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(will not be published) (zal niet gepubliceerd worden)
(with the Community Forum) (met het communityforum)
... which means somebody else is creating the page at the same time and owns an exclusive page lock. <br/><br/> If however you are sure you want to intercept the page lock or the lock comes from a mistake or failure, you may try to forcibly remove conflicting lock. ... wat betekent dat iemand anders de pagina tegelijkertijd maakt en eigenaar is van een exclusieve paginavergrendeling. <br/><br/> Als je echter zeker weet dat je de paginavergrendeling wilt onderscheppen of als de vergrendeling het gevolg is van een fout of mislukking, kunt je proberen de conflicterende vergrendeling met geweld te verwijderen.
<a href=""></a> registered users
<a href="" target="_blank">what is this?</a>
<li> We will send you an email with a verification link. Make sure you have access to the mailbox. </li> <li> You will be asked to enter your new password. </li>
<li>Wikidot staff (they can also contact you by email),</li> <li>Moderators and administrators of any of the sites you are a member of.</li>
<li>we will not display any ads on your sites,</li> <li>you will be able to place your own ads, including those from AdSense or other ad networks, and manage ads easily through our panel within Site Manager (right here).</li>
<p>When you check this option, we remember you're IP address. This means that if you move your computer to another location, you will be asked to sign in again. It is also more secure and hacker-proof. </p><p> However, some firewalls make it look like you're always changing IP address, so if you use a computer that is behind a firewall, and you find yourself being mysteriously signed out, do not use this option.</p>
<strong>Warning!</strong> Our wildcard domain certificate works well only within the domain. If you are using a custom domain for your Wiki (e.g. instead of you browser might produce a warning. Please contact us at <a href=""></a> if you wish to use your own certificate for your domain.
The Wikidot toolbars drive traffic between Wikidot sites and provide additional interface elements. If you show the top toolbar on your own site, you will get traffic through the "Random site" button. <br/><br/> Successful sites (those with enough content) are promoted on the bottom toolbar, but if you want your site to be featured even more often, please display the bottom toolbar on your site too!
The Wikidot toolbars drive traffic between Wikidot sites and provide additional interface elements. The toolbars are displayed by default on all sites, but admins can disable them if they choose not to participate in the traffic exchange. <br/><br/> Individual users can disable seeing toolbars on other sites (thus overriding site settings), but please note that this can limit the user interface, since top toolbar might contain interface elements to interact with pages.
WWW Proxy. WWW Proxy
WWW Proxy? WWW Proxy?
Waiting for incoming payment
Want to create cool breadcrumbs navigation? Create structured site layout? Choose the parent page (one-level-above) for this one.
Want to learn more? Read our <a href="javascript:;">TLA guides and instructions</a>.
Warning! Classic +/- rating type and five-stars rating are completely independent and one rating does not alter the other one.
Warning! Once you give away your Master status, you will lose a lot of control over this Site. <br/> Also, to get it back, you will have to ask the new Master Administrator to transfer this role to you. <br/> Use only when you trust the other person!
Warning! Please note that pages from private categories can still be included or viewed by ListPages module even if user does not have permission to view it directly.
Watch Thread
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We are periodically monitoring educational sites if they are really used for educational / research purposes. This is to prevent abuse.
We could not recognize the code
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We need you to have an account to create a new site
We respect your settings but there are situations where they can be overriden. In particular following people are allowed to send you messages:
We will automatically detect your payment and upgrade your account.
We will look closer at the submitted code and contact you if we have more questions. If you wish to contact us, please send an email to
We'll be sad if you do this.
Web address Webadres
Web address must be at least 3 characters long. Webadres moet minstens 3 karakters lang zijn.
Web address must be present and should be at least 3 characters long.
Web address name should not be longer than 50 characters.
Web statistics Web statistieken
Website Website
Website base URL: Website basis URL:
Website is not valid. Website niet gevonden.
Website: Website:
Welcome Welkom
Welcome page for new members
Welcome page for new members is too long. Welkom pagina voor nieuwe leden is te lang.
Welcome to Upgrades!
Welcome to! Welkom op!
What should you do <em>before</em> setting a custom domain?
What to do? Wat doen?
What to show?
What to tell them?
What will be cloned?
When the page is blocked only Site Administrators and Moderators with enough privileges can edit and modify it. This is sometimes useful e.g. for the starting page.
Which page will be displayed when people just type http://%1?
Which theme to extend
While you have been editing the page contents someone else removed your edit lock and started editing the page in a way that your actions conflict.
Who can join
Who can join:
Who can rate?
Who invited this guy? Wie heeft deze kerel geïnviteerd?
Whole site Volledige site
Whom do you want to invite?
Wiki Settings
Wiki address
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Wikidot Community Site
Wikidot Newsletter Wikidot Nieuwsbrief
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Wikidot controls advertising on free sites and some high-traffic paid sites. Our ads are unobtrusive. However we provide a simple way for site admins to gain complete control over advertising by upgrading their account.
Wikidot does not modify your Facebook profile nor post any information on your behalf without your acceptance.
Wikidot for educational purposes
Wikidot independent profile pages
Wikidot remote API allows 3rd party applications to access your sites by direct communication with Wikidot servers. <br/><br/> To let a 3rd party application access to your Wikidot account, you need an API key. There are two types of keys: read-only and read-write. Met de Wikidot externe API kunnen applicaties van derden toegang krijgen tot je sites door directe communicatie met Wikidot-servers. <br/><br/> Om een ​​applicatie van derden toegang te geven tot je Wikidot-account, heb je een API-sleutel nodig. Er zijn twee soorten sleutels: alleen-lezen en lezen-schrijven.
Wikidot toolbars
Wikidot user since:
Wikidot was unable to select the user - main page - hoofdpagina Account Notifications account meldingen Blog Privacy Policy. privacy beleid Terms of Service - what you can, what you should not etc. User since: gebruiker sinds: account notifications for user blog blog issues VAT invoices for every purchase. The address below will be used on future invoices. The address also helps us determine the currency best suited to your region and if you are a subject to Value Added Tax. user since gebruiker sinds watched forum discussions for user watched pages changes for user
Windows 8 Tile
With this option you can prevent anonymous (guest) and low-karma users from publishing links in forum posts and page comments.
Write private message Schrijf privébericht
widget toeschouwers
will be charged with the amount presented above. Your Wikidot account will be upgraded within seconds.
would like to invite you to join members of the wiki website "%1" created at
would like to invite you to the wiki website <a href="%2">%1</a> created at <a href="">Wikidot</a>.
write schrijf

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