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"Tags" field too long. “标签”过长。
"Thank you" page “感谢您”页面
… there are a few dependencies left. …还剩下一些依赖页面。
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<a href="" target="_blank">Terms of Service of</a> <a href="" target="_blank"> 服务条款</a>
Table of Contents 目录
Tag profile page for current members with: 将目前成员的个人档案页面标记为:
Tag profile page for past members with: 将过去成员的个人档案页面标记为:
Tagline 标签串
Tagline / subtitle 标签串 / 子标题
Tagline should not be longer than 200 characters 标签串不得超过 200 个字符
Tags 标签
Tags are a nice way to organize content in your Site. You can apply multiple tags (labels) to each of your pages. You can learn more what a tag is reading Wikipedia entries for <a href="" target="_blank">Tags</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Tag cloud</a>. 标签是您组织网站内容的好方法。您可在您的每个页面添加多个标签(标记)。若想进一步了解“标签”,请参阅维基百科的<a href="" target="_blank">标签</a>与<a href="" target="_blank">标签云</a>条目。
Take me to PayPal 带我前往 PayPal
Template 模板
Template "%s" can not be found. 找不到模板"%s"。
Template preview: 模板预览:
Templates 模板
Terms of Service 服务条款 works very well for websites with low-to-medium traffic. Moreover, if your Wiki has a <em>Google Page Rank</em> equal or more than 4 (which could indicate your Wiki is suitable for selling links) this will most probably work nicely. (you can check your Wiki's PageRang e.g. <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>) <br/><br/> To see TLA in action look at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> - we are displaying ads in the footer. Text-Link-Ads.com可在低至中流量的网站运作良好。此外,若您维基的<em>Google 网页评级</em>达到4级及以上(这意味着您的维基很适合贩售链接),它仍然可以运行得不错。(您可<a href="" target="_blank">在此</a> 查询您维基的网页评级) <br/><br/>若想看看 TLA 实际上如何运作,可瞧瞧<a href="" target="_blank"></a> — 我们在页尾有显示广告。
Thank you 感谢您
Thanks a lot for signing the "%1" petition. To ensure that it's really you, and not someone else using your email address, please click the following link to confirm your signature: 非常感谢签署“%1”请愿书。为了确保真的是您,而不是其他人使用您的电子邮件地址,请单击以下链接以确认您的签名:
Thanks, no extra slots right now. 感谢,目前不需要更多站点栏位。
The thread you're trying to show seems to have been deleted 您尝试显示的讨论串似乎已被删除
The title="..." attribute is not valid. title="..." 的属性是无效的。
The transaction in your card statement will be described as payment to <strong>WIKIDOT INC</strong>. 该交易将在您的卡片方被描述为向 <strong>WIKIDOT INC</strong> 的付款。
The transaction is complete and the amount due has been charged. Below you will find an unique ID number of the transaction. Please print this page or store the number for your record. In case of questions or inquiries please use this number when talking to a sales representative. 交易已完成,到期金额已被收取。在下面,您将找到该交易的唯一ID号。请打印此页或存储号码以备记录。如果有问题或询问,请在与Wikidot.com交谈时使用此号码销售代表。
The two revisions you compared are pretty much identical 您比较的两个修订版本是完全一样的
Theme name 主题名称
Theme name must be given. 需提供布景主题名称。
Theme name should not be longer than 30 characters. 布景主题名称不得超过 30 个字符。
Theme with this name already exists within this site. 本站已有同名的布景主题。
Themes 布景主题
There are %1 new notifications for you regarding your user account. 您有 %1 则与您的用户账户相关的新通知。
There are %s notifications 有 %s 个通知
There are no blocked IPs. 没有被封禁的 IP 地址。
There are no blocked users. 没有被封禁的用户。
There are no categories to show 没有分类可显示
There are no custom layouts for this site. 本站没有自定布局。
There are no custom themes for this site. 本站没有自定布景主题。
There is 1 new notification for you regarding your user account. 您有1则与您的用户账户相关的新通知。
There is no page called %s 没有名为%s的页面
There is no page with this name 没有以此命名的页面
