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<li>page edit history (revisions)</li> <li>forum threads and posts</li> <li>members</li> <li>custom domain settings</li> <li>页面编辑历史(修订记录)</li> <li>论坛讨论串和帖子</li> <li>成员</li> <li>自定义域名设置</li>
P.S. If you do not want to accept this invitation - just ignore it. If you believe this invitation is abusive please report it to: <a href=""></a> 另:如果您不想接受此邀请,请忽略它。如果您认为此邀请属于滥用行为,请向<a href=""></a>提供举报。
PS. If you did not ask to create an account at <a href="%2">%1</a>, just ignore this email. To report abuse, email us at <a href=""></a>. 另:如果您没有在<a href="%2">%1</a>上创建账户,请忽略此邮件。要举报滥用,请发送邮件到<a href=""></a>。
Packing method 打包方式
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Page can not be found. 页面无法找到。
Page category does not exist: please contact for a better error message 页面分类不存在:请联系 以取得更明确的报错信息
Page changed 页面被修改
Page content preview 页面内容预览
Page history of changes 页面修订历史
Page is locked and you cannot edit it: please contact your site admin 你无法编辑这个页面,因为本页面已被锁定:请联系你的站点管理员
Page lock conflict 页面锁冲突
Page locked 页面已锁定
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Page name can be max 60 characters long. 页面名称长度最多60字符。
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Page rating 页面评分
Page ratings 页面评分
Page ratings are not only a way to enable Users to vote on high/low quality content but also can be used to organize contests, competitions etc. Anyway - the feature has to be enabled first. 页面评分不仅是让用户对高/低质量内容进行投票的一种方式,而且还可以用来组织竞赛、比赛等。无论如何,该功能必须首先被启用。
Page reports 页面举报
Page revisions comparison 页面修订版本比较
Page source 源代码
Page source for revision no. 页面源代码,对应版本
Page source too long (max. %d characters) 页面源代码过长(最多 %d 字符)。
Page sources are identical. 页面源代码相同。
Page structure is too complex to allow section editing 页面结构过于复杂,无法按分区进行编辑
Page tags 页面标签
Page templates 页面模版
Page title 页面标题
Page title format: 页面标题格式:
Page title too long (max. %d characters) 页面标题过长(最多 %d 个字符)
Page with target name already exists 已存在以目标名称命名的页面
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Paid features will allow you to: 付费功能可以让您:
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Parent page has not been changed 父页面未被修改
Parent page name 父页面名称
Parent page set to 将父页面设置为
Parent page to set is not valid 要设置的父页面无效
Parent theme can not be found. 上级主题无法找到。
Pass the exact URL to the location of the CSS file: 将 CSS 文件链接填入此栏
Password 密码
Password is incorrect. 密码不正确
Password recovery 密码恢复
Passwords are limited to 64 characters: please try again with a slightly shorter password 密码长度限制为 64 个字符:请换用一个更短的密码再试一次
Passwords too long 密码过长
Paste the HTML code for custom label 为自定义便签粘贴HTML代码
Paste the HTML code for the placement 为该展示位置粘贴HTML代码
Paste the list of recipients in the format:<br/> Name &lt;;, Another Name &lt;;<br/> The algorithm should also handle other formats - just try!<br/> Separate entries by a comma or new line.<br/> The adresses you enter here will be <strong>added</strong> to the list below when you click "process". 请以下方格式编辑收件人列表: <br/>用户一 <>, 用户二<><br/> 此程序应当同样可以处理其它格式 — 试试看!<br/> 请用半角逗号或换行分隔项目。<br/> 当您点击“处理”时,您输入的收件人地址会被<strong>添加</strong>到下面的列表中。
Pay with Bitcoin 用比特币支付
Pay with a credit card 用信用卡支付
Pay with your credit card (Visa, MasterCard and most major cards) or your PayPal account. For every purchase we will issue a full invoice which you can use for accounting purposes. 用你的信用卡(Visa 卡、万事达卡和大多数主要卡)或 PayPal 账户付款。对于每一笔购买,我们都会开具一张完整的发票,您可以用于任何用途。
