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<li><strong>Read-only key</strong> allows applications to <em>access all the data you are allowed to</em>, but doesn't allow to modify any data.</li> <li><strong>Read-write key</strong> allows applications to <em>read and modify the site on your behalf</em> so make sure you share the API keys only with trust-worthy application.</li>
<li><strong>Regenerating a key deletes the old one and makes all applications using it unauthenticated.</strong></li> <li>If you are a developer interested in creating software that uses Wikidot remote API, visit our Developer Site at <a href="http://developer.wikidot.com">developer.wikidot.com</a></li>
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Read more about the Wikidot API at the <a href="http://developer.wikidot.com/">developer.wikidot.com</a> site. Wikidot API에 대해서 더 알고싶다면 <a href="http://developer.wikidot.com/">developer.wikidot.com</a>를 참조해주세요.
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Relying on incumbents to produce your revolutions is not a good strategy… 혁명을 일으키기 위해 기존 사업자에 의존하는 것은 좋은 전략이 아닙니다 …
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