There is no such campaign defined 没有这个活动
There is no such page in this site 本站没有这个页面
There is no such user 没有这个使用者
There is one notification 有一个通知
There was a problem moving the file (code GFD) 移动文件时发生问题(代码GFD)
There was a problem moving the file(code GFI) 移动文件时发生问题(代码GFI)
There was a problem uploading the file - please try again later (code FPU) 上传文件时发生问题 — 请稍后再试(代码FPU)
There was a problem uploading the file - please try again later (code FUO) 上传文件时发生问题 — 请稍后再试(代码FUO)
There was a problem uploading the file - please try again later (code GFD) 上传文件时发生问题 — 请稍后再试(代码GFD)
There was a problem uploading the file - please try again later (code GFI) 上传文件时发生问题 — 请稍后再试(代码GFI)
There was a problem uploading the file - please try again later (code INV) 上传文件时发生问题 — 请稍后再试(代码INV)
There was a problem uploading the file - please try again later (code NFU) 上传文件时发生问题 — 请稍后再试(代码NFU)
There was a problem uploading the file - please try again later (code NUL) 上传文件时发生问题 — 请稍后再试(代码NUL)
There was a problem uploading the file - please try again later (code UNK) 上传文件时发生问题 — 请稍后再试(代码UNK)
There was an unknown problem and we could not complete your request: please try again 出现了一个未知问题,我们无法完成您的请求:请再试一次
These pages were not fixed because the fixer algorithm could not fix them, they were edit-locked by another user or you just have not checked them to be fixed. 这些页面没有修复成功,是因为修复程序无法修复它们、页面已被另一个用户编辑锁定,或单纯只是因为您尚未勾选它们加以修复。
This IP address belongs to a private subnet and cannot be flagged 此 IP 地址属于一个私人子网域,无法加以标记
This Site is private and accessible only to its members. 本站是私人的,只有成员可以访问。
This User cannot own any more Sites. 此用户的网站数已达上限。
This action is available only to the person who actually started the Site (the founder). <br/><br/> We highly discourage anyone from deleting a website at Wikidot especially if: 该操作仅对实际启动站点的用户(即创建者)可用。 <br/> <br/>我们不推荐任何人删除位于 Wikidot 上的站点,尤其是当:
This action is restricted to site members 此操作只开放给网站成员
This area of the website is private and you don't have access to it. If you believe you need access to this area please contact the web site administrators. 该网站的这个区域是私人的,您无权访问。如果您认为您的确需要访问该区域,请联系站点管理员。
This campaign has been paused 此活动已暂停
This category holds hidden threads 此分类内含隐藏的讨论串
This category holds per-page comment threads 此分类内含每个页面回应讨论串
This code should work - send a report 此代码应该可以运作:寄送报告
This email address does not match any user profile 此电子邮件地址不匹配任何一个用户个人档案
This email address has already been used to sign the petition 此电子邮件地址已用于签署此活动
This email has been sent to recover password for Wikidot account %1. To reset your password click the link below: 此电子邮件用于恢复 Wikidot 账户 %1 的密码。如需重置您的密码,请点击下面的链接:
This feature is reserved for Pro+ users. 此功能只保留给专业版+使用者。
This feature is reserved for pro users. 此功能只保留给专业版使用者。
This function is available to Pro accounts only. Upgrade your account and get bunch of other awesome features as well! 此功能仅专业版账户可用。
This group holds hidden threads 此群组内含隐藏讨论串。
This invitation was sent by another member of this site 此邀请函是本站另一位成员所寄出的
This is a "per category" setting which means you can have rating enabled only for a subclass of your Site. If a category setting reads "default" it means a value from the "_default" category is being inherited. 此处为“分类别”设置。您可以单独修改不同子类的评分方式。如果类别设置为“默认”,则表明该分类将继承“_default”类中的值。
This is a private feed. User authentication required via Basic HTTP Authentication. You can not access it. Please go to 'Account' -> 'Settings' -> 'Password' to get the password if you believe you should be allowed. 这是一则私人信息。需要通过基本HTTP身份验证进行用户身份验证。你无权访问。如果您认为应被允许访问,请转到“账户”->“设置”->“密码”获取密码。
