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"Pro+" account subscription
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<li>page edit history (revisions)</li> <li>forum threads and posts</li> <li>members</li> <li>custom domain settings</li>
P.S. If you do not want to accept this invitation - just ignore it. If you believe this invitation is abusive please report it to: <a href=""></a>
PS. If you did not ask to create an account at <a href="%2">%1</a>, just ignore this email. To report abuse, email us at <a href=""></a>.
Packing method
Page Halaman
Page RSS Feed
Page Source Sumber Halaman
Page Tags Penanda Halaman
Page address Alamat halaman
Page already exists Halaman sudah ada
Page blocked Halaman diblokir
Page can not be found. Halaman tidak bisa ditemukan
Page category does not exist: please contact for a better error message Kategori halaman tidak bisa ditemukan: mohon hubungi untuk pesan eror yang lebih baik
Page changed Halaman diganti
Page content preview Pratinjau konten halaman
Page history of changes Sejarah perubahan halaman
Page is locked and you cannot edit it: please contact your site admin Halaman dikunci dan Anda tidak bisa menyuntingnya: mohon hubungi administrator situs Anda
Page lock conflict Kunci halaman bertabrakan
Page locked Halaman telah dikunci
Page moved Halaman telah dipindah
Page name Nama halaman
Page name can be max 60 characters long. Nama halaman boleh sampai 60 huruf.
Page name: Nama halaman:
Page rated by: Halaman dinilai oleh:
Page rating Penilaian halaman
Page ratings Penilaian halaman
Page ratings are not only a way to enable Users to vote on high/low quality content but also can be used to organize contests, competitions etc. Anyway - the feature has to be enabled first. Penilaian halaman bukan saja membantu Pengguna untuk memberikan suara ke konten berkualitas tinggi/rendah, tetapi bisa juga digunakan untuk mengatur kontes dll. Tetapi - fitur ini harus diaktifkan dahulu.
Page reports Laporan halaman
Page revisions comparison Perbandingan revisi halaman
Page source Sumber halaman
Page source for revision no. Sumbe halaman untuk revisi no.
Page source too long (max. %d characters) Sumber halaman terlalu panjang (max. %d huruf)
Page sources are identical. Sumber halaman sama
Page structure is too complex to allow section editing Struktur halaman terlalu rumit untuk memperbolehkan penyuntingan bagian
Page tags Penanda halaman
Page templates Templat halaman
Page title Judul halaman
Page title format: Format judul halaman:
Page title too long (max. %d characters) Judul halaman terlalu panjang (max. %d huruf)
Page with target name already exists Halaman dengan target nama sudah ada
Page: Halaman:
Pages Halaman
Paid features will allow you to: Fitur berbayar memperbolehkan Anda untuk:
Parent Induk
Parent page Halaman induk
Parent page %s does not exist Halaman induk %s tidak ada
Parent page & breadcrumbs navigation Halaman induk & navigasi remah-remah
Parent page has not been changed Halaman induk belum diganti
Parent page name Nama halaman induk
Parent page set to Halaman induk diubah menjadi
Parent page to set is not valid Halaman induk yang dipasang tidak valid
Parent theme can not be found. Tema induk tidak bisa ditemukan
Pass the exact URL to the location of the CSS file:
Password Kata sandi
Password is incorrect. Kata sandi salah
Password recovery Pemulihan kata sandi
Passwords are limited to 64 characters: please try again with a slightly shorter password Kata sandi dibatasi sampai 64 huruf: mohon coba lagi dengan kata sandi yang lebih pendek
Passwords too long Kata sandi terlalu panjang
Paste the HTML code for custom label Tempel kode HTML untuk label khusus
Paste the HTML code for the placement
Paste the list of recipients in the format:<br/> Name &lt;;, Another Name &lt;;<br/> The algorithm should also handle other formats - just try!<br/> Separate entries by a comma or new line.<br/> The adresses you enter here will be <strong>added</strong> to the list below when you click "process".
