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%1 new activities on other sites 其它站点上有 %1 个新活动
%1 new activities on site <a href="%3">%2</a> by
1 new activity on site <a href="%2">%1</a> by
1 new activity on sites 其它站点上有 1 个新活动
<strong>NOTE:</strong> Currently you are a Master Administrator of <strong>%1</strong> Sites. You can't delete your account unless you delete your sites or transfer Master Administrator rights to another admin. <a href="/account/sites#/master_admin" class="btn btn-default btn-xs">Click here</a> to view all your sites.
<strong>NOTE:</strong> if the chosen pages do not exist no navigation elements will be displayed. <br/><br/> BUT if you really want to get rid of the side element you should also choose a proper theme without the side bar. Most of the available themes have such a variant. <strong>请注意:</strong>若选取的页面不存在,将不会显示导览元件。 <br/><br/>但如果您真的想要拿掉侧栏元件,您应该也要选取一个没有侧栏、合适的布景主题。大多数可用的布景主题都有这样的变体。
NEW!! Refresh 新内容!刷新
Name 姓名
Name (required) 姓名(必填)
Name and email address 姓名与电子邮件位址
Name of university, institute, college or school. URL link would be nice too. 大学、研究所、学院或学校名称。 URL 连结也不错。
Name: 名称:
Navigation elements 导览元件
Need help? Check the <a href="" target="_blank">wiki syntax description</a>. 需要帮助?请参阅<a href="" target="_blank">维基语法说明</a>。
Nevertheless you don't have to change anything here unless you're completely sure what you're doing. 尽管如此,除非你完全确定你在做什么,否则你不必在这里改变任何东西。
New Master Administrator: 新的主要管理者:
New Post 新文章
New account confirmation 新账户确认
New category 新分类
New email address 新电子邮件地址
New members auto watching settings
New membership invitation 新的成员邀请函
New message 新讯息
New name 新名称
New page name 新的页面名称
New password 新密码
New password (repeat) 新密码(重复)
New posts 新文章
New private message 新的私人讯息
New screen name:
New thread 新讨论串
New threads 新讨论串
Newer message 较新的讯息
Newest first 新的在前
Newsletter 电子报
Newsletter content is empty 电子报内容是空的
Newsletter sent 电子报已寄出
Newsletter sent. 电子报已寄出。
Newsletter title is empty 电子报标题是空的
No abuse reports (yet). (还)没有不当内容回报。
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No billing address specified. 未指定账单地址。
No broken links found. 找不到失效链接。
No content provided for the meta. 此元资料没有内容。
No expiration time. 没有有效期限。
No features found.
No feed source specified ("src" element missing). 未指定消息来源(缺少"src" 元件)。
No files attached to this page 本页没有附档
No files attached to this page. 本页没有附档。
No forum category has been specified. 未指定论坛分类。
No forum category has been specified. Please use attribute category="id" where id is the index number of the category. 尚未指定论坛分类。请使用属性category="id",其中id 是分类的索引编号。
No individual nav elements 没有各别的导览元件
No invoice found. 找不到发票。
No match for the audio format… 无法匹配该音频格式……
No match for the video format… Recognized formats are 无法匹配该视频格式……可识别的格式包括
No members in this Site. 本站没有成员。
No moderators in this Site. 本站没有版主。
No pages directly include this page. 没有页面直接引用本页。
No pages directly link or include this page. 没有页面直接连结或引用本页。
No pages directly link to this page. 没有页面直接连结本页。
No post specified. 未指定文章。
No redirection destination specified. Please use the destination="page-name" or destination="url" attribute. 未指定转址目标。请使用destination="页面名称" 或destination="url" 属性。
No revision specified. 未指定修订版本。
No signature defined. 未定义签名档。
No sites provided. 未提供网站。
No such IP block. 没有此IP 封锁。
No such block. 没有此封锁。
No such category exists, perhaps it was just deleted 此分类不存在,或许它刚被删除了
No such category. 没有此分类。
No such feed. 没有此消息来源。
No such page. 没有此网页。
No such post exists 此文章不存在
No such post: please reload the page and try again 此文章不存在:请重新整理页面并再试一次
No such thread exists 此讨论串不存在
No such thread exists, perhaps it was just deleted 此讨论串不存在,或许它刚被删除了
No such thread. 没有此讨论串。
No such user 没有此用户。
No such user. 没有此使用者。
No thread to show - click Back once or twice and try again 没有讨论串可显示- 请点击回上一页一至两次后再试一次。
No title 没有标题
No user specified. 未指定使用者。
No user. 没有用户。
No users. 没有使用者。
No valid category found. 找不到有效的分类。
No valid invoice found. 找不到有效的发票。
No valid order found. 找不到有效的订单。
No, cancel 不,取消
Nonsecure access is not enabled for this Wiki. 本维基未启用不安全的存取。
Not a valid IP address 并非有效的IP 位址
Not a valid registered user name 并非有效的已注册使用者姓名
Not a valid user 并非有效使用者。
Not allowed. 不允许。
Not allowed. Error. 不允许。错误。
Not enough available space for files 没有足够的空间存储文件。
Not joined yet 尚未加入
Not valid tag array 无效的标签行
Note 注意事项
Note: After changing the settings below, you may still experience the old behavior for some time on parts of your site (due to caching).
Note: if you add <em>%1</em> as a contact you will reveal your email address to this user. 请注意:若您新增<em>%1</em> 为联络人,您会向对方透露您的电子邮件位址。
Note: this is a preview only.<br/> If you leave this page now, you will lose your changes. 请注意:这只是预览而已。 <br/>若您现在离开本页,您将会遗失您的变更。
Notes 注意事项
Notes: 注意事项:
Notifications 通知
Notifications related to this site are also available via a password-protected RSS 2.0 feed: 本站相关通知也可透过密码保护的RSS 2.0 消息来源取得:
Notifications via RSS feed 经由RSS 消息来源的通知
Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. 向管理者检举本页有令人反感的内容。
Notify administrators/moderators about abusive user. 向管理者/ 版主检举不当使用者。
Notify administrators/moderators about an abusive user. 向管理者/ 版主检举不当使用者。
Notify your users about important things 向您的用户通知重要事项
November 十一月
Now you are a member of the site 现在您是本站的一份子了
Now you will be redirected to PayPal and asked to sign in and confirm your payment. Then you will be taken back to Wikidot to complete the purchase. 现在您会被重定向至 PayPal 并被要求登录并验证您的支付。然后您将被带回 Wikidot 站点以完成您的购买。
Now you will be redirected to secure payments at and asked to provide your credit card details. Once the transaction is complete, your account at will be upgraded automatically.
Number of columns: 栏数:
Number of files: 文件数:
Number of flags 旗标数
Number of posts 文章数
Number of rows: 列数:
Number of threads 讨论串数
The name of your company seems to be too long. 您公司的名称似乎过长。
new forum posts 新论坛文章
new forum threads 新论坛讨论串
new page 新页面
new page created 已创建的新页面
new pages 新页面
new password 新密码
new posts 新文章
new thread 新讨论串
no default template 没有默认模板
no position 没有位置
no subject yet 还没有主旨
nobody 禁止任何人
numbered list 有序清单

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