This is a testing feature and we assume that you already know how OpenID works and how it can be used. At Wikidot we are working towards providing true OpenID server and accepting OpenID logins, but at the moment we thought it would be cool to allow you to use your Wiki URL as an OpenID login. <br/><br/> How it works? You must already have a OpenID account at one of the identity providers (see below). When you try to log into any OpenID-enabled services, your Wikidot Site will simply redirect (delegate) to your id provider. 这是一个测试功能,我们假设您已经了解 OpenID 如何运作,以及它该如何使用。在 Wikidot,我们埋首工作,希望能提供货真价实的 OpenID 服务器并接受 OpenID 登入,但目前我们认为允许您使用 Wiki URL 作为 OpenID 登录将是很酷的。<br/><br/>它的工作原理?您必须在其中一个身份提供商处拥有 OpenID 帐户(见下文)。当您尝试登录任何启用 OpenID 的服务时,您的 Wikidot 网站将仅重定向(委托)到您的 ID 提供商。
This is an "Anonymous" user that does not use a valid account. 这是一个“匿名”的,未使用有效 账户的用户。
This is how people will know you. 这将是人们了解您的方式。
This is not a valid URI address. 这不是有效的 URI 地址。
This is not a valid color format. 这不是有效的颜色格式。
This is the Redirect module that redirects the browser directly to the "%1" page 这是重定向模块,可以将浏览器重定向到“%1”页面
This is the administrative panel for your Site. But remember: <strong>With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility</strong>. 这是您的站点的管理面板。但请记住:<strong>权力越大,责任越大。</strong>
This is the discussion related to the wiki page 这是与维基页面相关联的讨论内容
This is the final step and after you confirm your identity, your account will be deleted. 这是最后一步,一旦您确认您的身份,您的账户将被删除。
This is the message your recipient(s) will receive. Please do not use any formatting (wiki nor HTML) within your (optional) message. 这是您的收件人将收到的消息。请勿在(可选的)消息中使用任何(维基或HTML)格式。
This is your new, fantastic Site Manager. We have changed a lot around here, making administration better and faster. Managing your Wiki has never been easier. 这是您崭新酷炫的站点管理器。我们修改了不少地方,使得管理更加快捷有效。管理您的维基从未如此便捷。
This layout can not be deleted because there are still themes that use it. 该布局无法删除,因为仍然有某些主题在使用它。
This list belongs to the wiki: %1 located at: <a href="%2">%2</a>. 该列表属于维基:%1 位于: <a href="%2">%2</a>。
This membership application does not exist: please try again 成员申请书不存在:请重试
This module always redirect to /_admin and only on that place working. You see this info because you have noredirect settings set on true. 这个页面本将直接重定向于管理(/_admin)页面,您能看到这个页面是因为您使用了免跳转浏览。
This option is available in the Pro+ subscription plan. 该选项仅对专业版+订阅方案可用。
This option is available only to registered (and signed in) users. 该选项仅对已注册(并登入)的用户可用。
This option is for at least Pro Lite accounts. Please consider upgrading. 该功能只开放给至少升级为Pro Lite的账户,请升级您的账户。
This page already exists, please refresh the page in your browser 该页面已经存在,请在您的浏览器中刷新页面
This page does not exist 页面不存在
This page is OK 该页面正常
This page is objectionable 这个页面有问题
This panel allows you to configure advertising options on this site. For example, to place AdSense ads, go to <a href="" target="_blank">Google AdSense</a> (start an account if you do not have one), set up an AdSense for Content unit, and paste the code into any of locations chosen below. Repeat for any other locations below, and save the settings. <br/><br/> We will be adding support for other advertising networks gradually — we are open to suggestions. <br/><br/> If you have any questions related to ads, contact us at <a href=""></a>. 此面板允许您在此网站上配置广告选项。例如,要放置 AdSense 的广告,请转到<a href="" target="_blank">谷歌广告系统</a>(如果你没有账户,请创建一个账户),为内容单元设置一个广告服务,并将代码粘贴到下面选择的任何位置。对下面的任何其他位置重复此操作,并保存设置。<br/><br/>我们将逐步增加对其他广告代理商的支持——我们愿意听取建议。<br/><br/>如果您对广告有任何疑问,请联系我们<a href="">联系</a>.