Pay with Bitcoin Bayar dengan Bitcoin
Pay with a credit card Bayar dengan kartu kredit
Pay with your credit card (Visa, MasterCard and most major cards) or your PayPal account. For every purchase we will issue a full invoice which you can use for accounting purposes. Bayar dengan kartu kredit Anda (Visa, MasterCard, dan perusahaan utama lainnya) atau dengan akun Paypal. Setiap pembelian kami akan menerbitkan resi lengkap yang bisa Anda gunakan untuk tujuan akuntansi.
PayPal account Akun Paypal
PayPal payment from account: Pembayaran Paypal dari:
PayPal secure payments Pembayaran aman Paypal
Payment amount: Jumlah pembayaran:
Payment confirmation Komfirmasi pembayaran
Payment method Metode pembayaran
People Orang-orang
Per page discussion Diskusi per halaman
Per page discussions Diskusi per halaman
Permanent Link Tautan permanen
Permission denied. Perizinan ditolak
Permission error Perizinan eror
Permissions Perizinan
Petition confirmation Petisi konfirmasi
Place your ad on a page using the following code:
Placement/label must be specified.
Please check and enter the correct card number
Please check and enter the correct expiration month
Please check and enter the correct expiration year
Please check your <strong>new</strong> email (%1) inbox now and click verification link.
Please check your email box Mohon periksa kotak surelmu
Please choose a different category Mohon pilih dari kategori yang berbeda
Please choose language for your site Mohon pilih bahasa untuk situs anda
Please choose your preferred language Mohon pilih bahasa pilihan anda
Please confirm Mohon konfirmasi
Please confirm your signature as detailed below Mohon konfirmasikan tanda tangan anda seperti yang telah dirincikan di bawah
Please contact <a href=""></a> to have your account upgraded.
Please contact, there is a problem with this form Mohon hubungi, ada masalah dengan formulir ini
Please create a Wikidot account and/or sign in first Mohon buat sebuah akun Wikidot dan/atau masuk terlebih dahulu
Please create an account and/or sign in first. Mohon buat sebuah akun dan/atau masuk terlebih dahulu.
Please delete these pages or transfer MA rights to another user.
Please do not try to send more than 20 invitations in one go Mohon untuk tidak mengirim lebih 20 undangan sekali jalan
Please do not use links in the invitation message Mohon untuk tidak menggunakan tautan di dalam pesan undangan
Please do not use more than 400 characters for your signature (and even that is probably too much) Mohon untuk tidak menggunakan lebih dari 400 huruf untuk tanda tangan Anda (dan itu pun mungkin masih terlalu banyak)
Please do not use more than four lines of text (and stick to small fonts)
Please enter CVV2/CVC2.
Please enter a different file name
Please enter a name for the petition campaign Mohon masukkan nama untuk kampanye petisinya
Please enter a new file name Mohon masukkan nama berkas baru
Please enter a post body
Please enter a sensible number of additional sites
Please enter a shorter address
Please enter a shorter cardholders name
Please enter a shorter city name Mohon masukkan nama kota yang lebih pendek
Please enter a shorter file name Mohon masukkan nama berkas yang lebih pendek
Please enter a shorter first name Mohon masukkan nama depan yang lebih pendek
Please enter a shorter last name Mohon masukkan nama belakang yang lebih pendek
Please enter a shorter site name (max. 50 characters) Mohon masukkan nama situs yang lebih pendek (max. 50 huruf)
Please enter a shorter state name
Please enter a shorter zip/postal code
Please enter a valid European VAT number
Please enter an identifier for this petition campaign
Please enter label for a new custom location. Please use letters and numbers, without spaces.
Please enter the city where you live
Please enter the name of your company.
Please enter this information
Please enter your address
Please enter your billing information and choose the payment method. In the next step you will make the final confirmation of your order.
