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(1 year, starting now) (1年,从现在开始)
1 year "Pro Lite" status for your account and your sites, <br/> An entry-level plan with 5 sites and 30 GB storage included. 1年的"Pro Lite"升级套餐,<br/>有5个站点栏位和30G的存储空间包括在其中。
1 year "Pro" status for your account and your sites, <br/> 10 sites and 100 GB storage included. 1年的"Pro"升级套餐,<br/>有10个站点栏位和100G的存储空间包括在其中。
1 year "Pro+" status for your account and your sites, <br/> 30 sites and 200 GB storage included, <br/> SSL for all your sites and priority email support and more. 1年的"Pro +",<br/>30个站点栏位和200G的存储空间,还有SLL为您的网站和私信传输服务。还有更多自定义选项!
<li> you have misspelled the email address - you can try again; </li> <li>your mail account does not accept emails - is it "full"? is your mail server all right? - check your email account; </li> <li> servers are unable to send the message - try again later and report a problem if we fail again. </li> <li>您拼写了错误的电子邮件地址-您可以重试; </li> <li>您的邮件账户不接受电子邮件-是“已满”吗? 您的邮件服务器可以吗? -检查您的电子邮件账户; </li> <li> wikidot.com服务器无法发送消息-请稍后重试,如果再次失败,请报告问题。 </li>
<li> You should own (or have administrative access to) the domain you want to use, </li> <li> You should point your nameservers (via "control panel" if your provider gives you one - look for advanced DNS settings - or by any other means) to resolve your domain to servers. This should be done by setting a <strong>CNAME record</strong> to "<strong>www.%2</strong>" value. </li> <li> Very often one has to wait (depends on your provider or DNS settings) for the changes to propagate over the internet. </li> <li> Exactly the same procedure should be applied for the redirected domains (URLs) to be handled by servers. </li> <li> Sometimes you might be forced to provide the IP address of the server. In such a case use one of these addresses: <strong>%3</strong>. </li> <li> If you have enabled <em>Use the custom domain as the only domain</em> option, all requests to %1.%2 will be automatically redirected to your custom domain. </li> <li>您应该拥有(或拥有对您要使用的域的管理访问权),</li> <li>您应该指向您的域名服务器(如果提供商允许,请通过“控制面板”指向-查找高级DNS设置) -或通过其他任何方式)将您的域解析为Wikidot.com服务器。 这可以通过将<strong> CNAME记录</strong>设置为“<strong></strong>”值来完成。 </li> <li>很多时候(取决于您的提供商或DNS设置)人们必须等待所做的更改才能通过Internet传播。 </li> <li>对于由Wikidot.com服务器处理的重定向域(URL),应该完全采用相同的过程。 </li> <li>有时您可能被迫提供Wikidot.com服务器的IP地址。 在这种情况下,请使用以下地址之一:<strong>,</strong>。 </li> <li>如果启用了<em>使用自定义域作为唯一域</em>选项,则对您的网站的所有请求将自动重定向到您的自定义域。 </li>
<li> your site is publicly recognizable and potentially useful, </li> <li> is a collaborative work by several authors, </li> <li> there are other reasons that might make you miss your wiki. </li> <li> 你的站点广为人知并且十分有用 </li> <li> 是多位作者的合作成果 </li> <li> 有其他会使你想念你的维基的原因 </li>
<li> you sign up at TLA and submit your Wiki to TLA's inventory </li> <li> you choose where to place ads (by default in a footer of a page) </li> <li> TLA fills your spots with links (very short ads that contain just a few words and point to the advertiser's website); you can choose to review each ad before it is placed </li> <li> when someone wants to place a link on your Wiki, he/she buys the link directly from TLA </li> <li> our server communicates with TLA and includes the link automatically in the TLA advertising area </li> <li> you earn money directly from TLA </li> <li> 您在TLA 注册并将您的维基提交至TLA 名册。 </li> <li>您可选择在何处放置广告(预设为页面的页尾)</li> <li> TLA 会在您提供的位置填入连结(只有几个字的短广告,并指到广告主的网站);您可选择放置前先检核每个广告</li> <li>当别人想在您的维基放置一个连结时,他/ 她直接向TLA 购买该连结</ li> <li> 我们的伺服器与TLA 进行通讯并自动将该连结纳入TLA 广告区</li> <li> 您直接从TLA 赚钱</li>
<p> Your account name: %1<br/> Your account email: <a href="mailto:%2">%2</a> </p> <p> If you have any questions, please contact <a href=""></a>. </p> <p> 您的账户名称: %1<br/> 您的电子邮件地址: <a href="mailto:%2">%2</a> </p> <p> 如果您有任何问题,请联系 <a href=""></a>. </p>
Yes, I want to delete this site! 是的,我要删除本站!