This private site is limited to %d members: the site owner should upgrade his account to raise this limit 此私人站点最多拥有 %d 位成员:站点主要管理员升级账户后才能添加更多成员
This sends a message to site administrators. 该操作将向站点管理员发送消息。
This setting allows creating a special page numbering scheme for a given category. If enabled, every new page created will be saved with its unix name becoming an incremental number. The initial suggested page name will be ignored. <br/><br/> I.e. if you apply the autonumbering scheme to a category called "issue" and try to create pages within this category, e.g. "issue:new-issue", it will be saved as "issue:1". The next new page you save will be named "issue:2" etc. <br/><br/> This is particularly useful for creating any kind of lists where each page is an item of the list. <br/><br/> To make the best use of the autonumbering feature you can combine it with the <a href="">ListPages module</a>. 此设置允许为已设定类别创建一个特殊页面编号方案。如果启用,创建的每个新页面都将被保存,其unix名称将成为一个递增的数字。初始建议的页面名将被忽略。<br/><br/>即,如果您将自动编号方案应用于一个名为“issue”的类别,并试图在此类别中创建页面,例如“issue:new-issue”,则它将被保存为“issue:1”。您保存的下一页将命名为“issue:2”等。<br/><br/>这对于创建任何类型的列表特别有用,其中每个页面都是列表的一个项目。<br/><br/>为了更好地利用自动编号功能,您可以将其与<a href=""> ListPages 模块</a>结合起来。
This signature has already been confirmed, thank you 此签名已经被确认,谢谢您
This site currently uses %s storage. You cannot set a limit lower than that. 该站点当前使用了 %s 的存储空间。您设置的限制不能低于该数值。
This site does not allow joining. 该站点禁止加入。
This site does not exist 该站点不存在。
This site has a restricted membership policy. You can either join it if you know an entry password, or if you apply to site administrators for membership and be accepted. 该网站限制成员资格。如果您知晓加入密码,或向管理员发送成员资格申请书并被批准,则可以加入该站点。
This site has been configured to use only SSL (HTTPS) secure connection. SSL is available only for <a href="">Pro+ premium accounts</a>. 该站点已被配置为仅使用 SSL(HTTPS)安全连接。SSL功能仅对<a href="">Pro+ 高级账户</a>可用。
This site has been deleted. 该站点已被删除。
This site has education upgrade applied already. 该站点已应用了教育性升级。
This site name is not available, please try another name 该站点名称不可用,请尝试其它名称
This site page was reported 站点页面被举报
This site user was reported 站点用户被举报
This site was deleted by Wikidot Team because of violating the <a href="">Terms Of Service</a>. 该站点已经被 Wikidot 团队删除,因为它违反了<a href="">服务条款</a>。
This site will be also available via <em>http://%1.%2</em> address regardless of the custom domain settings, unless you check <em>Use the custom domain as the only domain</em>. <br/><br/> Any changes in the redirections might take up to a few minutes before becoming effective, due to caching. 该网站将可以通过<em>http://%1.%2</em>访问,自定义域设置不会对此有影响,除非您选中<em>使用自定域名作为唯一域名</em>。

This theme can not be deleted because there are still pages that use it. Please check themes assigned to particular categories. 该主题由于仍有页面使用而无法删除。请核查相关分类。
This tool is for use by the administrators of this site 该工具被管理员用来管理该站点
This user does not exist: please choose another and try again 该用户不存在:请选择其他并重试
This user does not exist: please reload and try again 该用户不存在:请重新载入并重试
This user does wish to receive private messages. 该用户不接收私人消息。
This user has already been invited to the site 该用户已被邀请进入该站点
This user has been blacklisted 该用户已被列入黑名单
This user has blocked all invitations - contact by personal message 该用户拒收了所有邀请 — 请使用私人消息与其联系
This user is OK 该用户正常
This user is abusive 该用户有不当行为
This user is already a member of the site 该用户已是站点成员