Please enter your first name
Please enter your last name
Please enter your name
Please enter your zip/postal code
Please fill this short form. It will help us collect information how Wikidot is used in education.
Please input only 5 keys max.
Please keep it short.
Please keep the campaign identifier to at most 20 characters
Please keep the campaign name to at most 50 characters
Please leave this checkbox blank
Please limit your name to at most 20 characters: shorter is better
Please make me a member of your site.
Please note that you can change your screen name <strong>only twice</strong>. It looks like you have changed yours <strong>%1</strong> time(s).
Please provide a different new name for the site
Please provide a different new name for this page
Please provide a message
Please provide a new page that does not already exist
Please provide a query of at least 3 characters
Please provide a shorter description (max. 300 characters)
Please provide a shorter invitation message
Please provide a shorter post title (max. 128 characters)
Please provide a shorter thread description (max. 1000 characters)
Please provide a shorter thread title (max. 128 characters)
Please provide a text
Please provide a thread title
Please provide a valid email address
Please provide a valid email address - this one seems is to long.
Please provide a valid email address.
Please provide a value for the title field
Please provide all required fields
Please provide name of your organization.
Please provide the cardholders name
Please provide the complete URL of the image file
Please provide the name you want to use
Please provide the new name for this page
Please provide the postal code or phone number below.
Please provide the site title Mohon berikan judul situs
Please provide your name. Mohon berikan nama Anda.
Please re-solve the equation Mohon selesaikan persamaan matematikanya
Please read and agree to the Terms of Service. Mohon baca dan setujui Syarat dan Ketentuan
Please repeat to prevent typos. Mohon ulangi untuk mencegah salah ketik.
Please restrict your comments to 300 characters at most Mohon batasi komentar Anda paling banyak 300 huruf.
Please select Silakan pilih
Please select a currency we support Pilih mata uang yang kami dukung
Please select a new Master Administrator. Silakan pilih Administrator Utama yang baru
Please select an option
Please select equation label:
Please select your country from the drop-down list
Please set a new password for account
Please sign in
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Please specify an existing user and try again
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Please upgrade my site now
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Please use an email address in a different domain.
Please use an identifier consisting of letters and/or digits
Please use more letters or digits to make a readable name
Please use only lowercase letters, digits, and single hyphens in the web address
Please use the site manager to activate the Forum, or ask your admin to help
Position of the Ads: Posisi iklan:
Position: Posisi:
Post Posting
Post and comments Posting dan komentar
Post content preview Pratinjau konten posting
Post is empty. Postingnya kosong
Post it Pos
Post preview Pratinjau posting
Post revisions Revisi posting
Post title Judul posting
Posts Posting
Posts in forums of the site
Posts in the discussion thread
Posts in the forum category
Posts structure - max nesting level:
Powered by Diberdayakan oleh
Preferred language Bahasa pilihan
Prevent anonymous (guest) users from posting links
Preview Pratinjau
Preview (first few words): Pratinjau (beberapa kata pertama):
Preview generated Pratinjau telah dihasilkan
Preview mode error: please contact for a better error message
Preview not supported for data forms.
Price Harga
Prices below are in Harga di bawah dalam
Prices shown inlude VAT. Harga yang ditunjukkan sudah termasuk PPN
Print Cetak
Priority support Bantuan Prioritas
Privacy Privasi
Privacy Policy Kebijakan Privasi
Private Privat
Private IP addresses are used mainly in local networks and are not visible (not routeable) from public internet nodes.<br/> If you see an IP address from a private range here it means a user is using a www proxy for web browsing.<br/> You can not rely on a private IP address for unique computer identification.
Private Wiki? Wiki pribadi?
Private content Konten pribadi
Private site options Pengaturan situs pribadi
Private — hidden, only members can access Pribadi — disembunyikan, hanya anggota yang bisa akses
Privileges error.