Yes, ban 是的,封禁!
Yes, create a account first 好的,先创建Wikidot账户
Yes, delete block 确认删除封禁
Yes, delete layout 确认删除布局
Yes, delete theme 确认删除主题
Yes, overwrite it 确认覆盖
Yes, remove 确认移除
Yes, you <strong>can</strong> delete the whole Site. However even if you delete it, it will not be wiped out from our database but rather you will be able to <strong>undo</strong> the operation. 是的,您<strong>可以</strong>删除本站点。但您一旦删除站点,它将从我们的服务器上移除,此操作<strong>可以撤销</strong>。
You are about to <span class="application-type"></span> membership application from <span class="application-user"></span>. Feel free to add additional message below: 您将 <span class="application-user"></span> 来自 <span class="application-user"></span>. 的成员申请。随意在下框中添加更多内容:
You are about to invite user <strong class="sm-tmp-not-user-name"></strong> to become a member of this site. You can attach a message to the invitation. 您即将邀请 <strong class="sm-tmp-not-user-name"></strong> 成为本站成员。您可以在邀请函中附上讯息。
You are about to invite user <strong>%%USERNAME%%</strong> to become a member of this site. You can attach a message to the invitation. 您即将邀请<strong>%%USERNAME%%</strong> 成为本站成员。您可以在邀请函中附上讯息。
You are already a member of this site. 您已经是本网站的成员了。
You are already master administrator of %d sites, which is your limit 您已是%d 个网站的主要管理者,数目已达上限。
You are already watching this page 您已关注本页
You are already watching this thread 您已关注本讨论串
You are applying to 您正在申请
You are blocked by this user. 您已被此使用者封锁。
You are buying… 您正在购买…
You are currently using: 您正在使用:
You are editing a forum post as an anonymous user. Please remember that in such a case your IP address will be revealed to public and your contribution will be signed by the following identity: 您正以游客的身份编辑论坛文章。注意:在这种情形下,您的IP地址会被公开,且您的贡献将以下列身份显示:
You are editing a forum post as an anonymous user. Please remember that in such a case your IP address will be revealed to public and your contribution will be signed by the following identity: 您正以游客的身份编辑论坛文章。注意:在这种情形下,您的IP地址会被公开,且您的贡献将以下列身份显示:
You are invited to 您已被邀请到
You are limited to watching ten pages at most 您最多只能关注10个页面
You are limited to watching ten threads at most 您最多只能关注10个讨论串
You are not a member of this site. 您不是本站成员。
You are not allowed to alter contents of the parent page. You should have the "edit" permission on the parent page too. 您无法修改父页面的内容。您也必须有父页面的 "编辑" 权限。
You are not watching any individual pages right now. To start watching a page, go to it and click "start watching page" at the bottom page options section. 您目前并未关注任何页面。若要开始关注一个页面,请前往该页面,并点击在底部页面选项区块的"开始关注页面"。
You are not watching any page categories right now. To start watching a category, please visit any of the pages on a site and click "start watching category" option at the bottom page options section. 您目前并未关注任何页面分类。若要开始关注一个分类,请前往网站任一页面,并点击在底部页面选项区块的"开始关注分类"。
You are not watching any sites right now. To start watching a site, please visit it and find the "start watching site" option at the bottom page options section. 您目前并未关注任何网站。若要开始关注一个网站,请前往该网站,并找到在底部页面选项区块的"开始关注网站"。
You are now allowed to create pages in that category: ask your site admin for help 你不能在这个分类下创建页面:请向你的网站管理者求助。
You are trying to use the same label twice, but AdSense requires that each ad unit has a different label 您正试着重复使用同一标签,但 AdSense 要求每个广告单元必须要有不同标签
You can change the language of the user interface. This setting will not change the Site language set in Site Manager. 您可以改变用户界面的语言。这并不会改变站点管理菜单中的站点语言。
You can choose which navigation elements (<em>top-bar</em> and <em>side-bar</em>) should appear in pages within a specified category. 您可以选择哪些导航元素(<em>顶部栏</em>和<em>侧边栏</em>)应出现在指定类别的页面中。
You can connect your Wikidot account with your Facebook account. The connection allows for quick logging in (using Facebook Connect), easier sharing and inviting friends (coming soon). Wikidot does not modify your Facebook profile nor post any information on your behalf without your acceptance. 您可以将Wikidot账户与Facebook账户关联。该连接允许快速登录(使用Facebook Connect),更轻松地共享和邀请朋友(即将推出)。Wikidot不会在未经您接受的情况下修改您的Facebook个人资料,也不会代表您发布任何信息。