This user is already a moderator 该用户已是版主
This user is already an administrator 该用户已是管理员
This user is already blocked. 该用户已被封禁。
This user is no longer a member of this site: please reload 该用户不再是该站点的成员:请重新加载
This user is no longer a moderator 该用户不再是版主
This user is no longer an administrator 该用户不再是管理员
This user is not a member of any site. 该用户不是任何站点的成员
This user is not a moderator of any site. 该用户不是任何站点的版主
This user is not an administator 该用户不是管理员
This user is not an administrator of any site. 该用户不是任何站点的管理员
This user is the only admin of the site, and as such cannot be removed 该用户是该站点的唯一一位管理员,因此无法移除
This user is the owner and master admin of the site: removing him would be rude 该用户是本站的主管理员,尝试移除他可能导致你乌纱帽不保
This user wishes to receive messages only from selected users. 该用户希望仅接收所选用户的讯息。
This way you will be sure you are connecting the right accounts. 在这里确认您连接到了正确的账户。
This wizard will create a code block. The code type (language) is needed for proper syntax highlighting. 此向导将创建一个代码块。它将指定代码语言(类型)以正确地进行代码高亮。
This wizard will create a link to a selected page within this site. Please enter the destination page name. If the destination page does not exist a link will also be generated to allow easier page creation. 此向导将创建指向此网站内所选页面的链接。请输入目标页面名称。若目标页面不存在,链接仍会生成以便您更轻松地创建页面。
This wizard will create an URL (web address) link: 该向导将创建一个 URL(网页地址)链接:
This wizard will create an empty table with the specified properties: 此向导将创建具有指定属性的表格:
This wizard will help you insert an image into the page. 该向导将会帮助您将图片插入页面中。
Thread is locked and you cannot edit it: please contact your site admin 讨论串已锁定,您不能进行编辑:请联系您的站点管理员
Thread locked 锁定讨论串
Thread name 讨论串名称
Thread starting date 讨论串起始日期
Thread title 讨论串标题
Threads 讨论串
Threads in forums of the site 本站点论坛中的讨论串
Threads in the forum category 论坛分类中的讨论串
Throw away 删除
Tip: Another way to handle site-wide permissions it to set permissions for individual categories. This can be done using the <a href="/_admin">Site Manager</a>. 提示:另一种处理站点局部权限的方法是设置各个类别的权限。这可以使用<a href="/_admin">站点管理器</a>完成。
Tip: to have the PHP code highlighted the code must be surrounded with &lt;?php … ?&gt; tags. 提示:要高亮显示PHP代码,代码必须用<?php ... ?>标签。
Tip: you can change horizontal alignment of individual cell contents by putting &lt;, = and &gt; after the || marker which give: left, center or right alignment. 提示:您可以通过在||标记后面添加放置<,=和>符号以实现:向左对齐、居中对齐或向右对齐。
Tips 小提示
Title 标题
Title format should contain at least one of "%d" (for the page number) or "%s" (for the original title) variables, e.g. "Issue %d: %s". 标题格式应至少包含“%d”(用于页码)或“%s”(用于原始标题)变量之一,例如“问题%d:%s”。
Title format should not be longer than 64 characters. 标题格式不应该大于 64 字符。
Title of the page 页面标题
To accept this invitation (and get a Wikidot account if you don't have one yet) click the link: 若想接受此邀请(如果您还没有 Wikidot 账户,请注册一个),请点击以下链接:
To admins 设为管理员
To allow people sign this petition insert the following piece of code into one of your pages: 如需允许人们签署此请愿书,请在您需要的页面中插入以下代码:
To apply, you first need to create a account, which will allow us to identify you. After you finish, please come back to this page and try joining the site again. 如需申请,你需要先创建 账户,这将允许我们识别您的身份。完成后,请返回此页面并再次尝试加入该网站。
To browse activities online or configure settings go to your <a href="%1">Account Dashboard</a>. 如需在线浏览活动或配置设置,请转到<a href="%1">账户仪表板</a>。
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