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%s accepted your invitation
%s has applied for membership on %s, one of your sites. %s
%s invites you to join!
%s invites you to join! (reminder)
%s joined your site %s using the secret password
%s rejected your invitation
%s resigned as administrator of your site %s.
%s resigned as member of your site %s.
%s resigned as moderator of your site %s.
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<em>%s</em> does not match any existing user name
<em>%s</em> is not a valid button type
<li> <strong>Start a forum</strong><br/> The simplest way to add interactivity to your Site is to start a discussion forum. Click on <em>Forum &amp; discussion</em> &gt;&gt; <em>Settings</em> to learn more. <br/> There is also a nice <a href="" target="_blank">Step-by-step howto</a> you might want to read. </li>
<li> <a href="javascript:;" onclick="%1">Send email invitations</a> - does not matter if they already have an account at or not, </li> <li> <a href="javascript:;" onclick="%2">Invite users</a> by sending them an "internal" invitation, </li>
<li>sign in using your password first,</li> <li>go to <em>My account</em> » <em>Settings</em> » <em>Connect with Facebook</em>.</li>
<strong>Site administrators</strong> and <strong>forum moderators</strong> are not mentioned in the table above because they automatically have all the rights within the site.
SSL configuration warning
SSL mode value not allowed.
SSL only (recommended for private sites)
Save 存之
Save & Continue 存之而续
Save 15% with Bitcoin 使之比特币之节减15%
Save Changes 存之化变
Save Draft 存稿也
Save Tags 存签注也
Save changes 存之化变
Save layout 存此式
Save nesting 存此类
Save theme 存此观
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Secure access 安访
Secure access is not enabled for this Wiki. 此Wiki弗设安访矣
Secure access mode 模式于安访
Security error. 安之误也
See pages that link to and include this page. 请阅索辅以引至此页
See the <a href="#displaying-places">note below</a> about how to customize the Ads. 于如何自定广告,请阅索<a href="#display -places">下释
See the <a href="" target="_blank">plan comparison</a> for the detailed explanation of each plan. 众案之细详说明请阅<a href="" target="_blank">案比</a>
See the page 视之页
Select a file on your computer 于汝设备中传外文于站中
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Select file: 择其宗卷:
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Select the pages you want to automaticaly fix dependencies for. If successful - the fixed pages will contain links to the renamed page. If not - they will contain broken links. 择须复依赖之系之页。若成,固页将含指,向重命名页之链。若无-他们将含破碎之链
Sell links via 通 售链
Send 寄之
Send decision
Send email invitations
Send invitation
Send invitations
Send me a copy of my own forum posts and comments <br/> so that I can have complete records of discussions.
Send me email instant notifications with new events.
Send more invitations
Send reminder
Sent 已寄之
Sent by Admins only
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Set <a href="" target="_pingback">pingbacks</a> for pages within the Wiki. The Site must be public (non-private) if you want pingbacks to work.
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Site %s cannot be found.
Site %s does not allow cross-site includes.
Site %s is private and you cannot include pages from it.
Site Administrator
Site Master Administrator
Site Moderator
Site administrators
Site administrators can send individual invitations to other users to participate in a particular users community. If you want to be able to receive such invitations - check the checkbox. If not - uncheck it and the invitations will be blocked for you.
Site can not be found 站无寻也
Site deleted.
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Site member
Site members
Site moderators
Site not found.
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Site tools
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Site updates will be posted to Twitter as user <strong>%1</strong>.<br/> For each new page created a Twitter status update will be posted after a few minutes of delay.
Site-wide placement
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So what do you want to back up? Choose the components.
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Some rules are not valid. Nothing has been saved yet.
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Something like MLKBY4B7S7W92W5CR0ST, only letters and digits.
Something like MLKBY4B7S7W92W5CR0ST, only letters and digits.<br/> You can find it your TLA's account -&gt; Publisher Program -&gt; Install ad code.
Something like MLKBY4B7S7W92W5CR0ST, only letters and digits.<br/> You can find it your TLA's account -&gt; Publisher Program -&gt; Install ad code.
Sorry, "%s" domain is not allowed.
Sorry, API access is now limited to Pro users.
Sorry, at the moment max %d member limit apply for private Wikis. The Site would have to be upgraded to allow more members.
Sorry, at the moment max %d viewer limit apply.
Sorry, can not load files attached to the page in this mode. You should specify sources for each image.
Sorry, format for gallery item:<pre>%s</pre> is not supported.
Sorry, local files without page name specified not allowed. Use [[file <em>pagename</em>/<em>filename</em>]]
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Sorry, no applications. Not a single soul wants to join this Site… ;-)
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Sorry, no users found.
Sorry, not allowed.
Sorry, there are no templates available in this site. To create a template, simply create a new page named e.g. template:<em>new-template-name</em>.
Sorry, this option is available only to the Master Administrator this site -
Sorry, this option is available only to the founder of this site -
Sorry, this option is not available.
Sorry, this web address is already used by another site.
Sorry, user <em>%s</em> could not be found.
Sorry, we couldn't find any images attached to this page.
Sorry, you are not allowed to view this feed.
Sorry, you are not the Master Admin of this Site.
Sorry, you can not %s. Only %s are allowed to do it.
Sorry, you have no permission to change these settings.
Sorry, you have no permissions to add ads on this site.
Sorry, you have no permissions to change URL of this site.
Sorry, you have no permissions to change domain or redirects of this site.
Sorry, you have no permissions to clone this site.
Sorry, you have no permissions to configure this site.
Sorry, you have no permissions to delete this site.
Sorry, you have no permissions to restore this site.
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Specify users that will be granted access to the Site <br/> without having to become Site Members.<br/> Type the user name and hit enter.
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site administrator 理站者
site administrators and perhaps selected moderators 理站者及时适站者
site member 与站者
site tools 站之用具
site wide 遍站
site-name 站匾
source change
source changes
start new discussion thread
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