You can currently create up to %1 sites (%2 already created) 您可以创建最多 %1 个站点(%2 已创建)
You can currently create up to %1 sites (%2 already created) and have total of %3 storage (%4 used). 您可以创建最多 %1 个站点(%2 已创建)并拥有总计 %3 的存储空间(%4 已使用)。
You can delete the page by either move it to a "deleted" category or by just removing it from the Wiki - which is nonrecoverable and should be used with caution. 您可通过将页面移动至“deleted”分类,或直接从维基移除来删除页面 - 直接移除将不可恢复,请小心使用。
You can determine who can edit contents and change the structure of your Wiki. Administrators and moderators always have all permissions. 您可以设置编辑和浏览的权限,管理员有全部的权限,版主也是。
You can easily invite Wikidot users to become members of your Wiki. </p> <p> Upon accepting the invitation the User will automatically become a member. </p> 您可以邀请一位用户到您的wiki。</p><p>用户同意后将自动成为一名成员。</p>
You can maintain a private list of blocked users. Users from the list are not allowed to send you any private messages. <br/><br/> Note: Blocking a user does not prevent administrators from contacting you. Moderators and administrators of the sites that you are a member of are also unaffected by the Blocked users list. 您可以维护阻止用户的私人列表。 不允许列表中的用户向您发送任何私人消息。 <br/> <br/>注意:阻止用户并不会阻止Wikidot.com管理员与您联系。 您所属的站点的管理员和管理员也不受“阻止的用户”列表的影响。
You can not "re-rate" it with the same value. What you can do is to: change your mind and your vote or cancel your vote. 您不能用同样的分数"重新评分"。您能做的是:改变您的评分,或取消您的评分。
You can not apply. 您无法申请。
You can not simply resign - you are the last admin of this site! 您不能就这样退出 - 您是本站最后一个管理者!
You can put maximum 50 slots into the cart. 您最多可在购物车放入50 个物品。
You can read more about educational upgrade at our <a href="">main website</a>. <br/><br/> The educational upgrade are <strong>absolutely free</strong> for educational / research purposes, and is applied instantly, after providing some basic information. <br/><br/> If your project does not fall into educational / research category, or you need more advanced features from your site, please look at our <a href="">Pro upgrade plans</a>. 您可在我们的<a href="">主要网站</a> 参阅更多关于教育版升级的细节。 <br/><br/>教育版升级是<strong>完完全全地免费</strong> 提供给教育/ 研究用途,而且提供一些基本资料后就可以立即生效。 <br/><br/>若您的专案并不属于教育/ 研究范畴,或您需要更多进阶功能,请参考我们的 <a href="">专业版升级</a>
You can resend (remind) the invitation 2 times max. Please do not abuse this. 您最多可重寄(重新提醒)2 次邀请函。请勿滥用这个功能。
You can restrict access to your Wiki by selecting mode: 通过更改模式,您可以阻止他人访问此您的维基:
You can send email invitations to your friends telling them about your Site. If they respond to your invitation (and sign up) they will automatically become members of this Site. <br/><br/> You can send one invitation to a single email address. Also please do not abuse this and do not send spam. 您可以将电子邮件邀请发送给您的朋友,告诉他们有关您的网站的信息。如果他们回复了您的邀请(并注册),他们将自动成为本网站的成员。<br/> <br/>您可以将一个邀请发送到一个电子邮件地址。另外,请不要滥用此功能,也不要发送垃圾邮件。
You can send up to 200 invitations in one go, as an anti-spam measure 您一次最多可以寄送200 封邀请函,这是为了防止垃圾信件。
You can use <a href="" target="_blank">Wiki syntax</a>. 您可以使用 <a href="" target="_blank">Wiki 语法</a>。
You can use <a href="" target="_blank">wiki syntax</a> in your footer. 您可以在页脚使用 <a href="" target="_blank">Wiki 语法</a>。
You can use any other number of signatures displayed. The default is 50. Setting limit="0" will print all signatures. 您可设定显示任意数量的签名档。预设值是 50。将限制设为"0" 将会列出所有签名档。
You can write a few words here if you wish: 若您想要的话,您可以写些字:
You can't connect your account. The Facebook account you want to connect with has been already paired with other Wikidot account. 您无法连接您的账户。你要连接的Facebook账户已经与其他Wikidot账户配对。
You cannot add yourself to your own contact list 您不能将自己加入自己的联络人名单
You cannot delete your account because you are the Master Administrator of the following sites: 您不能删除你的账户,因为您是下列网站的主要管理员:
You cannot flag yourself as an abusive user 您不能检举自己是不当使用者
You cannot move the file to the same page it is already attached to 您不能将档案移至已附加该档的页面
You cannot remove yourself as site administrator: please ask another admin to do this 您不能将自己从网站管理者除名:请由另一位管理者进行。
