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+ Upload a file with contacts + 上传附有通讯录的文件
<li> <strong>Use site tags</strong><br/> If your Site already has some interesting content you should describe your Site by appropriate Tags - it will be easier to find for others. Go to <a href="javascript:;" onclick="%1">General settings</a>. </li> <li> <strong>使用网站标签</strong><br/> 如果您的网站已有一些有趣的内容,您应该使用恰当的标签来描述您的网站- 其他人会更容易找到您的网站。请前往<a href="javascript:;" onclick="%1">一般设定</a>。 </li>
<li>URL of the page containing the image (only if image is public)</li> <li>the numerical ID of the image (only if public)</li> <li>image's URL (click on "all sizes" above the image and grab the single-line photo's URL - option 2.)</li> <li>附有该图片(图片必须是公开的)的页面URL</li> <li>图片的数字ID(图片必须是公开的)</li> <li>图片的URL(请在图片上的"所有尺寸" 点击,并取得单行图片URL - 选项2。)</li>
<li>unlimited number of members even if your site is private</li> <li>25 GB for file uploads, each file up to 100 MB, more storage per request</li> <li>SSL security</li> <li>unlimited number of revisions per page</li> <li>other small improvements</li> <li>在您的站点是私人站点的情况下仍可以有不限量的成员加入</li> <li>文件储存可达 25 GB,每个文件大小可以是 100 MB,每次请求的存储空间更大</li> <li>SSL 安全</li> <li>不限制页面版本数</li> <li>以及更多特权</li>
<strong>Upgrade for only </strong><span style="font-size: 28px">%149.90</span><strong> / year </strong>and get: <strong>现在升级只要 </strong> 49.90$ <strong> / 年 </strong>并可获得:
The uploaded file can not be used as a favicon.<br/>Image is too big. Please upload image size less than 2MB. 上传的文件无法用于 favicon。<br/>图像过大。请上传小于 2MB 的图像。
The uploaded file can not be used as a favicon.<br/>Image is too small. 上传的文件无法用于 favicon。<br/>图像过小。
The uploaded file can not be used as a favicon.<br/>Please upload a valid .png, .jpg or .gif image. 上传的文件无法用于 favicon。<br/>请上传一个有效的 .png、.jpg 或者 .gif 图像。
The user is not a Member of this Wiki. 此用户不是本维基的成员。
The user you want to block is a member of this site. Please first remove him/her from the site members list. 您想要封禁的用户是本站成员。请先将他 / 她从网站成员名单除名。
The users will be taken to this page after confirming the signature.<br/> Leave blank to produce a standard "Thank you" message. 确认签名之后,使用者会被带至本页。 <br/>保持空白可产出一个标准的"感谢您" 讯息。
URL link URL 链接
URL link wizard URL 链接向导
URL of the identity: ID URL:
URL of the server: 服务器 URL:
USD (United States dollars) USD(美元)
Unable to recreate lock safely 无法安全地重建锁定
Unfold 展开
Unfold All 全部展开
Unit price 单位价格
Unknow error. 未知错误。
Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under 除非特别注明,本页内容采用以下授权方式:
Unless you use custom footer on your Site, every page contains "Flag as objectionable" link in the bottom-right corner. Users can mark particular pages as abusive/objectionable. Here is a list of such marked pages. Your role as an administrator is to review them and react on such reports. You can always refer to our <a href="">Terms of Service</a>. 除非您在您的网站上使用自定义页脚,否则每个页面在右下角都包含“标记为令人反感的”链接。用户可以将特定的页面标记为滥用/反感的页面。下面是一个有这样标记页面的列表。您作为管理员是为了检查这些报告并对这些报告作出反应。您可以随时参考我们的<a href="">服务条款</a>。
Unread 未读
Unsupported color format. Use "RRR,GGG,BBB" for Red,Green,Blue each within 0-255 range. 不支持的色彩格式。请使用“RRR,GGG,BBB”表示红、绿、蓝,每个值介于0 ~ 255。
Unsupported format for font size. Use px, em or %. 不支持的字体大小格式。请使用 px、em 或 %。
Unsupported format for font size. Use px, em, pt or %. 不支持的字体大小格式。请使用 px、em、pt 或 %。
Unsupported math environment " 不支持的数学环境 "
Unsupported payment method. 不支持的付款方式。
Unwatch 取消关注
Unwatch all %1 categories 取消关注所有 %1 分类
Unwatch all %1 pages 取消关注所有 %1 页面
Unwatch all %1 sites 取消关注所有 %1 网站
Unwatch this category 取消关注该分类
Unwatch this page 取消关注该页面
Unwatch this site 取消关注该网站
Update 更新
Update list 更新清单
Update preview 更新预览
Upgrade 升级
Upgrade Wikidot account now 立刻升级 Wikidot 账户
Upgrade account now 立刻升级账户
Upgrade here 在此处升级
Upgrade now 立刻升级
Upgrade now! 现在升级!