PayPal account PayPal 账户
PayPal payment from account: 来自 PayPal 的支付金额
PayPal secure payments PayPal 安全支付
Payment amount: 支付金额
Payment confirmation 支付确认
Payment method 支付方式
People 人们
Per page discussion 单页讨论
Per page discussions 单页讨论
Permanent Link 永久链接
Permission denied. 权限拒绝
Permission error 权限错误
Permissions 权限
Petition confirmation 请愿书确认
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Place your ad on a page using the following code: 在您的站点中使用以下代码来投放广告
Placement/label must be specified. 必须指定位置/标签。
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Please check and enter the correct expiration month 请重新检查并输入正确的有效期月份
Please check and enter the correct expiration year 请重新检查并输入正确的有效期年份
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Please delete these pages or transfer MA rights to another user. 请关停上述站点或将主管理员权限移交给其他用户。
Please do not try to send more than 20 invitations in one go 请不要一次发送超过20份邀请函
Please do not use links in the invitation message 请不要在此类消息中加入链接
Please do not use more than 400 characters for your signature (and even that is probably too much) 请不要使用超过400个字符作为签名(应当是足够的)
Please do not use more than four lines of text (and stick to small fonts) 请不要多于四行(并使用小字号)
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Please note that you can change your screen name <strong>only twice</strong>. It looks like you have changed yours <strong>%1</strong> time(s). 请注意每个人<strong>只有两次</strong>修改名称的机会。您已经使用了<strong>%1</strong>次机会。
Please provide a different new name for the site 请为该站点提供一个不同的新名称
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Post and comments 帖文与回复
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Posts in forums of the site 该站点论坛中的帖文
Posts in the discussion thread 讨论串中的帖文
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Preview mode error: please contact for a better error message 预览模式错误:请联系 以获取更明确的报错信息
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Prices below are in 以下价格计价单位为:
Prices shown inlude VAT. 所显示的价格包含增值税(VAT)。
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Priority support 优先支持
Privacy 隐私
Privacy Policy 隐私政策
Private 私有
Private IP addresses are used mainly in local networks and are not visible (not routeable) from public internet nodes.<br/> If you see an IP address from a private range here it means a user is using a www proxy for web browsing.<br/> You can not rely on a private IP address for unique computer identification. 专用 IP 地址主要用于本地网络,在公共互联网节点上不可见(不可路由)。<br/>如果您在这里看到一个来自私有范围的IP地址,则表示用户正在使用www代理进行Web浏览<br/>如果您在这里看到一个来自私有范围的 IP 地址,则表示用户正在使用www代理进行Web浏览<br/>您不能依靠专用IP地址进行唯一的计算机标识。
Private Wiki? 私有维基?
Private content 私有内容
Private site options 私有站点选项
Private — hidden, only members can access 私有 — 已隐藏,仅成员可访问
Privileges error. 特权错误。
Pro Pro
Pro Lite Pro Lite
Pro Plus Pro Plus
Pro account upgrade has expired for this site and the site is now locked. If you are the master administrator for this site, please <a href="">renew your subscription</a> or delete your outstanding sites or stored files, so that your account fits in the free plan. 此网站的 Pro 账户升级已过期,该网站现已锁定。如果您是本网站的主管理员,请<a href="">续购订阅</a>或删除您未完成的网站或存储的文件,以便使您的帐户符合免费计划。
Pro accounts start at %1 49.90 per year, give it a try! 专业版帐号价格每年%149.90起。尝试一下吧!