You cannot send more than 3 copies of the invitation 您不能寄送超过3封邀请函副本。
You did not change your name 您没有修改名字。
You did not correctly confirm the new password: please try again and make sure you enter the same new password twice 您没有正确地确认新密码:请再试一次,并确定您输入同一密码两次。
You did not correctly confirm your password: please try again and make sure you enter the same new password twice 您没有正确地确认密码:请再试一次,并确定您输入同一密码两次。
You did not enter the correct password: please try again and make sure you enter your old password correctly 您没有输入正确的密码:请再试一次,并确定您输入正确的旧密码。
You did not make any changes to the page 您没有在本页作任何修改
You do not have a valid AdSense account. 您没有有效的AdSense账户。
You do not have permission to manage ads on this site. 您没有管理本站广告的权限。
You don't have permission to attach the file to that page 您没有在本页附加档案的权限。
You follow 您订阅
You have a new private message in your 您有一封新的私人讯息于
You have already added this user to your contact list 您已经新增此使用者至您的联络人名单
You have already applied to this site 您已经向本站提出申请
You have already blocked this user 您已经封锁此使用者
You have already changed your screen name twice. This option is no longer available to you. 您已经两次改变您的昵称。您无法再更改这个选项。
You have already configured an AdSense account 您已经设定一个AdSense账户
You have already uploaded a favicon: 您已经上传一个网站图示:
You have an exclusive 15-minute lock that will stop others editing this page while you are working.<br/> The lock expires in %1 seconds of inactivity. 您握有一个独占的15 分钟锁定,这将会阻止其他人编辑您正在作业的页面。 <br/>这个锁定将在闲置 %1 秒后失效。
You have asked to join <a href="%2">%1</a> as a new user %4. 您被邀请加入 <a href="%2">%1</a> 成为新成员 %4。
You have been added to administrators of the site 您已经被列入本站管理者。
You have been added to moderators of the site 您已经被列入本站版主。
You have been banned from this site 您已经被本站封禁
You have been removed from administrators of the site 您已经自本站管理者除名
You have been removed from members of the site 您已经自本站成员除名
You have been removed from moderators of the site 您已经自本站版主除名
You have founded this site - sorry, you can not resign. 您创立了本站-抱歉!您不能退出。
You have joined the list "%s" at 您已经加入了位于 的“%s”列表。
You have no applications at the moment. 您目前没有收到申请书。
You have no invitations at the moment. 您目前没有收到邀请函。
You have no messages at the moment. 您目前没有收到信息。
You have no orders yet. 您没有订单。
You have no permission to access this site. 您没有权限访问此站点。
You have no petition campaigns defined. 您尚未发起联署活动。
You have no sent messages at the moment. 您目前没有已发送的信息。
You have no users in your contact list. 您的通讯录里没有联系人。
You have not permission to make this action. 您没有此操作的权限。
You have not uploaded your buddy icon (avatar) yet. So now you are using a default avatar: %1 <br/> Go to <em>my profile</em> &gt;&gt; <a href="javascript:;" onclick="%2"><em>my buddy icon</em></a> to upload your very own image. 您还没上传您的个人图示(头像)。因此,您现在使用的是预设头像: %1 <br/> 请前往<em>我的个人档案</em> >> <a href="javascript:;" onclick="%2"><em >我的个人图示</em></a> 上传您专属的图片。
You have only 您只有
You have received an invitation to join members of the site 您已经收到一封加入网站成员的邀请函
You have successfully activated your account. You can now join sites, or start your own wiki, blog, forum, business site, or other web application. You can also [%1 create your own site]. 您已经成功激活了Wikidot.com账户。 现在,您可以加入网站,或启动自己的Wiki,博客,论坛,商业网站或其他Web应用程序。 您也可以[%1 创建自己的网站]。
You have successfully activated your account and joined [%2 %1]. 您已成功激活账户并加入 [%2 %1]
You have successfully activated your account but you have not yet joined [%2 %1]. Read the site and contact the site managers if you need help joining the site. 您已成功激活账户,但尚未加入[%2 %1]。扫视网站,如果需要加入网站的帮助,请与网站管理员联系。
You have successfully applied for membership. Now up to some people to decide ;-) 您已经成功地申请了成员资格。现在就让某些人去作决定吧! ;-)
You have successfully become a member of this site 您已经成功地成为本站成员
You have successfully subscribed to the email list %1. 您成功订阅了 %1 邮件列表。
You just have been accepted as a member of this wiki. 您已被接纳为该维基的成员。