Upgrade to Pro 升级为专业版(Pro)
Upgrade to Pro+ 升级为专业版+
Upgrade to Pro+<br/> for 升级至专业版+<br/>仅需
Upgrade to Pro<br/> for 升级至专业版(Pro)<br/>仅需
Upgrade your account in 3 easy steps 轻松三步,升级您的账户
Upgrade! 升级!
Upgrading… 正在升级……
Upload 上传
Upload a file from your computer 从您的电脑上传一个文件
Upload date 上传日期
Upload file 上传文件
Upload file error. Please try again. 文件上传出错。请再试一次。
Upload from your computer 从您的电脑上传
Upload multiple files (using Adobe Flash) 上传多个文件(使用Adobe Flash)
Upload multiple files (using Adobe Flash, EXPERIMENTAL) 上传多个文件(使用Adobe Flash,尚在实验阶段)
Uploaded by 上传由
Uploaded file "%s". 已上传文件 “%s”。
Uploaded multiple files. 已上传多个文件。
Uploading… 正在上传……
Upon confirmation your 在确认您的
Use <a href="javascript:;" onclick="%1">Permissions</a> menu for fine-grained access control. <br/><br/> The landing page for unauthorized visitors should at least explain why the site is private and how to get access to it. But this is of course up to you. <br/><br/> You can better manage the style and look of the welcome page for unauthorized visitors by creating a welcome page in a different category (e.g. <tt>unauthorized:welcome</tt>) and disable nav elements for it in the Appearance menu. <br/><br/> To get new members, you can also: 请使用<a href="javascript:;" onclick="%1">权限</a> 选单作细部的存取控制。 <br/><br/>未认证的使用者所见页面至少应解释,为何本站是私人的及如何取得存取权限。但这当然由您决定。 <br/><br/>您可在另一个分类(例如:<tt>unauthorized:welcome</tt>)里创建一个欢迎页面,并在外观选单里停用其导览元件,会更好管理给未认证访客的欢迎页面外观。 <br/><br/>若要招募新成员,您也可:
Use Google Analytics 使用 Google Analytics
Use bootstrap 使用 bootstrap
Use default permissions 使用预设权限
Use pop-up? 使用弹出式窗口?
Use secure browsing where possible 可能的话,使用安全浏览
Use side menu bar 使用侧边菜单栏
Use the Wikidot User info pop-up when clicking on avatars, Profile page link will lead to site profile. Note: Unchecking will make user avatars link directly to their site profile. 点击头像时使用Wikidot用户信息弹出窗口,个人资料页面链接将指向网站个人资料。注意:取消选中将使用户头像直接链接到他们的网站配置文件。
Use the custom domain as the only domain for this site. 以自订网域名称作为本站唯一的网域名称。
Use the custom footer 使用自订页尾
Use the following data for authentication: 使用下列资料来认证:
Use top menu bar 使用顶部菜单栏
Use your real email — people will never see this. 使用您真实的电子邮件 — 人们不会看到这项资料。
Used storage: 已用存储:
Useful links 有用的链接
User 用户
User %1 does not exist. 用户 %1 不存在。
User %s accepted the invitation and joined your site 用户 %s 同意了邀请并加入了您的网站
User %s accepted your invitation 用户 %s 同意了您的邀请
User %s asked to join one of your sites 用户 %s 要求加入您的网站之一
User %s joined your site using the secret password 用户 %s 使用密码加入了您的网站
User %s rejected your invitation 用户 %s 拒绝了您的邀请
User %s reported page %s of your site 用户 %s 在您的网站上举报了页面 %s
User %s reported user %s of your site 用户 %s 在您的网站上举报了用户 %s
User %s reported user of your site whith used ip %s 用户 %s 在您的网站上举报了用户 %s 使用ip
User %s resigned as administrator of your site 用户 %s 不再担任您网站的管理者
User %s resigned as member of your site 用户 %s 不再是您网站的成员
User %s resigned as moderator of your site 用户 %s 不再担任您网站的版主
User Profiles 用户信息
User does not exist. 用户不存在。
User icons 用户图示
User info 用户信息
User name 用户名
User profiles 用户信息
User reports 用户报告
User search has been (temporarily) disabled. Sorry! 用户搜索已(暂时)停用,抱歉!