Pro Pro
Pro Lite Pro Lite
Pro Plus Pro Plus
Pro account upgrade has expired for this site and the site is now locked. If you are the master administrator for this site, please <a href="">renew your subscription</a> or delete your outstanding sites or stored files, so that your account fits in the free plan.
Pro accounts start at %1 49.90 per year, give it a try!
Pro sites cannot be upgraded to educational status.
Pro+ account is required to configure this feature.
Pro+ features enabled (<a href="" target="_blank">see the list</a>).
Problem parsing attribute "category".
Problem saving the file: %s
Problem saving the page: %s
Problem selecting destination page.
Proceed only if you are sure you want to delete your account.
Proceed to checkout »
Proceed to payment details
Proceed with account termination
Processing exception. Error no. 344.
Processing exception. Error no. 345.
Processing… Sedang diproses…
Product Produk
Products purchased Produk sudah dibeli
Profile Profil
Profile key
Profile page Halaman Profil
Profile pages are in this category:
Project-Id-Version: PACKAGE VERSION
POT-Creation-Date: 2024-05-24 10:21+0000
Language-Team: LANGUAGE <>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
Promote this site on other sites
Proxy server
Proxy server: <strong>%1</strong>
Publicly display
Purchase completed
Push notifications configuration.
Put [[module Join]] somewhere on your pages and select whether you’d like your users to apply for the membership or use a secret password. You can also send e-mail invitations or invite existing Wikidot users.
Put your profile key and wait for the data to collect. View the statistics at <a href="">Google Analytics website</a>.
The Pro trial has been already used for this account.
The page <em>%1</em> you want to access does not exist.
The page <em>[[page_name]]</em> you want to access does not exist.
The page can be only edited with a form.
The page can not be found or does not exist.
The page does not (yet) exist.
The page does not exist
The page has been changed
The page has been moved but…
The page history will show your edit with IP address:
The page is being edited… Halaman sedang disunting…
The page is currently edited by another user in a way that it is not possible to safely recreate lock. <br/><br/> It is recommended that you cancel your edit session and wait until the lock is released. However if you are sure the imposed lock(s) can be safely deleted you can forcibly recreate your lock by deleting conflicting locks.
The page is currently edited…
The page is currently locked by another user. The details follow:
The page name is not correct
The page name is not correct: please fix it and try again
The page you want to create already exists
The page you want to create is locked…
The page you want to delete has been already deleted.
The page you want to move the file to does not exist
The page you were renaming ceased to exist or was already renamed by someone else
The password above is a hashed version of your login password. It can be used only for your feed access and not for login - so in principle it should be safe to use.
The password above is a hashed version of your login password. It can be used only for your feed access and not for login - so in principle it should be safe to use.
The password is invalid Kata sandi tidak valid
The password is not valid. Kata sandi tidak valid
The photo can not be loaded. Gambar tidak bisa dimuat
The post was edited by someone else: please reload the page and start again Posting telah disunting oleh orang lain; mohon segarkan halaman dan ulangi lagi
The post you want to delete has responses. If you delete the post you will also delete all responses to it. <strong>Usually it's better to edit the post than to delete it.</strong>
The procedure has been initiated. Please check your mailbox! Prosedur sudah dimulai. Mohon periksa kotak pesan Anda!
page creator pencipta halaman
page link tautan halaman
page link wizard
page move/rename pemindahan/penamaulangan halaman
page name changes nama halaman telah diganti
page renamed/moved halaman telah dinama ulang/dipindah
page revision revisi halaman
pages and forum halaman dan forum
pages and forums halaman dan forum
pages only hanya halaman
pagination;previous;page;of;next penghalamanan;sebelumnya;halaman;dari;selanjutnya
parent induk
password kata sandi
password: kata sandi:
per month per bulan
per year per tahun
perform this action lakukan tindakan ini
posted telah dipos
posted at dipos di
posts posting
print cetak
proceed lanjut
public publik

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