You may also delete unwanted sites and/or files to stay under the limits of a Free account. If you have any questions, please contact <a href="mailto:%1">%1</a>. 您也可以删除不需要的站点和/或文件,以使其不受免费账户的限制。 如有任何疑问,请联系<a href="mailto:%1">%1 </a>。
You may change your name twice, at most 您最多有两次机会修改您的名字
You might also consider hiding the site from public by making it <a href="javascript:;" onclick="%1">private</a>. 您可能只是想把你的站点设为 <a href="javascript:;" onclick="%1">私密的</a>
You might get better results if you show ads only to non-Wikidot visitors. 这里有一个更好的选择就是只将广告展示给未登陆的访客
You must accept Terms of Service before proceeding. ​​进行下一步之前,您必须同意服务条款。
You must be an admin of this site. 您必须是本站的管理者之一。
You must be an administrator of the site to use AdSense 您必须是本站管理者之一才能使用AdSense。
You need to be a member of this site in order to send an invitation 您必须是本站成员才能寄送邀请函
You need to define a form - please read the MailForm module documentation 您必须定义一份表单- 请参阅邮件表单(MailForm)模组文件。
You need to have a account and be signed to apply for membership. 您必须拥有 账户并登入,才能申请成员资格。
You need to have a account and be signed to apply for membership. Please sign in or create an account first. 您必须拥有 账户并登入,才能申请成员资格。请登入或先创建一个账户。
You need to provide a name for the style. 您必须给该样式取一个名字。
You need to set text for set-tags button. 您需要给标签按钮设置一个注释
You provided an invalid password: please try again 您输入的是无效的密码:请再试一次。
You receive this email because you have initiated the process of account termination at Wikidot. If you still want to delete the account, please click the link: 您收到此电子邮件是因为您已在Wikidot启动了账户终止过程。 如果您仍要删除该账户,请单击链接:
You received a membership application 您收到了一份成员资格申请
You received this email because you are watching 您收到这份邮件,可能是由于您关注了某个站点
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You shall not pass! 非请勿入!
You should be authorized by your company to purchase services. 您应该由您的公司授权才能购买服务。
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You tried to block yourself but that is not really sensible 您试着封锁您自己,但这真的不太合理
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You're not signed in or you are not an administrator of this Wiki. 您尚未登入或者您不是本维基的管理员。
Your "back" contacts 将您加入联络人的用户
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Your Internet address has been banned from this site 您的网络位址已经被本站禁止。
Your Internet address has been globally banned 您的IP已经被封禁。
Your Pro+ plan also includes the priority email support feature. Please send emails to <a href="mailto:%1">%1</a> to get your answer faster. 您的Pro +计划还包括优先电子邮件支持功能。请发送电子邮件至<a href="mailto:%1">%1</a> 你讲更快的得到答复
Your RSS link address is not valid. 您的RSS链接无效。
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Your application has been sent. Now administrators of this site need to review it and accept (or decline) it.<br /><br /> You will be notified when you become a member of the site. 您的申请已发送。现在,该网站的管理员需要对其进行审核并接受(或拒绝)。<br /> <br />当您成为该网站的成员时,系统会通知您。
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Your forum is inactive at the moment. Activate forum in settings. 您的论坛目前未启用,前往设置以开启。
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Your membership application to the site 您对此站的成员资格申请书
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Your site has been classified as <strong>high-traffic</strong>. Due to high running cost, we reserve the right to keep the ads running on your site even if the site is upgraded to Pro Lite, Pro or Pro Plus. Please contact <a href=""></a> if you are interested in controlling ads. 您的网站已被分类为<strong>高流量</strong>。 由于运行成本高昂,即使网站升级到Pro Lite,Pro或Pro Plus,我们也保留使广告在您的网站上投放的权利。 如果您想控制广告,请联系<a href=""> </a>。
Your site has been classified as <strong>high-traffic</strong>. In such a cases we reserve the right to run the bottom toolbar for your non-Wikidot visitors in order to promote content from the Wikidot network. 您的网站已被分类为<strong>高流量</strong>。 在这种情况下,我们保留为非Wikidot访问者运行底部工具栏的权利,以便从Wikidot网络推广内容。
Your very own place in the Internet 您在互联网上的一方天地
Your website 您的网站
Your website address is not valid. 您的网址尚未验证
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