User to be blocked: 欲封禁的用户:
User with the email address "%s" has been already invited to this Site. Remove him from the list and send invitations again. If you want to resend an invitation please rather look at the history of sent invitations. 电子邮件位址 “%s” 的使用者已被邀请加入本站。请先从清单里移除他后再重寄一次邀请函。如果您想要重寄邀请函,请先看看寄送邀请函的纪录。
User with the email address "%s" is already a member of this Site. Remove him from the list and send invitations again. 拥有 “%s” 电子邮箱地址的用户已经是该站点的成员了。请将其从列表中移除并重试发送邀请。
User's contributions: 用户贡献:
Users 用户
Users can mark anonymous users using your Site as abusive. Here is a list of such marked users. Your role as an administrator is to review them and react on such reports. You can always refer to our <a href="">Terms of Service</a>. 用户可以标记使用您的网站的匿名用户为不当行为用户。下面是一个有这样标记用户的列表。您作为管理员是为了检查这些报告并对这些报告作出反应。您可以随时参考我们的<a href="">服务条款</a>。
Users can mark other users using your Site as abusive after clicking their user name. Here is a list of such marked users. Your role as an administrator is to review them and react on such reports. You can always refer to our <a href="">Terms of Service</a>. 在点击他们的用户名后,用户可以将您的站点的其他用户标记为不当行为用户。下面是一个有这样标记用户的列表。您作为管理员是为了检查这些报告并对这些报告作出反应。您可以随时参考我们的<a href="">服务条款</a>。
Users who are members of at least one Site that I am too 跟我同网站成员的用户
Using custom themes you can easily convert your site into a brand new quality. The idea is simple - you can create your own CSS rules. <br/> Look at the <a href="" target="_blank">CSS layout reference too</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Design your own CSS theme</a> howto. 使用自定义主题,您可以轻松地将网站转换为全新的质量。这个想法很简单——你可以创建自己的CSS规则<br/>查看<a href="" target="_blank">CSS布局参考</a>和<a href="" target="_blank">设计你的CSS主题</a> howto.
Using the "watching" feature you can be instantly notified about activity related to sites, pages and comments, directly to your email inbox. <br/><br/> Read more at <a href="">Watching FAQ</a>. 使用“关注”功能,您可以立即收到与网站、页面和评论相关的活动通知,并直接发送到您的电子邮件收件箱。<br/><br/> 更多信息在 <a href="">关注常见问题</a>
Using the interface below you can edit special HTML &lt;meta&gt; tags for the page. 使用下面的接口,您可以编辑页面特殊的 HTML “meta” 标签。
Using this feature you are able to clone the whole wiki. A new wiki with content copied from this one will be created with the new web address. 使用该选项将克隆这个站点:创建一个与本站现有内容完全一样但地址不一样的站点
underline 下划线
underline (ctrl+u) 下划线(ctrl+u)
unlimited 无限
unselect all 取消全选
unsupported event type: 不支持的事件类型
unwatch 取消关注
upload files 上传文件
uploaded a file at 已上传文件位于
uploaded files at 已上传多个文件位于
url url
url link wizard url 链接向导
username or email address 用户名或电子邮箱地址
username: 用户名:

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