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Packing method
Page Pagina
Page RSS Feed Pagina RSS feed
Page Source Paginabron
Page Tags Pagina tags
Page address Pagina adres
Page already exists Pagina bestaat al
Page blocked Pagina geblokkeerd
Page can not be found. Pagina kan niet gevonden worden.
Page category does not exist: please contact for a better error message Pagina categorie bestaat niet: gelieve contact op te nemen met voor een betere foutmelding
Page changed Pagina gewijzigd
Page content preview Pagina inhoud voorbeeld
Page history of changes Pagina historiek van wijzigingen
Page is locked and you cannot edit it: please contact your site admin
Page lock conflict Conflict door paginablokkering
Page locked Pagina geblokkeerd
Page moved Pagina verplaatst
Page name Paginanaam
Page name can be max 60 characters long. Paginanaam kan max. 60 karakters lang zijn.
Page name: Paginanaam:
Page rated by: Pagina beoordeeld door:
Page rating Paginabeoordeling
Page ratings Paginabeoordelingen
Page ratings are not only a way to enable Users to vote on high/low quality content but also can be used to organize contests, competitions etc. Anyway - the feature has to be enabled first.
Page reports
Page revisions comparison Paginarevisies vergelijking
Page source Pagina bron
Page source for revision no. Pagina bron voor revisie nr.
Page source too long (max. %d characters)
Page sources are identical. Pagina bronnen zijn identiek.
Page structure is too complex to allow section editing Pagina structuur is te complex voor sectie wijzigingen
Page tags Paginatags
Page templates Paginasjablonen
Page title Paginatitel
Page title format: Paginatitel formaat:
Page title too long (max. %d characters)
Page with target name already exists
Page: Pagina:
Pages Pagina's
Paid features will allow you to:
Parent Ouder
Parent page Ouder-pagina
Parent page %s does not exist Ouder-pagina %s bestaat niet
Parent page & breadcrumbs navigation Ouder-pagina & kruimelpad
Parent page has not been changed Ouder-pagina is niet veranderd
Parent page name Ouder-pagina naam
Parent page set to Ouder-pagina gewijzigd naar
Parent page to set is not valid
Parent theme can not be found. Ouder-thema kan niet gevonden worden.
Pass the exact URL to the location of the CSS file:
Password Wachtwoord
Password is incorrect.
Password recovery
Passwords are limited to 64 characters: please try again with a slightly shorter password
Passwords too long
Paste the HTML code for custom label
Paste the HTML code for the placement
Paste the list of recipients in the format:<br/> Name &lt;;, Another Name &lt;;<br/> The algorithm should also handle other formats - just try!<br/> Separate entries by a comma or new line.<br/> The adresses you enter here will be <strong>added</strong> to the list below when you click "process".
Pay with Bitcoin
Pay with a credit card Betaal met een krediet kaart
Pay with your credit card (Visa, MasterCard and most major cards) or your PayPal account. For every purchase we will issue a full invoice which you can use for accounting purposes.
PayPal account
PayPal payment from account:
PayPal secure payments
Payment amount:
Payment confirmation
Payment method Betalingsmethode
People Mensen
Per page discussion Per pagina discussie
Per page discussions Per pagina discussies
Permanent Link Permanente link
Permission denied. Bevoegdheid niet toegestaan.
Permission error Bevoegdheidsfout
Permissions Bevoegdheden
Petition confirmation
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Please do not use links in the invitation message
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Privacy Policy
Private Privé
Private IP addresses are used mainly in local networks and are not visible (not routeable) from public internet nodes.<br/> If you see an IP address from a private range here it means a user is using a www proxy for web browsing.<br/> You can not rely on a private IP address for unique computer identification.
Private Wiki?
Private content Afgeschermde inhoud
Private site options Opties voor afgeschermde websites
Private — hidden, only members can access Privé — verborgen, enkel leden hebben toegang
Privileges error. Fout met rechten.
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The page <em>%1</em> you want to access does not exist. De pagina <em>%1</em> dat u wilt bereiken, bestaat (nog) niet.
The page <em>[[page_name]]</em> you want to access does not exist.
The page can be only edited with a form.
The page can not be found or does not exist. De pagina kan niet gevonden worden of bestaat niet.
The page does not (yet) exist. Deze pagina bestaat (nog) niet
The page does not exist Deze pagina bestaat niet
The page has been changed De pagina werd gewijzigd
The page has been moved but… De pagina werd verplaatst maar…
The page history will show your edit with IP address:
The page is being edited… De pagina wordt aangepast…
The page is currently edited by another user in a way that it is not possible to safely recreate lock. <br/><br/> It is recommended that you cancel your edit session and wait until the lock is released. However if you are sure the imposed lock(s) can be safely deleted you can forcibly recreate your lock by deleting conflicting locks.
The page is currently edited… De pagina wordt momenteel aangepast…
The page is currently locked by another user. The details follow:
The page name is not correct De paginanaam niet correct
The page name is not correct: please fix it and try again
The page you want to create already exists De pagina die je wil maken bestaat al
The page you want to create is locked… De pagina die je wil maken is geblokkeerd
The page you want to delete has been already deleted.
The page you want to move the file to does not exist
The page you were renaming ceased to exist or was already renamed by someone else
The password above is a hashed version of your login password. It can be used only for your feed access and not for login - so in principle it should be safe to use.
The password above is a hashed version of your login password. It can be used only for your feed access and not for login - so in principle it should be safe to use.
The password is invalid Het wachtwoord is incorrect
The password is not valid. Het wachtwoord is incorrect.
The photo can not be loaded.
The post was edited by someone else: please reload the page and start again
The post you want to delete has responses. If you delete the post you will also delete all responses to it. <strong>Usually it's better to edit the post than to delete it.</strong>
The procedure has been initiated. Please check your mailbox!
page creator
page link pagina link
page link wizard pagina link wizard
page move/rename pagina verplaatsen/hernoemen
page name changes paginanaam wijzigingen
page renamed/moved Pagina hernoemd of verplaatst
page revision Pagina-aanpassing
pages and forum pagina's en forum
pages and forums pagina's en fora
pages only Enkel pagina's
pagination;previous;page;of;next paginatuur;vorige;pagina;of;volgende
password wachtwoord
password: wachtwoord:
per month per maand
per year per jaar
perform this action Volbreng deze actie
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posted at gepost op
posts posts
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proceed ga verder
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