Pro sites cannot be upgraded to educational status. 专业版站点无法升级为教育性状态。
Pro+ account is required to configure this feature. 配置该功能需要 Pro+ 帐号。
Pro+ features enabled (<a href="" target="_blank">see the list</a>). 已启用专业版+功能(<a href="" target="_blank">参见列表</a>)。
Problem parsing attribute "category". 解析属性“类别”时出现问题。
Problem saving the file: %s 保存文件时出现问题:%s
Problem saving the page: %s 保存页面时出现问题:%s
Problem selecting destination page. 选择目标页面时出现问题。
Proceed only if you are sure you want to delete your account. 如果您完全确定您想要删除您的账户,请继续。
Proceed to checkout » 请继续检查 >>
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Proceed with account termination 继续账户注销流程
Process 处理
Processing exception. Error no. 344. 处理出现异常。错误代码 344。
Processing exception. Error no. 345. 处理出现异常。错误代码 345。
Processing… 正在处理……
Product 产品
Products purchased 已购买产品
Profile 个人信息
Profile key 个人信息秘钥
Profile page 个人信息页面
Profile pages are in this category: 在该分类下的个人页面
Project-Id-Version: PACKAGE VERSION
POT-Creation-Date: 2024-05-18 19:45+0000
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Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
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Promote this site on other sites 在其他(基于Wikidot)的网站上宣传本站
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Proxy server: <strong>%1</strong> 代理服务器:<strong>%1</strong>
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Purchase completed 购买已完成
Push notifications configuration. 推送设置。
Put [[module Join]] somewhere on your pages and select whether you’d like your users to apply for the membership or use a secret password. You can also send e-mail invitations or invite existing Wikidot users. 将[[module Join]]放在您的页面的某个位置,并选择让用户使用申请书加入网站或是通过密码申请成员资格。您也可以发送电子邮件邀请函或邀请现有的 Wikidot 用户。
Put your profile key and wait for the data to collect. View the statistics at <a href="">Google Analytics website</a>. 输入您的统计密钥并等待信息收集完成。在<a href="">Google Analytics website</a>上查看结果。
The Pro trial has been already used for this account. 该账户已经使用了专业版试用。
The page <em>%1</em> you want to access does not exist. 你想访问的页面 <em>%1</em> 不存在。
The page <em>[[page_name]]</em> you want to access does not exist. 你想访问的页面 <em>[[page_name]]</em> 不存在。
The page can be only edited with a form. 页面仅可使用一个表格进行编辑。
The page can not be found or does not exist. 页面无法找到或不存在。
The page does not (yet) exist. 这个页面目前还不存在。
The page does not exist 这个页面并不存在。
The page has been changed 这个页面已经被更动。
The page has been moved but… 这个页面已被移动,但是…
The page history will show your edit with IP address: 页面历史记录将显示您编辑时使用的 IP 地址:
The page is being edited… 这个页面正被编辑……
The page is currently edited by another user in a way that it is not possible to safely recreate lock. <br/><br/> It is recommended that you cancel your edit session and wait until the lock is released. However if you are sure the imposed lock(s) can be safely deleted you can forcibly recreate your lock by deleting conflicting locks. 该页面正被另一个用户编辑,无法安全地重新创建页面锁定。

The page is currently edited… 这个页面目前在编辑中……
The page is currently locked by another user. The details follow: 这个页面目前正被其他使用者锁定。锁定信息如下:
The page name is not correct 这个页面名称不正确
The page name is not correct: please fix it and try again 这个页面名称不正确:请修正并再试一次
The page you want to create already exists 你尝试创建的页面已经存在
The page you want to create is locked… 你尝试创建的页面被锁定了……
The page you want to delete has been already deleted. 你尝试删除的页面已经被删除了。
The page you want to move the file to does not exist 你尝试转移文件的页面并不存在。
The page you were renaming ceased to exist or was already renamed by someone else 你尝试重命名的页面已不存在或已被其他人重命名了。
The password above is a hashed version of your login password. It can be used only for your feed access and not for login - so in principle it should be safe to use. 上面的密码是您登录密码的混淆后版本。它只能用于你的feed访问,不能用于登录——所以原则上使用它应该是安全的。
The password above is a hashed version of your login password. It can be used only for your feed access and not for login - so in principle it should be safe to use. 上面的密码是您登录密码的混淆后版本。它只能用于你的feed访问,不能用于登录——所以原则上使用它应该是安全的。
The password is invalid 此密码是无效的
The password is not valid. 此密码是无效的。
The photo can not be loaded. 此图片无法载入。
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page creator 页面创建者
page link 链接
page link wizard 站内链接向导
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page revision 页面版本
pages and forum 页面和论坛
pages and forums 页面和论坛
pages only 仅页面
pagination;previous;page;of;next 分页;上一页;共页;下一页
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password 密码
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per year 每年
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