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"Tags" field too long. Etikets-taral erio ogso lank-
"Thank you" page "Salsia"-sidde
… there are a few dependencies left.
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<a href="" target="_blank">Terms of Service of</a>
Table of Contents Enntaktabúl
Tag profile page for current members with:
Tag profile page for past members with:
Tagline Etiketgalin
Tagline / subtitle Tagline/medtýttel
Tagline should not be longer than 200 characters Tagline ne dolset er lankav de 200 karakters
Tags Etikets
Tags are a nice way to organize content in your Site. You can apply multiple tags (labels) to each of your pages. You can learn more what a tag is reading Wikipedia entries for <a href="" target="_blank">Tags</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Tag cloud</a>.
Take me to PayPal Nosirul-mi o PayPal
Template Kattehon
Template "%s" can not be found. Kattehon "%s" ne ottirio er laheled.
Template preview: Kattehonfolmeér:
Templates Kattehons
Terms of Service Isluciofreédigs works very well for websites with low-to-medium traffic. Moreover, if your Wiki has a <em>Google Page Rank</em> equal or more than 4 (which could indicate your Wiki is suitable for selling links) this will most probably work nicely. (you can check your Wiki's PageRang e.g. <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>) <br/><br/> To see TLA in action look at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> - we are displaying ads in the footer.
Thank you Salsia
Thanks a lot for signing the "%1" petition. To ensure that it's really you, and not someone else using your email address, please click the following link to confirm your signature: Salsia ogso per skiler te "%s" petining. Til kahebir due Ti erio pradeled Ut (eg ne alperu moi brurent uts emaylyusot, flev klikerul ta follge kissit til gakreher uts skilet.
Thanks, no extra slots right now.
The thread you're trying to show seems to have been deleted
The title="..." attribute is not valid.
The transaction in your card statement will be described as payment to <strong>WIKIDOT INC</strong>.
The transaction is complete and the amount due has been charged. Below you will find an unique ID number of the transaction. Please print this page or store the number for your record. In case of questions or inquiries please use this number when talking to a sales representative.
The two revisions you compared are pretty much identical
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Theme with this name already exists within this site.
Themes Temes
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There are no custom themes for this site. Ne hewerio temes persunneriged per est litie.
There is 1 new notification for you regarding your user account. Hewerio 1 nut tillunals til Ut fojoldeled til uts brurunntkonta.
There is no page called %s Ne hewerio addal sidde imed %s
There is no page with this name Ne hewerio enn sidde ale ast imy
There is no such campaign defined
There is no such page in this site Ne hewerio enn side lak at est sidde
There is no such user Ne hewerio inn brurunnt lak
There is one notification Hewerio une tillunals
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There was a problem uploading the file - please try again later (code FPU) Hewerie ann muskilla moserent ta isĉatil - felv prorul otem senntav (FPU-kod)
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There was a problem uploading the file - please try again later (code GFD) Hewerie ann muskilla moserent ta isĉatil - felv prorul otem senntav (GFD-kod)
There was a problem uploading the file - please try again later (code GFI) Hewerie ann muskilla moserent ta isĉatil - felv prorul otem senntav (GFI-kod)
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There was a problem uploading the file - please try again later (code UNK) Hewerie ann muskilla moserent ta isĉatil - felv prorul otem senntav (UNK-kod)
There was an unknown problem and we could not complete your request: please try again Hewerie ann neziled muskilla eg Nos ne ottirie kompler uts amuldin: felv prorul otemo
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This function is available to Pro accounts only. Upgrade your account and get bunch of other awesome features as well! Ast fungal erio not ledig til Pro kontas. Busdorul uts konta eg for múnals et otet fantased engekals tegol!
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This is your new, fantastic Site Manager. We have changed a lot around here, making administration better and faster. Managing your Wiki has never been easier.
This layout can not be deleted because there are still themes that use it.
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This setting allows creating a special page numbering scheme for a given category. If enabled, every new page created will be saved with its unix name becoming an incremental number. The initial suggested page name will be ignored. <br/><br/> I.e. if you apply the autonumbering scheme to a category called "issue" and try to create pages within this category, e.g. "issue:new-issue", it will be saved as "issue:1". The next new page you save will be named "issue:2" etc. <br/><br/> This is particularly useful for creating any kind of lists where each page is an item of the list. <br/><br/> To make the best use of the autonumbering feature you can combine it with the <a href="">ListPages module</a>.
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To O
To accept this invitation (and get a Wikidot account if you don't have one yet) click the link:
To admins O adnetalunnts
To allow people sign this petition insert the following piece of code into one of your pages:
To apply, you first need to create a account, which will allow us to identify you. After you finish, please come back to this page and try joining the site again.
To browse activities online or configure settings go to your <a href="%1">Account Dashboard</a>.
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To moderators
To prolong features, please go to the <a href="javascript:;" onclick="%1">Upgrade</a> tab.
To refer to an image attached to a page, use <em>pagename</em>/<em>filename</em>
To rename into an autonumbered category you must use a numeric page name
To someone else
To stop these emails, <a href="%1">click here</a>.
To unsubscribe, please go to <a href="%1">%1</a> and review your subscriptions.
To use this list efficiently please:<br /> * send emails directly to %1,<br /> * send emails only from %2, otherwise we will not be able <br /> to recognize you as a valid subscriber.
To view the full list of notifications visit
To view the full list of notifications visit:
To: O:
Too many tags passed (max. %d characters)
Toolbars configuration
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Tweet My Wiki updates status of selected Twitter user with the information about new pages created on this site. <br/><br/> To activate it you need to authorize Tweet My Wiki application to use a Twitter account. <br/><br/> <strong><a href="%1">Authorize Tweet My Wiki application</a></strong> (sign in as user you want the updates to be posted as).
Type Mahel
Type name of the user Yittarul ann imy eti brurun
Type the Wikidot User name above or <a href="javascript:;" onclick="%1">select from your contacts</a>
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Type: Mahel:
table taboul
table of contents enntaktaboul
table wizard taboul-magýunnt
tags etikets
tags changed etikets ondeled
tags changes etikets ondets
talk hablavar
teletype (monospaced)
that is you ist erio Ut
this email is to confirm your payment for order #%1 at <a href="%2"></a>.
title týttle
title change tyttel ondet
title changed tyttel ondeled
title changes tyttel ondets
to o
toc enttbl
together with %%year%% tag, which displays current year. anone ale te etiket %%year%%, dual viserio te esdieled hæm.
toggle visibility onder visening

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