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<a href="" target="_blank">our Privacy Policy</a> <a href="" target="_blank">nost Sayeningleit</a>
<li>On open sites, the user becomes a member instantly.</li> <li>On closed and private sites, the user must provide a password or apply to join the site, depending on the access policy configuration.</li> <li>When a user clicks the button, the Join module first ensures that the user has an account (and asks anonymous users to create an account) and then attempts to make the user a member of the site.</li> <li>Note that if the user is already a member, or if the site is by invitation only, the module does not show anything.</li> <li>At atigyled lities, ti brurunnt trasfororio o milgaid unagiked.</li> <li>At lociled eg sayeled lities, ti brurunnt dolset ger enn pattewot, afagerent at te hawanyet et aĉesurleit.</li> <li>Duan inn brurunnt klikerio ta tannil, ti Unitetmodddul uneled kahebirio due ti brurunnt hario ann konta (eg sirio anonymedbrurunnts til ludar ann konta) eg lugol pror o delar ti brurunnt inn milgaid fa te litie.</li> <li>Su ti brurunnt erio ule inn milgaid, ug su te litie erio per priglal not, ti moddul ne viserio adda.</li>
October Oĉtobe
Older Hadimav
Older message Hadimav besjeds
Once you upgrade: Ate mo Ut busdor:
One of tags is too long (max. %d characters) Une fa tes etikets erio ogso lank (hæm. %d karakters)
One of the categories marked for deletion was not empty Une fa tas kategorys merkeled til settening ne erie fariged
One of the groups marked for deletion was not empty Une fa tes grups merkeled til settening ne erie fariged
One of the features is possibility to send <em>private messages</em>, i.e. direct messages between registered users. It is advised to enable private messages but you have a few options here (leave boxes unchecked to block all messages):
Online account notifications
Only 10 members available in Private Mode
Only 20 members available in Private Mode
Only 5 members available in Private Mode
Only a Master Administrator can perform the upgrade.
Only alphanumeric [a-z0-9] and "-" (dash) characters allowed.
Only an administrator of the site may use AdSense
Only letters and numbers allowed, e.g. <em>p01</em>. This will be used to point other modules<br/> to the particular campaign with the <em>id="..."</em> attribute.
Only pages within selected categories will be processed and external links within them will be followed.
Only sites with no more than %d pages can be cloned
Only the Site Administrators are allowed to view this feed.
Oops! Wups!
Open Atigyr
Open in the new window: Atigyr ate nut bindue:
Open — anyone can view and become member Atigyled - dualĉe ottirio meér eg trasfor o milgaid
OpenID Identities
OpenID is an open, decentralized, free framework for user-centric digital identity. <br/><br/> OpenID starts with the concept that anyone can identify themselves on the Internet the same way websites do-with a URI (also called a URL or web address). Since URIs are at the very core of Web architecture, they provide a solid foundation for user-centric identity.
Optional. The cloned Wiki will be given to another user. Molliketed. O ta wiki astinnaled otet imy eria geled.
Options Mollikets
Options: Mollikets:
Or apply for membership Ug ansoger til milgaidswul
Order # Bestillet #
Order by Bestiller per
Order history Bestiller istorielt
Order no. Rikefollet nu.
Order: Bestillet:
Original Theme Urigal teme
Original message (with the invitation link) will be included too. Urigal besjed (ale priglalkissit) eria jućaled tegol.
Other Otet
Other actions: Otet halings:
Other interesting sites Otet lities entereseled
Other options Otet mollikets
Other pages that depend on this page Otet siddes due afagerio at est sidde
Override this warning, add autonumbering Hættavir ast predupil, telfojer autonummaning
Overview Busemeér
Overwrite Buseyitter
The original message is included below: Te urigalbesjed erio jućaled medav:
of VAT et VAT
of storage et alaggening
on site at litie
only avatar not avatar
or ug
or create a new one: ug ludar inn nut:
or just <em>number</em> ug not <em>numma</em>
original font urigalletugur
other otet
others otet
owner (creator) of this page eldæmunnt (ludarunnt) fa est sidde

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