van die kategorie is.
No individual nav elements Wfvvfwbh2f
No invoice found. Geen faktuur gevind nie.
No match for the audio format… Fevwfvvfvdq
No match for the video format… Recognized formats are Efb3vfvf
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No moderators in this Site. 3rhhr33
No pages directly include this page. Geen bladsye sluit direk hierdie bladsy in nie.
No pages directly link or include this page. Geen bladsye skakel of sluit hierdie bladsy in nie.
No pages directly link to this page. Geen bladsye skakel direk na hierdie bladsy nie.
No post specified. Geen boodskap gespesifiseer nie.
No redirection destination specified. Please use the destination="page-name" or destination="url" attribute. Geen verwysings bestemming ('<em>redirection</em>') verskaf nie. Gebruik asseblief die bestemming = "bladsy-naam" of die bestemming = "url" eienskap.
No revision specified. Geen hersiening verskaf nie.
No signature defined. 3htth3w
No sites provided. Geen webwerf is voorsien nie.
No such IP block. Geen sodanige IP-blok.
No such block. Geen sodanige blok nie.
No such category exists, perhaps it was just deleted Geen sodanige kategorie bestaan nie, miskien is dit nou net verwyder.
No such category. Daar is geen sodanige kategorie nie.
No such feed. Geen sodanige toevoer nie.
No such page. Geen sodanige bladsy nie.
No such post exists Geen sodanige pos bestaan nie.
No such post: please reload the page and try again Geen sulke pos noe: Herlaai asseblief die bladsy en probeer weer.
No such thread exists Geen sulke onderwerp bestaan nie.
No such thread exists, perhaps it was just deleted Geen sulke onderwerp bestaan nie, miskien was dit net verwyder
No such thread. Geen sulke onderwerp nie.
No such user Vdwvfwf4vt
No such user. Geen sodanige gebruiker nie.
No thread to show - click Back once or twice and try again Geen onderwerp om aan te dui nie - kliek <em>Terug</em> een of twee keer en probeer weer.
No title Geen titel
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No user. Rvfffebhw
No users. Geen gebruikers nie.
No valid category found. Geen geldige kategorie gevind nie.
No valid invoice found. Geen geldige faktuur gevind nie.
No valid order found. Geen geldige einde gevind nie.
No, cancel Nee, kanselleer.
None Dvfevbfbgbeg
Nonsecure access is not enabled for this Wiki. Onveilige toegang is nie aangeskakel vir hierdie Wiki nie.
Not a valid IP address Nie 'n geldige IP-adres nie
Not a valid registered user name Nie 'n geldige geregistreerde gebruiker naam nie
Not a valid user Tnhgbbrg
Not allowed. Nie toegelaat nie.
Not allowed. Error. Rgbrgbegbebg
Not enough available space for files Egbgegebgb
Not joined yet Nie 'n lid nie
Not valid tag array B rrg rnh
Note Nota
Note: After changing the settings below, you may still experience the old behavior for some time on parts of your site (due to caching). Egtrh33t
Note: if you add <em>%1</em> as a contact you will reveal your email address to this user. Let wel: Indien jy '<em>% 1</em> as 'n kontak byvoeg, sal jou e-posadres aan hierdie gebruiker openbaar word.
Note: this is a preview only.<br/> If you leave this page now, you will lose your changes. Fevec ef
Notes Efbfebbfegbrbg
Notes: Evfvffv
Notifications Kennisgewings
Notifications related to this site are also available via a password-protected RSS 2.0 feed: Fbebegvwfwfbvfw
Notifications via RSS feed Kennisgewings via RSS voer.
Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. Stel administrateurs aan, indien daar aanstootlike inhoud op hierdie bladsy verskyn.
Notify administrators/moderators about abusive user. Stel administrateurs/moderators in kennis van 'n beledigende gebruiker.
Notify administrators/moderators about an abusive user. Redbfbwbfw
Notify your users about important things Evfvet3vtgt2
November November
Now you are a member of the site Nou is jy 'n lid van hierdie webwerf
Now you will be redirected to PayPal and asked to sign in and confirm your payment. Then you will be taken back to Wikidot to complete the purchase. 3ggr3tg
Now you will be redirected to secure payments at and asked to provide your credit card details. Once the transaction is complete, your account at will be upgraded automatically. Egbbetg
Number of columns: 3ggr3rg
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Number of flags 3rghr3g1r
Number of posts Aantal boodskappe
Number of rows: Etbvt3g3t
Number of threads Aantal gesprekke
The name of your company seems to be too long. Die naam van jou maatskappy blyk te lank te wees.
new nuut
new forum posts nuwe forum boodskappe
new forum threads nuwe forum gesprekke
new page nuwe bladsy
new page created nuwe bladsy geskep
new pages nuwe bladsye
new password Fvefbrfb
new posts nuwe boodskappe
new thread nuwe gesprekke
no default template Egbebfefb
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nobody Efvvfe
none geen
numbered list Svdevdwvd

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